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Android Xenomorphs

One of the common tropes in the Alien Expanded Universe is android Xenomorphs. They have been either created by a lone mad scientist or mass produced by some company. Their main purpose has been to mask their presence in an Alien hive and strike fear into their enemies. Here is a list of notable android Xenomorphs, including the infamous Xenoborgs and the lovable Jeri.


TecSek from Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species

TecSeks were produced by the Montcalm-Delacroix Corporation and were initially used as movie props. However, they found more use under the security forces of the company. The TecSeks were damage resistant and could even withstand Alien acid. They mounted twin shoulder cannons and long claws. The TecSeks were deployed by the company AI named Toy to hunt down Caryn Delacroix and Big Mama in the Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species comic series. Most of the TecSeks were destroyed by the duo.


The Xenoborg from Aliens vs. Predator Classic

The Xenoborg was another experiment of Weyland-Yutani and one of the most ridiculous Xenomorph types from the Alien games. Functioning mostly as a sentry turret, the Xenoborg was very slow and dumb. However, it made up on it's slowness by its powerful weapons, twin lasers attached to its arms. The Xenoborg's body still retained some of it's Xenomorph parts, including acid blood, but was otherwise enhanced cybernetically. It was also very difficult to kill, needing explosives or dismembering by spear weapons to take down. The Xenoborg only shows up in the Aliens vs. Predator 1999 PC game and you encounter only a few in the Colonial Marine and Predator campaigns.


Eloise from Aliens vs. Predator: Pursuit

Eloise was an android human spliced with Xenomorph DNA, somewhat similar to Ripley 8 from Alien: Resurrection. She had several Xenomorph traits, like dorsal tubes, acid blood and sharp claws. Unlike other android Xenomorphs, she could actually command other Xenomorphs who accepted her as their leader. She had great agility and strength but was missing the behavioral inhibitors of other androids, making her even more powerful. Eloise shows up in Aliens: Purge and later in the Aliens vs. Predator: Pursuit comic books.


Elden from the Fire and Stone series

Elder started as a regular human android, similar to Ash and Bishop from the movies. However, he was injected with the Black Goo substance first seen in Prometheus. The chemical agent caused rapid mutations, even in factory built android like him. Although Elden didn't really grow into a Xenomorph, his mutations started to take traits from the Alien species. He grew an elongated head, exoskeleton and sharp claws. Elden was also the only known android to be blooded by the Yautja. Elden's exploits were depicted in the Fire and Stone comic book series.

Mozart Android

The Android version of Mozart from Aliens: Music of the Spears

The Presley Hall Slaughter occurred about a decade after the liberation of Earth from the Aliens. A lone Alien named Mozart escaped captivity and wreaked havoc on a concert given on a stage in Presley Hall. Mozart first killed the band, then took on the audience and was finally blown up by soldiers of MedTech. The slaughter caused such a sensation that MedTech decided to recreate it with androids. Thus was born the Mozart android, who again slaughtered the android band and then some of the android members of the audience to the delight of the onlookers. The android looked very realistic but it is unknown how intelligent it really was. You can read about Mozart and his real life counterpart in the Aliens: Music of the Spears comic book.


Norbert from Aliens: Harvest

Norbert was probably the first accurate android representation of the Xenomorph. He was highly intelligent, could talk and was best friends with a dog. Norbert's creator was Dr. Stan Mayakovsky, who took inspiration from his first successful creation - a cybernetic ant named Ari. Norbert and Dr. Mayakovsky traveled together to Xenomorph Prime to acquire Royal Jelly. It turned out that the android Xenomorph could initially fool the Aliens on the planet and even walk around in an Alien hive. Later, Norbert sustained several wounds trying to protect his creator and died being taken apart by real Xenomorphs. Norbert met his unfortunate end in the Aliens: Harvest comic book, which was initially named Aliens: Hive.


Jeri from Aliens: Stronghold

Jeri was probably the most well known Xenomorph Android. He was created by Dr. Caspar Nordling, one of the many mad scientists in the Alien franchise. Nordling used some of the designs from Mayakovsky's work on Norbert to create Jeri. Jeri had a sense of humor, loved cigars and had no problems wielding weapons. Jeri was afraid of Dean, a combat android used to exterminate Xenomorphs. However, later they became friends. After a rebellion against Dr. Nordling by the base personnel and other androids, Jeri killed his creator with a poisonous cigar in an escape capsule. Being gravely wounded himself, it is unknown if Jeri survived. Although Aliens: Stronghold is similar several other Alien comics (mainly Rogue and Labyrinth), Jeri makes a lasting impression.

Also worth mentioning are the Buggers from Aliens vs. Predator: Hunters Planet who are essentially faster versions of the Xenoborgs. Did you enjoy the list and want to know more about the Xenomorphs? Look over the various Xenomorph types and see how big the Alien king looks like.

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