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Alien Lore: The Xenomorph Expanded Universe

The Alien lore section offers explanations, theories and listings for the Xenomorph species and the Alien universe in general, including the Expanded Universe of comics, books and games from several decades. Specific lore categories include the Alien Universe ships , Alien Universe weapons, and Alien Universe androids.

Xenomorph Types: List Of All Alien Subspecies And Variants

Warrior Alien, a common type of Xenomorph

Here is a comprehensive list of all Xenomorph types from the Alien movies, including the facehugger, chestburster, warrior and queen Xenomorphs. As a bonus, many better-known Xenomorph types are also included from the games and comic books.

USCSS Patna: Details You Might Have Missed

The USCSS Patna approaching Fury 161

The USCSS Patna was the Weyland-Yutani Bio-Weapons Division ship that arrived on Fury 161 to acquire the Xenomorph specimen from Ellen Ripley. Here is the full overview of the company ship which is barely seen in Alien 3, including details from the Expanded Universe.

USS Sulaco: What Happened Before And After LV-426?

The USS Sulaco approaching LV-426

The USS Sulaco is the legendary warship from the Alien universe that was considered to be an unlucky ship already before the events of Aliens. In this article, find out everything about the Sulaco's past and explore the alternate final fates of the ship.

LV-426: Full Travel Guide To Acheron Locations

LV-426 from space

LV-426, also known as Acheron, is one of three moons orbiting the gas giant Calpamos in the Zeta Reticuli system. Despite its inhospitable conditions, LV-426 has become a significant location due to its connection with the Xenomorph species and the events surrounding the ill-fated Weyland-Yutani expeditions.

USCSS Nostromo: Origins And Specifications

The USCSS Nostromo landing on LV-426

The United States Cargo Star Ship (USCSS) Nostromo is the most well-known ship in the Alien franchise, appearing as the main location of the first Alien movie. Here is a deeper dive into the origins, specifications, and historical significance of the Nostromo.

Romulus Proto Pulse Rifle: How It Fits With M41A Lore

The Pulse Rifle from Alien Romulus

Set halfway between Alien and Aliens, Alien Romulus introduces a prototype Pulse Rifle, the iconic weapon used by the Colonial Marines decades later. In this article, find out how this prototype fits with the history of the Colonial Marines and the M41A Pulse Rifle, as established by the Expanded Universe.

Aliens Expanded: James Cameron Joins Documentary

The Poster for Aliens Expanded

Aliens Expanded, the crowd-funded documentary, has just announced an exciting addition to its cast: James Cameron, the renowned writer and director of Aliens. This inclusion promises to elevate the documentary to a must-see event for fans and cinephiles alike.

Renaissance Station: The Alien Romulus Space Station

The Renaissance Station from Alien Romulus, containing the Romulus lab

As confirmed by director Fede Alvarez, the Space Station from Alien Romulus is called Renaissance, not Romulus. The station is divided into two sections - a lab called Romulus, and an older part named Remus. In this article, find out everything we know about the Renaissance Station.

Corbelan IV: Guide To The Alien Romulus Ship

The Corbelan IV approaching Renaissance Station from Alien Romulus

Unconventionally, the main ship from Alien Romulus is not called Romulus. The ship is named Corbelan IV, while Romulus is the biolab part of a space station designated as Renaissance. In this guide, find out everything we know about Corbelan IV and its role in the movie.

Ellen Ripley: Full Profile Of The Alien Survivor

Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley on the Nostromo

Without a doubt, Ellen Ripley is the most well-known and iconic character from the entire Alien vs. Predator series. Here is the full profile of Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley, including her childhood struggles, side adventures, and the final fate as Ripley 8.

Weyland-Yutani: Full History Of The Company

The logo for Weyland-Yutani

The Weyland-Yutani Corporation, often referred to as "The Company," represents one of the most iconic symbols in science fiction cinema. In this article, we explore the history of Weyland-Yutani, including several corporate acquisitions, mergers, the company's downfall, and a final resurgence.

Swimming Xenomorph: Can Aliens Survive Underwater?

Xenomorphs swimming in Alien: Resurrection

The Xenomorphs have proven themselves to be well adapted to extreme environments, including underwater. Some Xenomorph types are adept swimmers and can easily navigate in aquatic conditions. Find out here, which Xenomorphs have aquatic abilities and how long can they survive underwater.

Xenomorph Eggmorphing: From Cocoon To Egg

Concept art for eggmorphing by HR Giger

Eggmorphing is a process of turning human hosts into Alien eggs and a part of the Xenomorph's alternate life cycle. Initially cut from the first Alien movie, but re-inserted in the Director's Cut, eggmorphing is used by Xenomorph Warriors when an Alien Queen is not available to produce more eggs.

Xenomorph Queen: Every Hive Mother, Matriarch, And Empress

Alien Queens

The Xenomorph Queen is the leader of the hive, the egg layer, but also a capable fighter if there is no need to protect their children. Here is a list of notable Xenomorph Queens from the Alien series who stood out from other hive mothers by their leadership and cunning.

Xenomorph Mouth: A Guide To Alien Teeth And Jaws

The closeup of a Xenomorph mouth

The Xenomorph is known for its iconic mouth designed by HR Giger, featuring the terrifying inner jaw. This guide explores the intricate details of the Xenomorph's jaws and teeth, providing insight into their biological functions and their role in the creature's predatory behavior.

Pink Xenomorph: The Rarest Xenomorph Color

A Pink Xenomorph by NECA

The Pink Xenomorph was another Alien variation differentiated by its unique and bright color. Appearing in Aliens: The Arcade Game by Konami, these Xenomorphs were the main enemy in the game. Here is the full overview of the Pink Xenomorphs, including their NECA reimagining.

Albino Xenomorph: List Of All White Aliens

An Albino Xenomorph on LV-695 in Alien: Thaw

Throughout the Alien series, there have been several special types of white and albino Xenomorphs. The reasons for their existence include old age, inherited human traits due to DNA mixing, environmental factors, and even special pigmentations in their skin.

Joker Xenomorph: The Rare Alien Who Fought Batman

The Joker Xenomorph from Batman/Aliens II

The Joker Xenomorph was a distinctive Alien hybrid featured in the crossover comic series "Batman/Aliens II." This character represented a blend of the Joker, the notorious main adversary of Batman, and a Xenomorph Warrior, mixed together with DNA splicing.

Warrior Xenomorph: The Alien Soldier Caste

A Xenomorph Warrior about to attack in Aliens

The Warrior Xenomorph, often referred to as the Soldier (and sometimes a Drone), represents a critical stage in the lifecycle of the Xenomorph species. These creatures are the primary assault force within the Xenomorph hierarchy, known for their formidable combat skills and mass attacks.

Alien Timeline: The Order Of Alien, AvP, Prometheus Movies

The Nostromo approaching LV-426 in the Alien timeline

Here is an updated Alien movie timeline consisting of the events of Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien: Resurrection, Alien vs Predator, Aliens vs Predator: Requiem, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. The games, books and graphic novel events are not included in the timeline.

Space Jockey Xenomorph: Alien Born From An Engineer

The Space Jockey Xenomorph from Aliens: Apocalypse

The Space Jockey Xenomorph is a giant and rare Alien type that is born from an Engineer, also known as a Space Jockey. This article covers all the individual Space Jockey Aliens featured in Alien lore, including the Deacon and the Titan Xenomorph.

Chestburster: Types And Abilities Of Infant Xenomorphs

A Protomorph Chestburster

After the egg and the facehugger, the chestburster is the third step in the Xenomorph's complex lifecycle. Here is an overview of different abilities and types of chestbursters, depending on the type of the resulting Alien and the way that it is born.

Prometheus 3: Status Of The Alien: Covenant Sequel

The Engineer suit from Prometheus

With many Alien projects in the making under Disney, what has become of Prometheus 3, Ridley Scott's sequel to Alien: Covenant? In this article, find out the status of the movie, how the story of David and the Engineers could continue, and how other Alien projects could still connect to the prequel characters.

Xenomorph Motivations: What Do The Xenomorphs Want?

A Xenomorph from Aliens: Definance

The Xenomorphs are known for somewhat conflicting motivations, shifting from causing a killing spree in one movie to capturing potential hosts in another. In this article, we try to find out what the Xenomorph really wants and what drives its actions.

Xenomorph Egg: Guide To The Alien Ovomorph

Kane with the Xenomorph Egg in Alien

The Xenomorph egg, commonly known as the Ovomorph, is a central element in the Alien franchise. This guide delves into the diverse types of Xenomorph eggs depicted in the films and expanded universe, offering an in-depth exploration of each type's unique characteristics.

Xenomorph Lifespan: How Long Do Xenomorphs Live?

The Nostromo Xenomorph hiding in the shuttle in Alien

This article delves into a pivotal question: What is the Xenomorph's life expectancy? By examining each distinct type within the Xenomorph hierarchy - from the initial egg stage to the adult forms, including the rare Alien Queen - we aim to shed light on the longevity of these alien entities.

Protomorph: Guide To Alien Covenant's Praetomorph

The Protomorph/Praetomorph from Alien: Covenant

The Protomorph (also known as the Praetomorph) is the latest addition to the Xenomorph type family, appearing in the sequel to Prometheus, Alien: Covenant. Here is the full overview of the Protomorph, including its complicated origins, life cycle, and characteristics.

Xenomorph Acid Spitting: Do All Aliens Spit Acid?

The Cloned Xenomorph from Alien: Resurrection spits acid

The Xenomorph is notorious for its lethal attributes, including the secretion of highly corrosive acid. Although the Xenomorphs bleed acid when wounded, many Xenomorph types can utilize it as an attack mechanism, including the Cloned Xenomorphs from Alien: Resurrection.

Facehugger: Anatomy And Types Of The Second Stage Alien

A regular Facehugger

The Facehugger is a terrifying second stage in the Xenomorph's life cycle. Here is a full overview of the Facehugger, including its anatomy, abilities, and the list of variants, which contain the Queen facehugger, giant facehugger, and the white hybrid facehuggers.

Deacon: Origins And Fate Of The Prometheus Alien

The Deacon from Prometheus

The Deacon marks a significant stage in the mutations caused by the Black Goo Pathogen. First emerging from a Trilobite-infected Engineer on LV-223, the Deacon had unique characteristics somewhat similar to both the Xenomorphs and the Neomorphs.

Xenomorph Eating Habits: What Do Xenomorphs Eat?

A Xenomorph preparing to eat

One question that has intrigued Alien fans has repeatedly been: Do The Xenomorphs Eat? While these creatures are often seen as relentless creatures that grow at fantastic speeds, there is much more to their nutritional intake than meets the eye.

Praetorian Xenomorph: The Guardian Of The Queen

The Praetorian Xenomorph from Aliens: Fireteam

The Praetorian Xenomorph, known as the Royal Guard, is an integral and powerful figure in the Xenomorph XX121 species' hierarchy. Emerging in bigger hives, they serve as protectors of the Queen or Empress, playing a crucial role in the defense of their species.

Taming A Xenomorph: Can Xenomorphs Become Friendly?

A Xenomorph being mind controlled in concept art for Alien 5

The Xenomorphs are typically portrayed as hostile and lethal, attacking anyone in sight. This article examines different methods that might enable humans to interact safely with Xenomorphs or even alter their aggressive nature to be tame and friendly.

Newborn Alien: The Mutant Xenomorph Profile

The Newborn from Alien: Resurrection

The Newborn is a unique creature from the movie "Alien Resurrection," known for being a hybrid of human and Xenomorph, two different species. Unlike other Xenomorphs, the Newborn has human-like features and emotions, making it a somewhat hated standout in the Alien series.

The Meaning of Xenomorph: Alien Species Names Explained

The cover of Alien: The Cold Forge

Over the years, the Xenomorph has been known by various names, each adding layers to its mystique and terror. This article delves into the significance and origins of these names, shedding light on how they contribute to the lore of this legendary extraterrestrial organism.

Xenomorph Origins: Who Created The Xenomorphs?

The Xenomorph Mural from Prometheus

The Xenomorph Origins are shrouded in mystery but multiple explanations have emerged from both the Alien movies and the Expanded universe about the Alien's creation. In this exploration, we delve into different prominent theories surrounding the origins of the Xenomorphs.

Neomorph: The White Xenomorph Relative

The Neomorph from Alien: Covenant

Among the various iterations of the monstrous Xenomorph, Alien: Covenant introduced a new and terrifying addition to the family: the Neomorph. Here is the full overview of the Neomorph creature, from its origins to its proposed final fight with the Protomorph that didn't make it to the movie.

Alien 5: Status Of Neill Blomkamp's Aliens Sequel

Ellen Ripley and Hicks together in Alien 5, an alternate sequel to Aliens

Directed by Neill Blomkamp, the proposed "Alien 5" generated considerable excitement, eventually leaving fans in a state of anticipation and disappointment. This article delves into the development, cancellation, the profound impact of "Alien 5," and explores the story details of the movie.

FX's Alien TV Series: News, Cast, And Plot Details

The Teaser Poster for the FX Alien TV Series

The Alien franchise soon embarks on a thrilling new chapter with the FX Alien TV series, marking its first-ever foray into live-action television. As eager fans await its arrival, we've meticulously compiled information from authoritative sources to craft a guide to the series.

Grid Alien: An Alpha Xenomorph Profile

The Grid Alien leads other Xenomorphs to battle

The Grid Alien was a remarkable Alpha Xenomorph from the first Alien vs. Predator movie, noticeable by the grid pattern on its head. This Xenomorph Warrior received damage from a Predator netgun but still managed two kill two Yautja, a rare feat for a single Xenomorph.

Alien: Romulus - Upcoming Alien Movie News And Rumors

The Teaser image for Alien: Romulus

Alien: Romulus is the working title for the upcoming Alien movie lined for release in 2024 which is directed by Fede Alvarez. Find out all the details about the movie here, including the exact release date, plot details, and all the known cast and crew members.

Xenomorph Anatomy: Exploring The Biology Of Aliens

The Original Xenomorph born from Kane

The Xenomorph's complex and enigmatic anatomy, a masterwork of both biological evolution and imaginative design, adds to the allure of these formidable creatures. In this exploration, we delve into the intricacies of Xenomorph anatomy, uncovering the mysteries that make them a true sci-fi masterpiece.

Alien vs. Predator: Who Would Win In A Fight

Wolf Predator fights a Xenomorph

The age-old debate between fans of the Alien and Predator franchises revolves around a simple yet captivating question: who would win in a fight between these two iconic extraterrestrial species? The answer remains subjective and open to interpretation.

M41A Pulse Rifle: History And Variants

Weyland Storm Rifle, a M41A Pulse Rifle Variant

Used by the Colonial Marines across the universe, the M41A Pulse Rifle is probably the most iconic human weapon in the Alien series. We take a look at some of the Pulse Rifle variants that have been used in the movies, games and comic books.

Xenomorph Life Cycle: A Guide To Alien Evolution

The Xenomorph Queen with an egg sack

The Xenomorph species has a fascinating life cycle that has evolved with almost every Alien movie. From the Alien egg to the giant Alien Queen, the Xenomorphs go through many different stages that each serve a specific and important purpose.

Alien Egg On Sulaco: All Theories For The Alien 3 Mystery

An Alien Egg Inside Sulaco from Alien 3

The existence of the Xenomorph egg on the USS Sulaco at the beginning of Alien 3 is one of the biggest mysteries of the Alien franchise. In this article, we take a look at most of the theories surrounding the egg, including plausible ones and others completely outlandish.

Biggest Xenomorphs: Alien Size Comparison

The Crocodile Xenomorph - A Big Xenomorph

The Xenomorphs come in many forms and sizes, often depending on the type of the host. Here is a list of Xenomorphs ranked by their physical size, including several Xenomorphs from the Expanded Universe like the Alien King and Crocodile Alien.

Predalien: Guide To Xenomorphs Born From Predators

A Predalien

The Predalien is the result of a facehugger impregnating a Predator. They are more powerful versions of the Xenomorphs, comparable in size and strength to the Praetorians, the guards of the Alien Queen. Here is a list of notable Predaliens from the AvP lore, including the Abomination and the LV-1201 Predalien.

Xenomorph Weaknesses: How To Kill An Alien

Fire is the main Xenomorph Weakness

With their unique physiology and highly adaptable nature, Xenomorphs have proven to be formidable foes for many space-faring explorers and soldiers. However, despite being called the Perfect Organism, they also have several weaknesses that can be exploited by their enemies.

Colonial Marines vs. Alien Queens: List Of USCM Battles

A Colonial Marine Fights an Alien Queen

The Colonial Marines vs. Alien Queen fights only happen in the Alien games and comics, where usually a small group of Marines battles a single Alien Queen and defeats her. In the games, the Alien Queens are used as boss fights.

Colonial Marine Smartgunners: List Of M56 Operators

Vasquez from Aliens using a Smartgun

The smartgunners are an important part of any Colonial Marine squad, offering powerful support fire from the sides or leading from the front. The smartgunners tend to have many kills and are often memorable for their bad attitude, including the likes of Vasquez, Drake and Jones.

Xenomorph Hybrids: List Of Genetically Enhanced Aliens

The Number Seven Xenomorph from Aliens: Infiltrator

As regular Xenomorphs in Alien stories tend to get too mainstream, gene splicing is sometimes introduced to create new breeds of often ridiculous Xenomorphs. These new Aliens vary in size and appearance, but still inherit their traits from their hosts.

Black Goo Pathogen Mutations: Effects On Lifeforms

The Pathogen Creature from Aliens: Fireteam

The mysterious Black Goo pathogen first seen in Prometheus reacts in unpredictable ways with different organisms, producing wild mutations and new creatures. Here is an overview of these different mutations, including a mutated Predator and even a mutated Android.

Xenomorph vs. Engineer Fights: History Of Extinction

An Engineer fights a Xenomorph Queen

As is the common theme in the franchise, the Xenomorphs can not be controlled and have become a hated enemy of the Engineers. Here is an overview of the different clashes between Xenomorphs and Engineers, some happening even thousands of years ago.

Space Jockey Ships: Every Engineer Derelict Craft Listed

A Derelict Ship once used by the Space Jockeys

The Space Jockeys fly around in gigantic ships, containing a deadly payload of bioweapons. These ships often crash, ready to be discovered by helpless explorers. While most of these ships look like a horse-shoe, some also come with more exotic designs.

Colonial Marine Teams: List Of All USCM Units

Colonial Marines from the USS Sulaco

The Colonial Marines use small and mobile units to protect the colonies. These units are the maximum size of a battalion, but usually only a few squads are sent into action. Here is an overview of different Colonial Marine teams, including the one commanded by Lieutenant Gorman in Aliens.

Colonial Marine Ships: List Of Every Known USCM Vessel

The USS Sulaco

The Colonial Marines don't employ many personnel but use massive ships to travel them across the universe. The ships are fully automated and don't even need any crew to man them while the marines are on a mission. Most of these ships are similar to the USS Sulaco.

Colonial Marine Vehicles: APCs and Tanks Of The USCM

The M577 APC from Aliens

Besides their famous APC and Power Loader, the Colonial Marines don't employ many ground-based vehicles. The Colonial Marine Technical Manual has introduced tanks and self-propelled guns, while the comics and Kenner toys have also brought to light a few new vehicles.

Facehugger Removal: Before And After Embryo Implantation

A facehugger removal in process

In addition to the question of chestburster removal possibilities, the matter of facehuggers being removed before embryo implantation has been intriguing from the first movie. Here is a list of notable facehugger removals, including both successful and unsuccessful attempts.

Chestburster Removal: Embryo Extractions And Failures

A Chestburster removal

The question of if it is possible to remove a chestburster before it is born has been in the series from the start. Throughout the movies and the expanded lore, there have been several successful chestburster extractions, although each have their own peculiarities.

Xenomorph Vision: Seeing Without Eyes

A Xenomorph with eye sockets

Although the creature in Alien had eye sockets under the transparent dome, the most common Xenomorphs don't have eyes. The Alien sequels and games have given us a glimpse of the vision of the Xenomorphs, including the fisheye lens view and seeing the aura of their enemies.

Predators vs. Alien Queens: Fights And Live Captures

The Celtic Predator, a Young Blood

Hunting and killing the Alien Queen is a great honor for the Predators and many have died doing so. It is even more useful to capture a live Queen and use her as a breeder to obtain Alien eggs. Here is a list of notable Predator vs. Alien Queen fights, including some attempts to capture her alive.

Combat Androids: Synthetics Fighting Xenos And Yautja

A Combat Android

In addition to human-friendly synthetics with behavioral inhibitors, several series of combat androids have been produced in the Alien series by different mega-corporations. Here is a list of androids developed for the purpose of expanding the military power of the company.

Colonial Marine Officers: Notable USCM Commanders Listed

General Spears from Aliens: Nightmare Asylum

The Colonial Marine officers are the ones that command the troopers in the field. Unfortunately, most of them get killed and nobody hardly remembers their achievements. Here is a list of notable Colonial Marine officers from the Alien lore, including General Spears and Captain Cruz.

Greedy Mega-Corporations: Competitors Of Weyland-Yutani

The Weyland-Yutani logo

The mega-corporations have a big influence over the surveyed worlds in the Alien vs. Predator universe. They are often in an open rivalry between themselves and other world governments. Here is a list of the biggest mega-corporations, including companies like Seegson, the Grant Corporation and Weyland-Yutani.

Android Xenomorphs: Attempts To Create Robotic Aliens

Jeri, An Android Xenomorph

One of the common tropes in the Alien Expanded Universe is android Xenomorphs. They have been either created by a lone mad scientist or mass produced by some company. Here is a list of notable android Xenomorphs, including the infamous Xenoborgs and the lovable Jeri.

Space Jockey: Every Member Of The Engineer Species

The Original Space Jockey

The Space Jockeys are the mysterious pilot species first seen in the first Alien movie. Throughout the series, there have been many iterations of them, including the Engineers from Prometheus and the Mala'kak pilots from the Alien books and comics. Here is a list of the different individual Space Jockeys, ranked by their accomplishments.

Xenomorph Prime: Every Mission To The Alien Homeworld

Alien Homeworld from Aliens: Harvest

Xenomorph Prime is the elusive Alien Homeworld which has been shown little in the Alien games and comic books. Both humans and Predators have ventured there on different missions. Here is a list of notable occurrences of Xenomorph Prime throughout the Expanded Universe, as it has been never featured in the Alien movies.

Colonial Marine Weapons: List Of USCM Arsenal

The Colonial Marine Weapons

The USCM packs a big arsenal of weapons including nukes, knives, sharp sticks and phased plasma pulse rifles. Here is a list of best infantry weapons from Aliens and the Alien games, ranked by their firepower and usability against the Xenomorphs and Yautja opponents.

Powered Mech Suits: Protection Against Xenomorph Acid

MOX Berserker Armor

The Predator Killer mech suit in The Predator was not the first instance of weaponized mech suits being used in the Alien vs. Predator universe. We take a look at several different mech suits and power armor from the movies, games and comics and rank them by their awesomeness.

Xenomorph King: A Rogue Leader Of The Xenomorphs

A Xenomorph King

The Xenomorph King is a special type of Alien rarely seen in the Alien lore. It is known to be bigger than the queen Alien and even more aggressive. Here is a list of all notable Xenomorph Kings like the Rogue Xenomorph, the Hybrid King and the Kenner King Alien.

Female Xenomorph: Exploring The Gender Of Aliens

A Female Xenomorph

The female Xenomorph is the big and insect-like queen Alien. However, there are some female Xenomorph hybrids or special experiments who actually have feminine features. Here is a list of all known female Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise, including unused concepts from the movies.

Xenomorphs On Earth: History of Alien Infestations

Alien vs. Predator Arcade Game

The Aliens have invaded Earth several times during its history in the Alien vs Predator franchise. Here are listed 5 Earth invasions. The list is sorted chronologically and some of these events have been deemed non-canon.