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Predator Spear: Guide To Every Yautja Combistick

The Predator Combistick in use

The Predator spear (also known as the combistick) is one of the main Predator weapons and shows up in almost all the Predator movies. Great for stabbing, blocking and even throwing, it comes in several variants, many of which expand like a telescope.

Yautja Origins: History Of The Predator Race

The Yautja Origins

Not much is known about the origins and history of the Predator race, also known as the Yautja. In this article, we explore the Predators evolving on Yautja Prime, developing their hunting culture, and other fascinating events that shaped their evolution as the apex predators of the universe.

Predator Ranks And Titles: Guide To Yautja Hierarchy

An Elite predator nicknamed Wolf

The Predators have a fascinating hierarchy that determines their ranks and titles, which is closely tied to the hunt. In this article, we will explore the ranks of the Yautja, from the lowest to the highest, shedding light on the significance of each level.

Predator Netgun: Overview Of Yautja Net Launchers

The Netgun of the Celtic Predator

The Netgun is a specialized weapon utilized by Predators to immobilize and ensnare their targets. Unlike conventional firearms, this weapon fires a specially designed net rather than projectiles. Several types of the netgun exists, with many supporting gadgets and capabilities.

Feral Predator: A Yautja Profile

The Feral Predator from Prey

The Feral Predator is the latest Yautja introduced in the Predator movies, debuting in Prey. With a different appearance and new gear, this Predator hunted in the Great Plains during the start of the 18th century and came into conflict with French trappers and a Comanche tribe.

Predator Blooding Ritual: Becoming a Blooded Yautja

A Predator Blooding Ritual in progress

One of the most intriguing customs of the Yautja is the Blooding Ritual, a rite of passage that demonstrates a young Predator's readiness to join the ranks of the honorable hunters. This ritual is performed at the end of the First Hunt, and involves marking oneself with the blood of the enemy.

Best Predator Movies: Ranking From Predator To Prey

Predator Prey Poster

Here is a list of the top 7 Predator movies ranked in descending order, including Prey and the Alien vs. Predator movies. Although this is just a top 7 list, we can hope that one day a top 10 can be made with new worthy sequels to both Predator and Alien vs. Predator series.

Alien Egg On Sulaco: All Theories For The Alien 3 Mystery

An Alien Egg Inside Sulaco from Alien 3

The existence of the Xenomorph egg on the USS Sulaco at the beginning of Alien 3 is one of the biggest mysteries of the Alien franchise. In this article, we take a look at most of the theories surrounding the egg, including plausible ones and others completely outlandish.

Predator Prey 2: News and Rumors for Predator 6

Naru and the Feral Predator from Prey

Although the movie was released only on the streaming service, Prey was both a critical and financial success, and it only makes sense for Disney to greenlight a sequel. Find out about the current status of Prey 2 (also known as Predator 6 ) movie here.

Xenomorph Types: Alien Lifecycle And All Variants

Warrior Alien, a common type of Xenomorph

Here is an overview of all Xenomorph types from the Alien movies, including the facehugger, chestburster, warrior and queen Xenomorphs. As a bonus, some better-known Xenomorph types are also included from the games and comics books.

Predator Shoulder Cannon: Plasmacaster Types And Details

The Shoulder Cannon of Scar Predator

The Shoulder Cannon (also known as the Plasmacaster) is the Predator's main ranged weapon that usually sits on the left shoulder. It fires a powerful plasma blast that varies in strength. Many variants of the Shoulder Cannon exist, with almost every Yautja having a unique one.

Best Alien Books: Full Guide To Xenomorph Novels

The cover of Aliens: Nightmare Asylum, one of the best Alien books

In this article, we'll be taking a look at the top 10 Alien books that are a must-read for any fan of the Alien franchise. These novels delve deeper into the mythology of the Xenomorphs, offering new insights and perspectives on the creatures and their origins.

Best Predator Games: Ranking From Worst To Best

Predator: Concrete Jungle

Here is the list of the top 10 Predator games of all time, including old classics from the 80ties and the latest Predator: Hunting Grounds. The list contains many Alien vs. Predator games as well - there a not so many exclusive Predator games in the series.

Predator Cosplay: Wearing a Predator Costume

A Predator cosplayer

Predator cosplay has become a popular choice for fans of the iconic alien hunter. From the intricate armor and weaponry to the ferocious appearance, the Predator is a challenging yet rewarding cosplay to tackle. Here is a short overview and some tips about becoming a Predator cosplayer.

Best Alien Comics: A Complete Reading Guide

Top 10 Alien Comics

The Alien comics are known for their great artwork and classic storylines showing us things never seen in the Alien movies before. They have explored the Xenomorph homeworld, the Alien invasion of Earth and several new types of Aliens. Here is a top 10 list of the best ones in descending order, including many old classics.

Biggest Xenomorphs: Alien Size Comparison

A Big Xenomorph

The Xenomorphs come in many forms and sizes, often depending on the type of the host. Here is a list of Xenomorphs ranked by their physical size, including several Xenomorphs from the Expanded Universe like the Alien King and Crocodile Alien.

Predator Healing: Medicomp And Other Abilities

The Predator Medicomp used by the Jungle Hunter

One of the lesser-known aspects of the Yautja species is their remarkable resilience to damage and the sophisticated devices they use to aid their recovery. The Predators often get wounded on their hunts and have to use the Medicomp with its wide array of specialized devices.

Best Predator Books: Full Guide To Predator Novels

Predator: Turnabout

The Predator series does not contain many books. Including the Alien vs. Predator series, there are slightly over a dozen Predator books. Most of them are quite great, with only a few stinkers. Here is a ranking of the best Predator books, including many old classics.

Predalien: Guide To Xenomorphs Born From Predators

A Predalien

The Predalien is the result of a facehugger impregnating a Predator. They are more powerful versions of the Xenomorphs, comparable in size and strength to the Praetorians, the guards of the Alien Queen. Here is a list of notable Predaliens from the AvP lore, including the Abomination and the LV-1201 Predalien.

Predator Weapons: Overview Of Yautja Hunting Arsenal

The Shoulder Cannon from Predator 2

The Predators are known for their awesome and terrifying arsenal, being able to dispatch enemies in different and almost always lethal ways. Here is a an overview of the Predator weapons from the Predator movies, games and comic books.

Biggest Predators: Yautja Size Comparison

The Upgrade Predator is one of the biggest Predators

The Yautja come in different shapes and sizes. While female Predators are known to be bigger, some others mutated themselves or spliced their DNA to get huge. Here is a list of physically biggest Yautja from the Predator series.

Predator Cloak: Yautja Invisibility Devices

A Predator Cloak used by the Jungle Hunter

The Predators are known for their advanced cloaking technology, which allows themselves and their ships to become almost invisible to the naked eye. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Yautja cloak and explore its features, abilities, and limitations.

Best Predator Comics: A Complete Reading Guide

Predator Comics

The Predator comics have now been released for three decades and contain some great stories. Here is a top 10 list of the best ones in descending order, including some crossover comics like Batman vs. Predator and Aliens vs. Predator.

Xenomorph Weaknesses: How To Kill An Alien

Fire is the main Xenomorph Weakness

With their unique physiology and highly adaptable nature, Xenomorphs have proven to be formidable foes for many space-faring explorers and soldiers. However, despite being called the Perfect Organism, they also have several weaknesses that can be exploited by their enemies.

Predator Honor Code: Yautja Rules Of The Hunt

The Predator Honor Code

The Predator Honor Code is a set of beliefs and values that guide the behavior of the Yautja. These beliefs are deeply ingrained in their culture and are passed down to younger generations. In this article, we will explore the Yautja Honor code and rules of the hunt in more detail.

Predator Timeline: Order Of Movies And Comics

Predator Timeline

Drawn to heat and conflict, the Predators have visited Earth occasionally throughout the human history. In the Predator books and comics, they have taken part in the biggest and bloodiest wars of mankind. Here is an overview of the Predator timeline.

Yautja Armor: List of Armor Types and Fishnets

A Predator wearing fishnets in Predator: Hunting Grounds

One of the most distinguishing elements of the Yautja's appearance is their advanced armor, which provides them with formidable protection and a fearsome appearance. In addition to fighting bare-skinned or wearing fishnets, the Yautja have developed a range of different armor types.

Predator Mandibles: Guide to Yautja Tusks

Scar Predator Mandibles

Yautja mandibles are one of the most recognizable features of the Predators from the movies. They're the sharp, bony jaws that make them look so fierce and intimidating. Here is an overview of all mandible types, features, and benefits for the Yautja.

Alien vs Predator 3: News and Rumors (2023)

Dachande from Aliens vs. Predator

Aliens vs Predator: Requiem (also known as Alien vs Predator 2) left the door open for a sequel. We look at some of the news, rumors and speculation around the third Alien vs Predator movie, possibly being released by Disney after Alien: Romulus.

Yautja Gods: Predator Religion Explored

The Black Warrior, a Yautja God

While much is known about the physical attributes and hunting tactics of these iconic creatures, little is known about their religion and beliefs. In this article, we delve into the mysterious world of the Yautja gods, while exploring their myths and legends.

Predator Sword: List of Machetes, Katanas, Elder Swords

A Predator Sword in the hands of Golden Angel Predator

The Predator sword is a powerful Yautja melee weapon that is rarely seen in the movies and is more extensively used in the Expanded Universe. Used as an alternative to the wristblades, the Predator sword is more of a ceremonial weapon, often carried by Elder Predators.

Strongest Predators: Most Powerful Yautja Ranked

Dark Predator from Aliens vs. Predator 2010, a powerful Predator

Here we have a list of the strongest and most powerful Predators who stood out from their hunter brothers. These are Predators who had a lot of kills, slayed tough enemies and some of them even survived their hunts. The Predators are taken from the movies, games and comic books.

Yautja Wars: Predator Military In Action

One of the many Yautja Wars

The Yautja are not just great hunters, they have a military as well. In the various Yautja wars, a series of inter-species conflicts and civil wars, the military of the Predator species faced off against some of the toughest opponents in the galaxy.

Predators Ripping Spines: Yautja Hunting Traditions

City Hunter Predator With a Ripped Spine

The Yautja are renowned for their great hunting skills. One of their most iconic practices is the act of ripping out the spine of their prey. In this article, we will delve into the different methods of this tradition, as well as other hunting rituals.

Yautja Dreadlocks: Full Guide To Predator Hair

A Predator with thick Dreadlocks

One aspect of Yautja appearance that has caught the attention of audiences is their iconic dreadlocks. However, not all Predators have the same type of dreadlocks, and over the years, different variations of this hairstyle have appeared in the Predator franchise.

Yautja Weaknesses: How To Kill A Predator

A Wounded Berserker Predator

The Yautja is known for its strength, hunting abilities, and technologically advanced equipment, but like any species, they have their weaknesses. Understanding these weaknesses can give an advantage to their opponents in a fight or a hunt.

The Xenomorph Frog: The Smallest Terror

The Xenomorph Frog

Discover the newest addition to the Xenomorph family in this thrilling fan fiction article - the Xenomorph Frog. Learn about the smallest of all the Xenomorphs, their hunting skills and deadly venom, and how their intelligence and adaptability led to their weaponization by the Weyland-Yutani corporation.

Predator Technology: Overview Of Yautja Gear And Tools

The Gauntlet Shield of the Feral Predator

In addition to advanced weaponry, the Predators employ a wide range of non-lethal gadgets and equipment to aid them on their hunts. This consists of healing devices, different forms of protection, energy recharge devices, and much more.

Predator vs. Wolverine: Cases Of Yautja Hunting Logan

Predator vs. Wolverine

Wolverine and Predator are both feral creatures who have a strong connection to nature and the jungle. The two combatants are a good match for each other and it is no wonder that some crossover encounters between them have already occurred.

Predator vs. Terminator: All T-800 and Yautja Encounters

Predator vs. a Terminator

The Predators and the Terminators are great villains who would make even better adversaries. Not surprisingly, the Predators and Terminators have faced each other a few times in Expanded crossover lore, in both comic books and video games.

Predator Wristblades: All Variants of Yautja Knives

Predator Wristblades

The wristblades are the Predator's main melee weapon and are often used in close quarters battle with humans and Xenomorphs. The wristblades come in different shapes and sizes, some even offering ranged offensive capabilities.

Lost Tribe Predators: Los Angeles Hunting Party Bios

The Lost Tribe Predators from the end of Predator 2

The Lost Tribe Predators were a clan of Yautja hidden in a spaceship under the sewers of Los Angeles. Here is an overview of all the ten Lost Tribe Predators, including available backgrounds from the books, comics, and NECA figure bios.

Super Predators: Every Member Of The Berserker Yautja

Mr Black, a Super Predator from Predators

Like the Hish-qu-Ten, the Super Predators are an offshoot of the Yautja that are bigger and often more aggressive. The Super Predators have elongated heads and darker skin, and overall there are only less than 10 known individuals.

Female Yautja: Mating Habits And Female Predator List

Sister Midnight, a female Yautja

The female Yautja are fearsome warriors just like their male brethren. Little is known about them and there are only a few notable specimens that are featured in the books and graphic novels. Here is a list of all notable female Yautja, like Big Mama, Sister Midnight and Vagouti.

Colonial Marines vs. Alien Queens: List Of USCM Battles

A Colonial Marine Fights an Alien Queen

The Colonial Marines vs. Alien Queen fights only happen in the Alien games and comics, where usually a small group of Marines battles a single Alien Queen and defeats her. In the games, the Alien Queens are used as boss fights.

Elite Predators: Experienced Yautja On Special Hunts

Jungle Hunter from Predator 1987

The Elite Predators are Yautja who have been blooded a long time and have achieved considerable hunting successes, often on many worlds and against different species. However, they are not old enough to become Elders yet.

Colonial Marine Smartgunners: List Of M56 Operators

Vasquez from Aliens using a Smartgun

The smartgunners are an important part of any Colonial Marine squad, offering powerful support fire from the sides or leading from the front. The smartgunners tend to have many kills and are often memorable for their bad attitude, including the likes of Vasquez, Drake and Jones.

Xenomorph Hybrids: List Of Genetically Enhanced Aliens

The Number Seven Xenomorph from Aliens: Infiltrator

As regular Xenomorphs in Alien stories tend to get too mainstream, gene splicing is sometimes introduced to create new breeds of often ridiculous Xenomorphs. These new Aliens vary in size and appearance, but still inherit their traits from their hosts.

Black Goo Pathogen Mutations: Effects On Lifeforms

The Pathogen Creature from Aliens: Fireteam

The mysterious Black Goo pathogen first seen in Prometheus reacts in unpredictable ways with different organisms, producing wild mutations and new creatures. Here is an overview of these different mutations, including a mutated Predator and even a mutated Android.

Chestburster Types: Every Variant Of Infant Xenomorphs

A Protomorph Chestburster

After the egg and the facehugger, the chestburster is the third step in the Xenomorph's complex lifecycle. Here is an overview of different types of chestbursters, depending on the type of the resulting Alien and the way that it is born.

Top 10 Colonial Marine Comics

Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War

The Colonial Marines are present in many Aliens comics, often serving the role of cannon fodder to be killed off by the Xenomorphs. Here is a list of the best Colonial Marine comics, including stories where they play a more prominent role.

Xenomorph vs. Engineer Fights: History Of Extinction

An Engineer fights a Xenomorph Queen

As is the common theme in the franchise, the Xenomorphs can not be controlled and have become a hated enemy of the Engineers. Here is an overview of the different clashes between Xenomorphs and Engineers, some happening even thousands of years ago.

Space Jockey Ships: Every Engineer Derelict Craft Listed

A Derelict Ship once used by the Space Jockeys

The Space Jockeys fly around in gigantic ships, containing a deadly payload of bioweapons. These ships often crash, ready to be discovered by helpless explorers. While most of these ships look like a horse-shoe, some also come with more exotic designs.

Colonial Marine Teams: List Of All USCM Units

Colonial Marines from the USS Sulaco

The Colonial Marines use small and mobile units to protect the colonies. These units are the maximum size of a battalion, but usually only a few squads are sent into action. Here is an overview of different Colonial Marine teams, including the one commanded by Lieutenant Gorman in Aliens.

Hybrid Predators: Yautja Enhanced By DNA Splicing

A Predator Hybrid

In addition to introducing bigger and badder Predators, the Predator franchise is keen on hybridization, with the Yautja species being mixed with either Xenomorph or human DNA. These new types of beasts are often stronger, but also more ridiculous.

Colonial Marine Ships: List Of Every Known USCM Vessel

The USS Sulaco

The Colonial Marines don't employ many personnel but use massive ships to travel them across the universe. The ships are fully automated and don't even need any crew to man them while the marines are on a mission. Most of these ships are similar to the USS Sulaco.

Facehugger Types: Every Second Stage Xenomorph

A regular Facehugger

Like regular Xenomorphs, the facehuggers come in different shapes and sizes. They all have the purpose of infecting a host with an embryo, which can depend on the type of the facehugger. The list includes the Queen facehugger, giant facehugger, and the white hybrid facehuggers.

Colonial Marine Vehicles: APCs and Tanks Of The USCM

The M577 APC from Aliens

Besides their famous APC and Power Loader, the Colonial Marines don't employ many ground-based vehicles. The Colonial Marine Technical Manual has introduced tanks and self-propelled guns, while the comics and Kenner toys have also brought to light a few new vehicles.

Predators Using Human Weapons: Honorable As Last Resort

The Emissary Predators with human weapons

Although the Predators have a wide arsenal of other-worldly weapons, they sometimes resort to using human arms. This is often an act of desperation when being outnumbered. Here is an overview of such cases, including the Yautja using pulse rifles and smart guns.

Predators vs. Vikings: History Of Yautja Norsemen Hunts

The Viking Predator

The Vikings are a great match for the Predators, sharing a similar warrior lifestyle revolving around battles and honor. The Yautja have fought these nordic combatants on a few occasions, and some Predators have even chosen weapons and armor based on the Vikings.

Facehugger Removal: Before And After Embryo Implantation

A facehugger removal in process

In addition to the question of chestburster removal possibilities, the matter of facehuggers being removed before embryo implantation has been intriguing from the first movie. Here is a list of notable facehugger removals, including both successful and unsuccessful attempts.

Top 10 Largest Alien Hives

The LV-426 Hive

The Alien hives are the birthplaces of the Xenomorphs and serve as their homes when not hunting for new victims. The hives come in different shapes and sizes and some can span over vast regions of a planet. Here is an overview of notable Xenomorph hives from the series.

Predators vs. Samurai: Yautja In Japan

A Samurai Predator

Similar to Native Americans, the Predators have a special connection to the Samurai. Throughout history, the Predators have encountered the Samurai many times and consider them to be worthy opponents. Some Predators have even dressed up as the Samurai.