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Wolf Predator: Profile For The Yautja "Cleaner"

By | Published December 12, 2023

Wolf Predator was an efficient fan-favorite Elite Yautja from Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem where he was depicted as a "cleaner" to clear up the mess left over from the first Alien vs. Predator movie. Here is the full overview of Wolf Predator, including his appearances in video games and as an action figures. As the main Predator in this cinematic installment, Wolf Predator showcased a unique set of skills, weaponry, and a relentless commitment to fulfilling its mission on Earth.

"The Cleaner" Yautja

wolf Predator examines a bio-mask

Wolf got his nickname from a character in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, where Mr. Wolf (played by Harvey Keitel) was called in to clean up a bloody dead body killed in a car. This was similar to Wolf's role in the movie, where the incompetence of the Isolated Clan (also known as Antarctica clan) led to a Predalien-led Xenomorph infestation on Earth. Wolf was obviously a seasoned hunter, having dealt with similar infestations in the past. On a previous hunt, Wolf was injured in the face by Xenomorph acid, losing one of his four mandibles, receiving damage to his eye (now white), and leaving a nasty scar. While members of the Isolated Clan were bulky, with heavy armor, Wolf looked more like a traditional Jungle Hunter Yautja, with light armor and a lean body.

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Life On Yautja Prime

Wolf Predator's trophy room on Yautja Prime, featuring many masks

While the specifics of Wolf Predator's early life on Yautja Prime remain shrouded in the secrecy typical of its species, it is evident that Wolf Predator underwent rigorous training to become a skilled and lethal warrior. Wolf seemed to live inside a penthouse-like apartment, on top of a Yautja structure. In addition to a balcony with a great view and a private landing pad, he employed a private war room, with trophies from previous hunts and a big array of weaponry and gear. In the middle of his apartment was a Space Jockey-like chair, where he could receive updates and calls for help from other Yautja, which triggered his mission to Earth.

Trip To Earth

Wolf departs Yautja Prime to Earth in his ship

Wolf Predator's journey to Earth was not a mere exploration; it was a mission with a specific purpose. A Predator scout ship had crashed on Earth and spread a group of facehuggers. In addition, a Predalien was onboard the ship, but depending on the version of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, Wolf did not know this yet while on Yautja Prime. Sent to eradicate the Xenomorph threat and eliminate any evidence of Yautja involvement on the planet, Wolf Predator's arrival signaled the beginning of a deadly conflict that would unfold in the small town of Gunnison, Colorado. Although Yautja Prime was rumored to be very far from Earth, Wolf's fast ship reached it in mere hours.

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Arrival Near Gunnison, Colorado

Wolf emerges from the water near Gunnison

Wolf kept his ship in Earth's orbit and dropped down in a smaller drop pod, similar to the ones employed by the Young Blood Predators from the previous movie. Keeping his presence a secret, the drop pod fell into a lake and remained hidden from any onlookers. It is interesting to note that both craft probably remained there after the events of the movie. Upon emerging from the water, Wolf Predator wasted no time in assessing the situation and set out to find the scout ship, whose location was connected to this bio-mask display.

Disposing The Scoutship

Wolf sets the scout ship to self-destruct

Upon reaching the ship, Wolf realized that some facehuggers had already escaped to the nearby woods and that a Predalien was present. He mourned the loss of his incompetent dead comrade - Bull Predator, who instead of blowing himself up, had called Wolf for help instead. The cleaner then acquired new gear from the ship for the perilous hunt ahead and finally set it to self-destruct. Wolf Predator demonstrated its efficiency and ruthlessness in disposing of the Yautja scoutship, ensuring that no piece of extraterrestrial technology fell into human hands, and no traces of Xenomorph infestation remained.

Hunt In The Sewers

Wolf hunts two Xenomorphs in the sewers

As the hunt unfolded, Wolf Predator navigated the dark and perilous sewers of Gunnison with expert precision, tracking down the Predalien menace. The close-quarters environment presented unique challenges, but Wolf Predator's advanced tracking abilities and formidable weaponry allowed it to stalk its prey effectively. Wolf used laser mines to set up a trap for the Xenomorphs, but still, two Xenomorphs and the Predalien ambushed him. Disposing of the Xenomorphs caused a tunnel to collapse, and the Predalien escaped for the time being. The sewer hunt highlighted the Wolf Predator's adaptability and resourcefulness.

Cleaning The Town

Wolf Predator in a school

Emerging from the sewers, Wolf set out to eradicate any remaining Xenomorphs in the town, while realizing that the situation was getting out of hand. A pivotal moment in Wolf Predator's mission occurred in the power plant, where it faced not only the Xenomorph threat but also human adversaries. Soon after, Wolf dropped by a school gymnasium, killing and cleaning a lone Xenomorphs in a pool. Wolf dropped by a sports shop and encountered another group of humans, who were becoming an annoyance to him. In the ensuing chaos in the town, Wolf demonstrated its ability to handle multiple threats simultaneously while keeping his cool.

The Hospital Hive

Wolf in a Xenomorph hive located in a hospital

Wolf Predator's journey led it to a hive established within a local hospital, where the Xenomorph threat had escalated. The Predalien had infected several females in the pregnancy ward, and new chestbursters were being born, escalating the Xenomorph infestation. The ensuing battle within the hive's corridors tested Wolf Predator's skills to the limit, further establishing its reputation as a relentless warrior and predator. Although Wolf tried to avoid humans, some casualties were still caused by Wolf Predator's awesome weapons, including the Shuriken.

Duel With The Predalien

Wolf duels with the Predalien

One of the most memorable encounters for Wolf Predator was the duel with the Predalien on the hospital roof, a hybrid of Yautja and Xenomorph. The Yautja consider the Predaliens to be the ultimate insult, but also a formidable opponent to be taken down. This intense battle tested Wolf Predator's determination and resilience, showcasing its ability to face a formidable opponent and emerge victorious. The duel with the Predalien was stuck in a stalemate, while both adversaries were gravely wounded. Perhaps the Predalien received the worst damage, being stabbed through the head with the wristblades.

Final Fate And Possible Survival

The ultimate fate of Wolf Predator does not allow for much open-endedness, as a nuclear bomb dropped almost on top of the hospital, eradicating anything nearby. In the events of the movie, the only way the already wounded Wolf could have survived is if he used some kind of Yautja teleportation device or force field to shield himself from the blast. However, in a surprising twist on events, the Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem PSP game ends with Wolf surviving, and flying away in his ship to hunt another day. In this version of the events, Wolf never fought the Predalien on the roof, but a US military Apache helicopter instead. It is possible that the game was based on an earlier version of the script, or that the game makers just did not know how the movie would end while inventing their own ending.

Wolf Predator's Rank And Clan

Wolf without a bio-mask

Wolf Predator's rank was most likely a Blooded Elite, having reached his blooded status long ago, but not yet becoming an Elder. Like other Elites, he was sent on special missions for the Elder Council (or the Predator King), either hunting special targets or cleaning up Xenomorph infestations. While Wolf was affiliated with the Isolated Clan (the clan from the first movie), he was most likely not a direct member. Instead, based on his appearance and honor code, Wolf possibly belonged to the traditional Jungle Hunter clan, being in the same group as the Predator from the first movie, and the Crucified Predator from Predators.

Wolf Predator's Weapons

Wolf uses the Whip

Armed with a formidable array of weaponry, including the iconic Plasma Caster, Wrist Blades, and Combistick, Wolf Predator's arsenal reflects the traditional Yautja arsenal. Each weapon is finely tuned for both ranged and close-quarters combat, making Wolf Predator a formidable adversary in any situation. In addition, Wolf was equipped with some unique weapons, like a razor-sharp whip, possibly made from a Xenomorph's tail. Mines had previously been seen in Predator video games, and having them in the movie was a welcome addition. Finally, Wolf used a combo of dual plasmacasters, while he later combined the two cannons into a powerful plasma pistol, a weapon also previously seen in video games.

Wolf Predator's Equipment And Armor

Closeup of Wolf Predator's bio-mask

Distinctive in its appearance, Wolf Predator's armor provides not only protection but also signifies its status and achievements within Yautja society. Wolf's distinct bio-mask was marked with strange Yautja symbols, and while some Predator language translators exist, these have been untranslatable so far. In addition to traditional equipment like the cloak and medicomp, Wolf was equipped with the "Cleaner Case", fitting his profession well. It contained the tracking syringe, which analyzed the DNA of facehuggers to make their tracks visible on the bio-helmed display. Another item was the dissolving liquid, which was a blue substance that melted anything it came into contact with.

Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes photo of Wolf and the Predalien

In the creation of Wolf Predator for "Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem," portrayed by Ian Whyte, the character underwent a significant redesign by Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. (ADI). The directors, the Strause brothers, sought a departure from the muscular look of previous Predators, opting for a slimmer configuration reminiscent of the original Stan Winston design. The helmet design mirrored that of the City Hunter in "Predator 2", with added thorns and marks. The meticulous crafting of hero and stunt suits, complete with animatronic eyes for a beast-like presence, emphasized the commitment to creating a visually striking and menacing Wolf Predator on screen.

Wolf Predator Figures

Hot Toys figure of Wolf

The enigmatic persona of Wolf Predator has made it a popular subject for collectors and enthusiasts. Action figures and collectibles featuring Wolf Predator's iconic appearance, weaponry, and armor have become sought-after items among fans of the Yautja lore. While NECA released an action figure soon after the movie was released, they are still yet to release an Ultimate Wolf Predator figure, possibly the most sought after figure in the franchise. Hot Toys released a well-made figure as well, while the license of McFarlane Toys was taken away shortly before the movie was released.

Wolf Predator In Other Media

Wolf Predator from the PSP game

Beyond its appearance in "Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem" and on toy shelves, Wolf Predator has been featured in a few video games as well. As already mentioned, Wolf was the main character in the Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem PSP game, a surprisingly fun little action game loosely based on the movie where Wolf survives in the end. In addition, a similar Predator was featured in the Aliens vs. Predator 2010 also named Wolf, but was ultimately another Predator individual who lived hundreds of years after the movie. Finally, Wolf Predator was one of the last DLC-s released for Predator: Hunting Grounds, the latest Predator-focused game. Sadly, Wolf has never been featured in any comic books, as his backstory would be very interesting to see.


In summary, Wolf Predator, also known as "The Cleaner," emerged as a fan-favorite Elite Yautja in "Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem." Tasked with cleaning up the aftermath of a Xenomorph infestation caused by the Isolated Clan, Wolf showcased unique skills and unwavering commitment during its mission on Earth. From the sewer hunt to the intense duel with the Predalien, Wolf demonstrated adaptability and formidable combat prowess. Wolf Predator's distinctive weapons, equipment, and armor have become sought-after collectibles. Despite the absence in comic books, Wolf's legacy endures through appearances in video games, making it a memorable figure in the Predator franchise. The meticulous behind-the-scenes work by Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. (ADI), contributed to crafting a visually striking and menacing character, solidifying Wolf Predator's place in Yautja lore.

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