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Yautja Fears: What Are The Predators Afraid Of?

By | Published October 18, 2023

The Predators are renowned for their advanced technology, relentless pursuit of prey, and strict code of honor. For all of the Yautja's predatory prowess and imposing appearance, they are not devoid of fears and anxieties. Within their hierarchical society and the shadows of the universe's deadliest jungles, doubts linger. In this article, we explore some of the biggest fears that haunt the Yautja. From the dread of dishonor to the unsettling prospect of brainwashing, we try to figure out what the Predators are most afraid of.

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Yautja's Fear of Dishonor

Scar Predator is afraid of the Alien Queen

One of the most significant fears that Yautja experience is the fear of dishonor. Honor is a cornerstone of Yautja culture, and they follow a strict code of conduct known as The Yautja Honor Code. This code governs their behavior, emphasizing the importance of fair and honorable combat. A Yautja who violates this code by using unfair tactics or retreating from a fight is considered dishonorable. These individuals are called the Bad Blood Predators, and they are usually hunted down. For the Predators, dishonor is a deep-seated fear because it tarnishes their reputation and their standing within their clan. To a Yautja, honor is more precious than life itself.

The Yautja's Dreaded Loss of Clan or Family

Wolf Predator mourns a fallen Predator

Predators are highly social beings, and their society is structured around clans. Within the Yautja clans, they form close-knit family units, including Yautja children. The death of a clan member or a family member is a fear that strikes at the core of their existence. It not only signifies a personal loss but also affects the unity and strength of the entire clan. The Yautja hold a deep reverence for their ancestors, and the fear of not living up to the legacy of their forebears can be a powerful motivator to achieve honor and success in their hunts.

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Yautja's Struggle to Maintain Control Of The Hunt

A Predator dies ontop of an ancient Pyramid

Yautja are renowned for their hunting prowess, and their ability to stalk, track, and eliminate their prey is second to none. However, even the most skilled hunters can face fear when they lose control of a hunt. This loss of control can occur when their prey becomes aware of their presence or when unexpected factors come into play. Yautja thrive on the thrill of the hunt, and the fear of not being able to predict or control the outcome can be unsettling for them. A good example of losing control is when Predators have bred Xenomorphs for hunting purposes, but their population gets out of control, like happened on Earth in ancient times. The Predator's only option was to activate their self-destruct devices, which is their last defence over losing control.

The Terrifying Prospect of Getting Facehugged

A Predator is about to get facehugged

The Yautja face an enemy more terrifying than any they typically encounter in the form of the Xenomorphs. Xenomorphs are parasitic, predatory creatures with a life cycle that includes a stage where they implant their embryos into a host via a process known as facehugging. For Predators, the fear of getting facehugged is a genuine terror. The resulting Xenomorph (called a Predalien), which bursts from the host's chest, is a formidable opponent, and the Yautja's advanced technology may be of little use in such a situation. Facing the risk of becoming a host to these creatures is something that sends shivers down the spine of even the bravest Predator.

The Advanced Drukathi

A member of the ancient Drukathi race

The Predators are not afraid of humans and don't fear fighting Xenomorphs or even the Engineer species. However, there is one species that strikes fear into the hearts of Predators - the ancient Drukathi race. Members of this technologically advanced species have six legs and a dog-like snout, with a size larger than even the biggest Yautja. Similarly to Predators, the Drukathi breeded Xenomorphs but had no sense of Honor, being fully malevolent in their actions. The Drukathi inhabited the Milky Way galaxy, but moved away from it, leaving only ancient relics and legends behind.

Yautja's Fear of Brainwashing

The Stone Heart Predator, a brainwashed Yautja

In addition to the fears mentioned earlier, Yautja are not immune to the menace of mind manipulation. Getting brainwashed is a fear that strikes deep into the hearts of these hunters, who pride themselves on their strength of mind and will. They possess advanced technology, such as wrist gauntlets and cloaking devices, but even the most advanced weaponry can't protect them from psychological manipulation. Their strong sense of independence and individuality makes the thought of being controlled by an external force utterly horrifying. A good example of a brainwashed Yautja was the Stone Heart Predator from Predator: Concrete Jungle, who had his dreadlocks cut off and brain tampered with to do the bidding of humans.


In conclusion, the Yautja, while often portrayed as fearsome and unyielding, have their own share of fears. These fears are deeply rooted in their culture, their commitment to honor, and their strong familial bonds. Understanding the fears of the Yautja not only adds depth to their character but also highlights the significance of their code of honor in their lives. These fears remind us that even the most formidable hunters in the galaxy are not invulnerable and are subject to their own unique set of anxieties.

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