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Predator Cloak: Yautja Invisibility Devices

By | Published April 05, 2023

The Predators are known for their advanced cloaking technology, which allows themselves and their ships to become almost invisible to the naked eye. They want to remain hidden, as it is part of the Yautja's rules of the hunt - not announcing their presence to a larger population. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Yautja cloak and explore its features, abilities, and limitations.

Predator's Individual Invisibility System

The Celtic Predator disables his cloak

The Yautja cloak is a form of active camouflage that operates by bending light around the user. The technology is based on a combination of optical fibers and microprocessors that work together to create a chameleon-like effect. The cloak has the ability to not only make the wearer invisible to the naked eye but also to thermal imaging and other types of detection systems. The Yautja cloak is powered by a small, portable generator that is worn on the back, which is also used by the Predator's shoulder cannon. This makes it an extremely powerful tool in the hands of a skilled Yautja warrior.

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Predator Cloak's Limitations

The Jungle Hunter Predator's cloak is disabled by water

The cloak is not perfect, however, and has several limitations. Firstly, it is not completely invisible and can still be detected by certain types of equipment, such as motion sensors or specialized goggles. Additionally, the cloak requires a considerable amount of power to operate and can only be used for a certain period of time before the generator needs to be recharged. Furthermore, the cloak is susceptible to damage and can be disrupted by EMPs or other forms of electromagnetic interference. Finally, some versions of the cloak are known to short-circuit in contact with water, even in rain or while standing in shallow water.

Portable Cloaking Device

The Predator Cloak ball from The Predator

The Predator cloaking field does not need to be directly tied to the armor or gear that the Predator is wearing. A common misconception is that the Yautja fishnets are providing the cloaking effect, but the fishnets are actually meant for warming the Yautja's skin. In The Predator, the Fugitive Predator carried portable cloaking devices that were shaped like small marbles. These would cloak the wearer completely for a short while until its internal power source ran out. Quinn McKenna stole some of these cloak balls and use them to evade Stargazer soldiers.

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Predator Ship's Cloak

The Predator Mothership decloaks

Most of the Predator ships are also provided with cloaking devices, which are much larger than the individual Yautja ones. This makes sense, as the Yautja ships have much more powerful reactors, also feeding their plasma weapons. The biggest ship with a cloak is the Mother Ship, providing camouflaged transport for an entire Predator clan and its smaller scout ships. Hiding their ships is very important for the Yautja, as a ship falling into enemy hands would be disastrous. Some smart Predators have taken extra precautions and hidden their ships or drop pods in swamps and lakes as Wolf did near the city of Gunnison.

Super Predator Cloak

Predator Cloak used by the Tracker Predator

The Super Predator clan from Predators used one the most advanced version of the cloak, making the wearer practically completely visible. Furthermore, the cloak was able to withstand damage and made only smaller flickers when the Predator was shot at. For example, when Tracker Predator was shot by Nikolai with a pistol, it only made a small distortion to the invisibility field. The typical distortion from the first two Predator movies was seen only when the Super Predators cloaked or decloaked, which was also accompanied by a different sound effect.

Feral Predator Cloak

Feral Predator's Cloak'

The Feral Predator's cloak was the first time in the Predator movie timeline we got to see the Predator's invisibility technology. Surprisingly, it was very sophisticated and even had some benefits over the later versions. The Feral Predator's cloak worked in water, and the Yautja was able to use it while fighting with a bear in the river, giving him a big advantage. Furthermore, it also gave almost complete invisibility, similar to the Super Predator cloak. As for its limitations, it was not well adjusted to bullet or fire damage, and Feral's weapons became decloaked when used.

Predator Cloak Used By Humans

Ronald Nolan uses the Predator Cloak

Throughout the Predator franchise, humans have been constantly trying to get their hands on the Yautja technology, which most valuable component is often considered to be the cloaking technology and its power source. Weyland-Yutani and its predecessors made several attempts to reverse-engineer Predator tech and succeeded in creating Combat Synthetics that have a cloaking field. While several humans have either joined the Predators or just used their gear, only some have used the Yautja cloak. In the Predators movie, Ronald Noland ambushed the Game Preserve outcasts with his cloak, which was stolen from a defeated Predator. In the comics, human Predators Ash Parnall and Machiko Noguchi donned Predator armor and used the cloak to fight their enemies.

Behind The Scenes

Ghost Predator Machete by Neca

Behind the scenes of the first Predator movie, a man in a red suit was used with a jungle background to form the basis of the effect. Next, concentric inlines of the background were added to the red area of the filmed frames. As the effect was not perfect, it was used only in a few instances of the movie, adding to the mysterious nature of the Predator. The production crew also tried using a monkey in a red suit for the effect of the Predator jumping around from tree to tree. However, the monkey did not behave as instructed and just sat on a branch.


In conclusion, the Yautja cloak is a remarkable feat of technology that has captured the imagination of sci-fi fans around the world. It is a powerful tool that allows the Predators to become almost invisible to their enemies, and has become an iconic symbol of their fearsome reputation. Throughout the long history of the Yautja timeline, the cloak has evolved and different variations of it exist. While the cloak has its limitations, it remains an impressive and deadly weapon in the hands of a skilled Yautja warrior.

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