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Predator Lore: The Yautja Expanded Universe

The Predator Lore section gives an overview of all things Yautja, including their weapons, armor, ranks, anatomy, and lists of encounters with different enemies. The Yautja Lore is greatly expanded by the books, comics, and games which include a wealth of information from several decades.

Female Predator: Mating Habits And Female Yautja List

Hashori, a female Yautja

The female Yautja are fearsome warriors just like their male brethren. Little is known about them and there are only a few notable specimens that are featured in the books, graphic novels and the latest video game. Here is a list of all notable female Yautja, like Big Mama, Sister Midnight and Vagouti.

Predator Badlands: Upcoming Movie By Dan Trachtenberg

Predators exploring a badlands from the Marvel comic series

Dan Trachtenberg, the acclaimed director behind 2022's hit 'Prey,' is back in the director's chair for a brand-new installment in the Predator franchise, intriguingly titled 'Badlands.' Following the enormous success of 'Prey,' Trachtenberg is set to take audiences on another thrilling hunt in the Predator universe.

Predator Face: Origins, Features, And Evolution

The face of the Wolf Predator

The face of the Predator is a distinctive and iconic aspect of this species' anatomy. This overview provides a comprehensive look at the Predator's face, including behind-the-scenes insights and details of each facial feature like the dreadlocks and mandibles.

Scout Predator: Profile Of The Lost Hunter

The Scout Predator NECA cover

Scout Predator was one of the many mysterious Predators appearing at the end of Predator 2 as part of the Lost Tribe. Also known as the Lost Hunter, Scout was later revealed to be a long-ranged weapons expert. Here is the full background of the Scout Predator.

Stone Heart Predator: The Brainwashed Bad Blood Yautja

Stone Heart Predator from Predator: Concrete Jungle

Stone Heart Predator was a large Yautja from the Dark Blade Clan, appearing in Predator: Concrete Jungle. Being brainwashed by the Borgia Corporation, he fought his former clan mate, Scarface Predator. Here is the full overview of Stone Heart, including his gear and weapons.

Guardian Predator: Profile Of The "Gort" Yautja

The Ultimate Guardian Predator cover by NECA

The Guardian Predator was a big Yautja with a memorable bio-mask from the Lost Tribe appearing at the end of Predator 2. He was later revealed to be an Elite heavy weapons specialist of the clan, with a military past. Here is the full profile of the Guardian Predator, also known as Gort.

Chopper Predator: The Short-Lived Young Blood

The Chopper Predator from Alien vs. Predator 2004

The Chopper Predator was the third and most insignificant Young Blood Predator from the first Alien vs. Predator movie. He was killed in his first encounter with a Xenomorph and did not become blooded. Here is the full profile of the Chopper Predator, also known as Gill.

Predator 3: The Epic Initial Draft Had Dutch Return

An old Dutch Schaefer from Predator: Hunting Grounds

In 1996, Robert Rodriguez wrote an initial script draft for a sequel to Predator 2. The story revolves around Alan "Dutch" Schaefer and a group of soldiers thrown into gladiatorial battles against Predators and other captive aliens on an alien planet.

Yautja Respiration: How Do The Predators Breathe?

The Jungle Hunter Predator unmasked

The Yautja possess a complex respiratory system that allows them to thrive in various environments, including Earth. This article explores the intricacies of their respiratory system, focusing on their lungs, breathing aids, and adaptations for different atmospheres.

Shaman Predator: Profile Of The Yautja Spiritual Leader

The Shaman Predator cover by NECA

Shaman Predator was a distinguished member of the Yautja community who notably stood out among the Lost Tribe at the end of Predator 2. Also known as the "Hippie Predator", this long-dreadlocked Yautja wore a fearsome skull mask and became the spiritual leader of the tribe.

Yautja Eyes: How Do The Predators See?

The Eyes Of The Yautja

Behind the Predator's bio-masks are the Yautja eyes, a distinct part of their anatomy that provides them with their most important sense. In this exploration, we delve into the mysteries of the Predator's eyes, their colors, capabilities, and how these hunters perceive the world.

Wolf Predator: Profile For The Yautja "Cleaner"

Wolf Predator examines a bio-mask

Wolf Predator was a fan-favorite Elite Yautja from Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem where he was depicted as a "cleaner" to clear up the mess from the first Alien vs. Predator movie. Here is the full profile for Wolf Predator, including overviews of his weapons and armor.

Yautja Height: How Tall Are Predators?

Jungle Hunter vs. Dutch Height Comparison

The Yautja, renowned hunters from beyond the stars, are as iconic for their towering presence as they are for their lethal skills. In this exploration, we delve into the vertical dimensions of Yautja, examining their average height, and finding out who are the tallest and shortest Predators.

Yautja Humor: Why Does The Predator Laugh?

A Predator laughing

The Jungle Hunter laughing while blowing himself up at the end of the first movie raises an intriguing question: Does the Predator have a sick sense of humor and does he truly laugh, or is he just mimicking humans? In this article, find out about the significance of Predator humor and laughter.

Yautja Lifespan: How Long Do Predators Live?

An Ancient Predator

The Yautja lifespan stands as a particularly intriguing puzzle, although evidence from the movies and expanded lore seems to suggest that Predators live much longer than humans. Find out here, exactly how long the Predators live if they manage to survive their perilous hunts.

Cyborg Predators: Every Cybernetically Enhanced Yautja

The Bionic Predator from Predator: Hunting Grounds

In addition to genetic hybridization, the Yautja sometimes enhance themselves with cybernetic technologies, either to replace a limb or to gain new abilities. Here is a list of all known cybernetically enhanced Predators, including the Bionic Predator and the Spiked Tail Predator.

Yautja Failure: What Happens When A Predator Fails?

The Predalien born from Scar Predator

The Yautja have earned a formidable reputation due to their great hunting skills, but even the mightiest warriors are not immune to defeat. In this exploration, we delve into the consequences that Yautja face when they encounter failure in their perilous pursuit of prey.

Yautja Smell: What's Predator Scent And Can They Smell?

The face of the Jungle Hunter Predator

Among the many enigmatic facets of their physiology, the Yautja's sense of smell emerges as a critical element in their pursuit of prey. This article aims to unravel the complexities of the Yautja smelling without a nose, and explores what the scent of the Predators might be.

Yautja Motivations: What Do The Predators Want?

The cover of Predator: The Last Stand by Marvel comics

Central to the intrigue surrounding the Yautja is the question of their motivations. What drives these interstellar hunters? In this exploration, we embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of Yautja motivations and gain insight into what the Predators truly want.

Skull Masked Yautja: All Predators Who Wore Bone Helmets

The Shaman Predator with a skull mask by NECA

One of the most intriguing subsets of Predator's bio-mask is the skull mask, characterized by bone-like structures forming a fearsome helmet. Wearing a Skull Mask signifies not only a fearsome appearance but also a deep connection to the Yautja's cultural and spiritual beliefs.

Predator vs. Superman: Who Would Win?

Predator fights Superman

In this epic clash, we delve into the confrontation between the extraterrestrial hunter, the Predator, and the Man of Steel himself, Superman. While these two characters belong to entirely different universes, they have squared off several times in the crossover comic books.

Big Mama Predator: A Female Yautja Profile

Big Mama Predator wearing a bio-mask

Big Mama was the first prominent Female Predator introduced in the expanded Predator lore. Here is the complete overview of the Big Mama Predator, including her complicated relationship with Ash Parnall and the battle against the Hybrid King.

The Morality Of Predators: Are Yautja Good Or Evil?

A Yautja about to strike a human opponent

The complex moral alignment of the Predators been a subject of debate among fans: are the Yautja good or evil? In this article, we will explore the enigmatic nature of these intergalactic hunters, delving into their motivations and actions, in an attempt to decipher their ethical standing.

Other Species That Yautja Hunt: From Amengi To Druthaki

The River Ghosts attack in the Predator 2023 Marvel comic

The Yautja are renowned for their relentless pursuit of challenging prey. While humans and Xenomorphs are the most famous targets of the Predators, there exist other intelligent species that have found themselves in the crosshairs of the Yautja's infamous laser-sighted weapons.

Yautja Feats Of Strength: How Strong Are Predators?

Feral Predator lifts a bear

Recognized for their advanced technology and hunting skills, one of the defining characteristics is their remarkable physical strength. In this article, we will delve into the awe-inspiring feats of strength exhibited by the Yautja and answer the question: How strong are the Yautja?

Celtic Predator: Leader Of The Yautja Young Bloods

The Celtic Predator from Alien vs. Predator 2004

The Celtic Predator was the leader of the three Young Blood Predators sent to their initiation hunt in Antarctica in the first Alien vs. Predator movie. Here is the full profile of the Celtic Predator, including overviews of his history, weapons, and armor, and appearances in other media.

Yautja Emotions: What The Predators Feel

A Wounded Predator in pain from Marvel's Predator series

In the ruthless world of the Yautja, emotions play a complex and intriguing role. These formidable extraterrestrial hunters are known for their stoicism and warrior code. This article delves into the enigmatic emotions of the Yautja, including pain, fear, anger, hesitation, and mercy.

Yautja Fears: What Are The Predators Afraid Of?

Scar Predator gets scared

For all of the Yautja's predatory prowess and imposing appearance, they are not devoid of fears and anxieties. In this article, we try to figure out what the Predators are most afraid of, including the dread of dishonor to the unsettling prospect of getting facehugged.

Yautja Intelligence: How Smart Are Predators?

The Elder Predator from Alien vs. Predator 2004

Beyond the Yautja's fearsome appearance and hunting prowess, the extent of their intelligence remains a subject of intrigue and debate. This article explores the multifaceted aspects of Yautja intelligence, trying to figure out exactly how smart the Predators are.

Predator-Human Relations: From Worthy Prey To Diplomacy

Scar Predator with Lex

What truly enriches the Predator lore is the intricate and multifaceted relationship between Yautja and humans, which has spanned for many millennia. In this article, we'll navigate through the complex Yautja-human interaction via various subtopics, shedding light on this intergalactic dynamic.

Yautja Facts: Strange Details About Predators

Predator on one of the Marvel covers

There are some lesser-known and rather strange details about the Yautja that might astonish even the most dedicated fans. In this article, we'll delve deep into these unusual facts and trivia about the Yautja, uncovering their mysteries that have captivated audiences for years.

Predator 2: An Underrated Sequel That Expands the Hunt

The City Hunter on the Poster for Predator 2

Released in 1990 and directed by Stephen Hopkins, Predator 2 is the thrilling sequel to the iconic 1987 film Predator. In this article, we will delve into the world of Predator 2 and explore what makes it a worthy and underrated addition to the Predator franchise.

Predator Axe: Battleaxes And Hatchets Used By Yautja

The Battleaxe used by the Warrior Predator from the Lost Tribe

The Predator Axe is a heavy melee weapon that delivers devastating damage in close-quarters combat. While the more agile Predators prefer the combisticks or wristblades, the battle axe is used by the more brutish and stronger Yautja - often the Super Predators or the Viking Predators.

Yautja Blood: The Hidden Properties Of Predator Blood

Predator blood on leaves in the first Predator movie

The Predators are renowned for their advanced technology, imposing physique, and a unique aspect that has intrigued fans: their distinctive green blood. In this article, we delve into the mystique surrounding Yautja blood, exploring its properties and significance.

Yautja Vehicles: Land-Based Transports Of Predators

The Giant Drill From Predators

Although the Predators use exotic and fast starships to arrive at their hunting locations, they sometimes rely on land-based vehicles as well. Here is an overview of all the land-based machines in the vast Predator inventory of advanced technology.

Yautja Architecture: Predator Structures And Statues

Yautja Architecture visible in the home of Wolf Predator

While many aspects of the Yautja culture remains shrouded in mystery, their architecture offers tantalizing glimpses into their society and way of life. In this article, we delve into the facets of Yautja architecture, shedding light on their buildings and other structures.

Yautja Bow: A Weapon of Elegance and Precision

A Yautja Bow used by a female Predator

In the vast and mysterious arsenal of the Yautja, one weapon stands out as a symbol of both elegance and deadly precision — the Yautja Bow. In this article, we delve into the history, design, and significance of the Yautja Bow, exploring its role in the hands of the fierce female Yautja.

Yautja Dictionary: The Vocabulary Of The Predators

The Predator Wrist Gauntlet, showcasing Yautja symbols

This overview delves into the captivating lexicon of the Yautja, offering a glimpse into the vocabulary of these enigmatic beings. It contains the Yautja dictionary with the most common and often used terms in the Predator language, from weaponry to curse words.

Yautja Empire: List Of Planets Ruled By Predators

The Game Preserve planet from Predators, part of the Yautja Empire

After evolving on their homeworld and escaping from enslavement, the Yautja have traveled the cosmos, establishing their dominion on various planets across the galaxy. In this article, we will explore some of the notable planets within the Yautja Empire.

Predator Queen: Overview Of The Yautja Matriarch

A statue of the Predator Matriarch

Beyond the fearsome ranks of Yautja warriors, there exists an even more enigmatic figure: the Predator Queen. The Yautja Queen, often shrouded in mystery and seldom glimpsed in popular media, serves as the matriarch of their species.

Yautja Fighting Style: Combat Types Of The Predators

A Predator throwing a spear

The Predators are not limited to a single method of combat; instead, they employ a range of techniques, weapons, and tactics to engage their prey. From long-range sniping to brutal hand-to-hand combat, let's explore the multifaceted world of Yautja fighting styles.

Underwater Yautja: Predators That Swim

A Yautja swimming underwater

While the majority of Yautja hunts take place on land, their adaptability is evident when faced with aquatic environments. These formidable extraterrestrial beings have mastered the art of underwater warfare, equipped with the tools and skills necessary to dominate beneath the waves.

Predator Civil War: List Of Yautja Blood Feuds

Jungle Hunter Predator lifts the head of a Killer Predator

The Predator Civil Wars were a series of conflicts where one Predator clan fought with another over major disagreements over the Predator Honor Code. Here is an overview of all the major Predator Civil Wars, leaving out minor Predator vs. Predator skirmishes.

Yautja Abilities: A Guide To Predator Powers

A Predator Lifting a Marine and a Xenomorph

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Yautja is their remarkable abilities, which make them formidable hunters and adversaries. In this article, we will delve into the mysterious and awe-inspiring abilities of the Yautja, including their physical strength, regeneration, and agility.

Greyback Predator: Future And Past Of The Predator 2 Elder

Wolf Predator fights a Xenomorph

Greyback the Elder from the end of Predator 2 was the leader of the Lost Tribe and one of the most established Predators ever. Here is the lore behind the Greyback Predator, including information about his past and future hunts, and his appearance in other media.

Hive Wars Predator: A Yautja Stranded On Xenomorph Prime

The Hive Wars Predator from the Life and Death comic series

The Hive Wars Predator was a legendary Elite Yautja who was stranded alone on Yautja Prime after a disastrous hunt that doomed his clan mates. Here is the full profile of this powerful Yautja, including overviews of his hunting history and weaponry.

Raphael Adolini 1715 Pistol: Origins And Aftermath

The Raphael Adolini 1715 Flintlock Pistol From Predator 2

The Raphael Adolini 1715 flintlock pistol given by Lieutenant Harrigan at the end of Predator 2 is a memorable trophy and a weapon shrouded in mystery. In this article, we explore the alternate backstories and the possible final fate of the pistol.

The Meaning of "Yautja": Predator Species Names Explained

The meaning behind the Predator species names

While the movies just call them Hunters, the Predators are often named the Yautja or the Hish-Qu-Ten (Hish) in the expanded lore of books and comics. In this article, we explore what is the meaning behind these terms and from which source material they originated from.

Yautja Culture: The Everyday Life Of Predators

The Predator Culture at display with Yautja Socializing

While much attention has been focused on their hunting skills and intergalactic conflicts, it is interesting to delve into the details of their everyday lives. This article aims to shed light on various aspects of Yautja culture, from their religious beliefs to their familial structures and beyond.

Predator Pistol: Overview Of All Yautja Handguns

The Predator Plasma Pistol from AvP: Requiem

The Predator Pistol is a handheld weapon that shoots heated plasma, similar to the shoulder cannon. It is rarely seen in the movies and mostly shows up in the Predator games. In addition to the plasma shooter, different handheld Predator guns exists, that shoot spears, bolts and even nets.

Alpha Predator (Kaail): The First Yautja

The Alpha Predator

The Alpha Predator (also known as Kaail) was a legendary Predator who led a rebellion against the insectoid Amengi race thousands of years ago and became the first who can be considered to be Yautja. Here is the full profile of the Alpha Predator.

Predator Smart Disc: Features And Variants

The Smar Disc used by the City Hunter Predator

One of the most unforgettable weapons showcased in the Predator films is the Smart Disc — a formidable and deadly weapon wielded by the Yautja. In this article, we delve into the features, types, and impact of the Predator Smart Disc as depicted in the movies and beyond.

Predator Killer Suit: Origins, Features, And Aftermath

The Predator Killer Suit from The Predator

The Predator Killer suit from the end of The Predator was a gift to humanity from the Fugitive Predator's clan to help them fight the Upgrade Predators. With advanced armor and weaponry, this iron-man-like suit was a powerful but convoluted way to fight other Yautja.

Predator Spear: Guide To Every Yautja Combistick

The Predator Combistick in use

The Predator spear (also known as the combistick) is one of the main Predator weapons and shows up in almost all the Predator movies. Great for stabbing, blocking and even throwing, it comes in several variants, many of which expand like a telescope.

Yautja Origins: History Of The Predator Race

The Yautja Origins

Not much is known about the origins and history of the Predator race, also known as the Yautja. In this article, we explore the Predators evolving on Yautja Prime, developing their hunting culture, and other fascinating events that shaped their evolution as the apex predators of the universe.

Predator Ranks And Titles: Guide To Yautja Hierarchy

An Elite predator nicknamed Wolf

The Predators have a fascinating hierarchy that determines their ranks and titles, which is closely tied to the hunt. In this article, we will explore the ranks of the Yautja, from the lowest to the highest, shedding light on the significance of each level.

Predator Netgun: Overview Of Yautja Net Launchers

The Netgun of the Celtic Predator

The Netgun is a specialized weapon utilized by Predators to immobilize and ensnare their targets. Unlike conventional firearms, this weapon fires a specially designed net rather than projectiles. Several types of the netgun exists, with many supporting gadgets and capabilities.

Feral Predator: A Yautja Profile

The Feral Predator from Prey

The Feral Predator is the latest Yautja introduced in the Predator movies, debuting in Prey. With a different appearance and new gear, this Predator hunted in the Great Plains during the start of the 18th century and came into conflict with French trappers and a Comanche tribe.

Predator Blooding Ritual: Becoming a Blooded Yautja

A Predator Blooding Ritual in progress

One of the most intriguing customs of the Yautja is the Blooding Ritual, a rite of passage that demonstrates a young Predator's readiness to join the ranks of the honorable hunters. This ritual is performed at the end of the First Hunt, and involves marking oneself with the blood of the enemy.

Predator Prey 2: News and Rumors for Predator 6

Naru and the Feral Predator from Prey

Although the movie was released only on the streaming service, Prey was both a critical and financial success, and it only makes sense for Disney to greenlight a sequel. Find out about the current status of Prey 2 (also known as Predator 6 ) movie here.

Predator Shoulder Cannon: Plasmacaster Types And Details

The Shoulder Cannon of Scar Predator

The Shoulder Cannon (also known as the Plasmacaster) is the Predator's main ranged weapon that usually sits on the left shoulder. It fires a powerful plasma blast that varies in strength. Many variants of the Shoulder Cannon exist, with almost every Yautja having a unique one.

Predator Healing: Medicomp And Other Abilities

The Predator Medicomp used by the Jungle Hunter

One of the lesser-known aspects of the Yautja species is their remarkable resilience to damage and the sophisticated devices they use to aid their recovery. The Predators often get wounded on their hunts and have to use the Medicomp with its wide array of specialized devices.

Predalien: Guide To Xenomorphs Born From Predators

A Predalien

The Predalien is the result of a facehugger impregnating a Predator. They are more powerful versions of the Xenomorphs, comparable in size and strength to the Praetorians, the guards of the Alien Queen. Here is a list of notable Predaliens from the AvP lore, including the Abomination and the LV-1201 Predalien.

Predator Weapons: Overview Of Yautja Hunting Arsenal

The Shoulder Cannon from Predator 2

The Predators are known for their awesome and terrifying arsenal, being able to dispatch enemies in different and almost always lethal ways. Here is a an overview of the Predator weapons from the Predator movies, games and comic books.

Biggest Predators: Yautja Size Comparison

The Upgrade Predator is one of the biggest Predators

The Yautja come in different shapes and sizes. While female Predators are known to be bigger, some others mutated themselves or spliced their DNA to get huge. Here is a list of physically biggest Yautja from the Predator series.

Predator Cloak: Yautja Invisibility Devices

A Predator Cloak used by the Jungle Hunter

The Predators are known for their advanced cloaking technology, which allows themselves and their ships to become almost invisible to the naked eye. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Yautja cloak and explore its features, abilities, and limitations.

Predator Honor Code: Yautja Rules Of The Hunt

The Predator Honor Code

The Predator Honor Code is a set of beliefs and values that guide the behavior of the Yautja. These beliefs are deeply ingrained in their culture and are passed down to younger generations. In this article, we will explore the Yautja Honor code and rules of the hunt in more detail.

Predator Timeline: Order Of Movies And Comics

Predator Timeline

Here is the Predator timeline consisting of the events of Predator, Predator 2, Predators, Alien vs Predator, Aliens vs Predator: Requiem and The Predator. This is a simple timeline, mostly taking into account the most important events from the movie or events referenced in the Predator movies.

Yautja Armor: List of Armor Types and Fishnets

A Predator wearing fishnets in Predator: Hunting Grounds

One of the most distinguishing elements of the Yautja's appearance is their advanced armor, which provides them with formidable protection and a fearsome appearance. In addition to fighting bare-skinned or wearing fishnets, the Yautja have developed a range of different armor types.

Predator Mandibles: Guide to Yautja Tusks

Scar Predator Mandibles

Yautja mandibles are one of the most recognizable features of the Predators from the movies. They're the sharp, bony jaws that make them look so fierce and intimidating. Here is an overview of all mandible types, features, and benefits for the Yautja.

Yautja Gods: Predator Religion Explored

The Black Warrior, a Yautja God

While much is known about the physical attributes and hunting tactics of these iconic creatures, little is known about their religion and beliefs. In this article, we delve into the mysterious world of the Yautja gods, while exploring their myths and legends.

Predator Sword: List of Machetes, Katanas, Elder Swords

A Predator Sword in the hands of Golden Angel Predator

The Predator sword is a powerful Yautja melee weapon that is rarely seen in the movies and is more extensively used in the Expanded Universe. Used as an alternative to the wristblades, the Predator sword is more of a ceremonial weapon, often carried by Elder Predators.

Strongest Predators: Most Powerful Yautja Ranked

Dark Predator from Aliens vs. Predator 2010, a powerful Predator

Here we have a list of the strongest and most powerful Predators who stood out from their hunter brothers. These are Predators who had a lot of kills, slayed tough enemies and some of them even survived their hunts. The Predators are taken from the movies, games and comic books.

Yautja Wars: Predator Military In Action

One of the many Yautja Wars

The Yautja are not just great hunters, they have a military as well. In the various Yautja wars, a series of inter-species conflicts and civil wars, the military of the Predator species faced off against some of the toughest opponents in the galaxy.

Predators Ripping Spines: Yautja Hunting Traditions

City Hunter Predator With a Ripped Spine

The Yautja are renowned for their great hunting skills. One of their most iconic practices is the act of ripping out the spine of their prey. In this article, we will delve into the different methods of this tradition, as well as other hunting rituals.

Yautja Dreadlocks: Full Guide To Predator Hair

A Predator with thick Dreadlocks

One aspect of Yautja appearance that has caught the attention of audiences is their iconic dreadlocks. However, not all Predators have the same type of dreadlocks, and over the years, different variations of this hairstyle have appeared in the Predator franchise.

Yautja Weaknesses: How To Kill A Predator

A Wounded Berserker Predator

The Yautja is known for its strength, hunting abilities, and technologically advanced equipment, but like any species, they have their weaknesses. Understanding these weaknesses can give an advantage to their opponents in a fight or a hunt.

Predator Technology: Overview Of Yautja Gear And Tools

The Gauntlet Shield of the Feral Predator

In addition to advanced weaponry, the Predators employ a wide range of non-lethal gadgets and equipment to aid them on their hunts. This consists of healing devices, different forms of protection, energy recharge devices, and much more.

Predator vs. Wolverine: Cases Of Yautja Hunting Logan

Predator vs. Wolverine

Wolverine and Predator are both feral creatures who have a strong connection to nature and the jungle. The two combatants are a good match for each other and it is no wonder that some crossover encounters between them have already occurred.

Predator vs. Terminator: All T-800 and Yautja Encounters

Predator vs. a Terminator

The Predators and the Terminators are great villains who would make even better adversaries. Not surprisingly, the Predators and Terminators have faced each other a few times in Expanded crossover lore, in both comic books and video games.

Predator Wristblades: All Variants of Yautja Knives

Predator Wristblades

The wristblades are the Predator's main melee weapon and are often used in close quarters battle with humans and Xenomorphs. The wristblades come in different shapes and sizes, some even offering ranged offensive capabilities.

Lost Tribe Predators: Los Angeles Hunting Party Bios

The Lost Tribe Predators from the end of Predator 2

The Lost Tribe Predators were a clan of Yautja hidden in a spaceship under the sewers of Los Angeles. Here is an overview and ranking of all the Lost Tribe Predators, including available backgrounds from the books, comics, and NECA figure bios.

Super Predators: Every Member Of The Berserker Yautja

Mr Black, a Super Predator from Predators

Like the Hish-qu-Ten, the Super Predators are an offshoot of the Yautja that are bigger and often more aggressive. The Super Predators have elongated heads and darker skin, and overall there are only less than 10 known individuals.

Elite Predators: Experienced Yautja On Special Hunts

Jungle Hunter from Predator 1987

The Elite Predators are Yautja who have been blooded a long time and have achieved considerable hunting successes, often on many worlds and against different species. However, they are not old enough to become Elders yet.

Hybrid Predators: Yautja Enhanced By DNA Splicing

A Predator Hybrid

In addition to introducing bigger and badder Predators, the Predator franchise is keen on hybridization, with the Yautja species being mixed with either Xenomorph or human DNA. These new types of beasts are often stronger, but also more ridiculous.

Predators Using Human Weapons: Honorable As Last Resort

The Emissary Predators with human weapons

Although the Predators have a wide arsenal of other-worldly weapons, they sometimes resort to using human arms. This is often an act of desperation when being outnumbered. Here is an overview of such cases, including the Yautja using pulse rifles and smart guns.

Predators vs. Vikings: History Of Yautja Norsemen Hunts

The Viking Predator

The Vikings are a great match for the Predators, sharing a similar warrior lifestyle revolving around battles and honor. The Yautja have fought these nordic combatants on a few occasions, and some Predators have even chosen weapons and armor based on the Vikings.

Predators vs. Samurai: Yautja In Japan

A Samurai Predator

Similar to Native Americans, the Predators have a special connection to the Samurai. Throughout history, the Predators have encountered the Samurai many times and consider them to be worthy opponents. Some Predators have even dressed up as the Samurai.

Predators vs. Wild Animals: Lions, Tigers, Bears

A Predator fighting a bear

The Yautja don't just hunt humans and Xenomorphs. They also enjoy a more traditional against a less intelligent but powerful adversary, like a grizzly bear, mountain lion or a crocodile. These fights are often short and brutal, and the Predator does not always win.

Predators Who Lost Limbs: Wounded Yautja Who Fought On

A one-handed wounded Predator

The Predators take a lot of punishment during their hunts - they are able to endure severe wounds, even losing an arm or a leg. Some of these Yautja managed to survive and hunt another day, others fought on for a brief while and died soon after.

Predators vs. Native Americans: A Spiritual Connection

A Predator with a Native American Skull

The upcoming Predator 5 by Dan Trachtenberg will be set hundreds of years in the past with Native Americans battling the Yautja. The Predator series has explored the connection with native Americans before, starting in the first movie and continuing in the comics with Enoch Nakai's character.

Batman vs. Predator: Yautja And Dark Knight Encounters

Batman vs. Predator

Batman has encountered Predators more than any other superhero, either by battling them alone in Gotham City or elsewhere together with Superman or the Justice League. Here is a list of the Dark Knight's notable encounters with different types of Yautja.

Predator-Human Team-Ups: Fighting Xenomorphs Together

Hunter and Warrior Predator from AvP Arcade

The Predators occasionally team up with humans due to circumstance and the need to battle against a common enemy - most often the Xenomorphs. Here is a ranking of such uneasy alliances, ordered by the magnitude of the collaborations between them.

Predators Hunting Dinosaurs: The Biggest Game

A Predator riding a Xenomorph T-Rex

Ever since the T-Rex skull appeared in the trophy case in Predator 2, it has been clear that the Yautja have hunted dinosaurs before. In the expanded universe, they faced off in Tarzan vs. Predator. This is an overview of Predators hunting dinosaurs in the Alien vs. Predator franchise, including taking trophies from T-Rex and Triceratops.

Young Blood Predators: List Of Every Unblooded Yautja

The Celtic Predator, a Young Blood

The Young Blood Predators are Yautja on their first hunts, inexperienced and wanting to prove themselves. In most cases, they hunt Xenomorphs to be blooded and often die in the process. Find out who are the most notable Young Blood Predators in the franchise and who lived to become blooded.

Predator Self-Destruct: Every Yautja Wrist Bomb Usage

A Predator Self-Destructing

The Predators use the Self-Destruct device to take our their final adversaries, to leave no technology in enemy hands, and to have an honorable death. The explosions vary in size and strength, but they are comparable to small nuclear blasts. Here is a ranking of the most notable self-destruct explosions involving the Yautja themselves or their ships.

Yautja Anatomy: Exploring The Biology Of Predators

Predator Blood

An overview of Yautja anatomy, including its blood, bones, dreadlocks, mandibles and skin. Find out how many fingers and toes the Predators have, what their dreadlocks consist of, whether their blood can neutralize Xenomorph acid and speculation of and how long do the Yautja live.

Predator vs. Engineer: Yautja Fighting Space Jockeys

Predator vs. Engineer fighting

Predators hunting and fighting a Space Jockey is a rare event in the Alien vs. Predator franchise. It is a great honor and privilege for the Predators to claim a trophy of an Engineer as they are an elusive species but also extremely tough in combat. This is a list of all known Predator and Space Jockey encounters.

Predator Hunter Teams: Humans Who Hunted Yautja

Dutchs squad from Predator

Several private and government task forces have tried to hunt down the Predators, with the aim of either capturing or killing the creatures. In most cases, they have failed miserably, with most of the team being killed and the Predator escaping capture soon after. Here is an overview of such teams, including the OWLF, Stargazer and the Reapers.

Weakest Yautja: Lazy Predators Who Failed Their Hunts

The Primal Predator

Many lists have covered the best and most badass Predators from the franchise. However, there are several Predators who have achieved very little, failed on their hunts and messed up in other ways. This is a list of the biggest Yautja failures, including the likes of Primal Predator, Shesh-Kuk and Shorty.

Underrated Predators: Lesser Known Yautja Individuals

The South China Sea Predator

The fan-favorite Predators are often the likes of Wolf, Dark, Ahab, Scarface, Dachande and the first Jungle Hunter. However, there are several other lesser known Predators who deserve the spotlight. These are the Yautja that no NECA or Hot Toys figures have been made and probably never will.

Yautja Children: Sucklings And Younglings

A Human Child with a Predator Mask

Much like the Yautja females, there is not much know about the Yautja children. There are only a few glimpses in the comics and references in the books. They begin training at an early age and keep close relations with their parents. Here is an overview of the information about the Predator children.

Predator Clans: List Of Every Yautja Tribe And Clan

A Predator Clan from Alien vs. Predator

The Predator clans are groups of Predators hunting together that are lead by a single Elder Predator. A clan usually consists of at least three Predators. Here is an overview of different Predator clans, including the famous Lost Tribe, Dark Blade Clan and the Widow Clan.

Yautja Eating Habits: Exploring The Food Of Predators

Predators enjoying eating raw meat

The Yautja are carnivorous creatures that enjoy eating raw meat during their hunts. However, when they have more time to spare on their ships or home planet, they eat cooked meals and even enjoy a ceremonial dinners. Here is an overview of Yautja eating habits from the Predator comics.

Predator vs. Predator Fights: Cases Of Yautja Conflicts

A Predator fighting another Predator

Predators fighting Predators is a rare event in the Predator franchise. It is a short and bloody fight to the death, in almost all cases using melee weapons. Usually, the fight might involve a Predator Bad Blood that needs to be taken down by a regular hunter.

Elder Predators: Every Long-Lived Yautja Leader Listed

AvP Elder Predator

The Elder Predators are the respected leaders of the clans and tribes of the Yautja. They often show up at the end of Predator stories to pay their respects to their fallen brethren. Here is a list of notable Predator Elders from the franchise, including Greyback, Nighstorm, and Lord Predator.

Predator King: Leader Of The Yautja Race

The Predator King

The Predator King is the mysterious millennia-old Yautja that leads several Predator clans, or perhaps the entire Yautja race. He has constructed a throne out of Xenomorph trophies. Here is a list of all known references of the Predator king, including some great fan art.

Yautja Language Translator: Generate Predator Symbols

Yautja Language Translator from The Predator

The Yautja language is a combination of clicks and roars that is difficult for humans to understand. The language is written in symbols that are visible on the Predator's wrist gauntlet and bio-mask displays. Here is a translator that transforms English letters into the Yautja alphabet.

Predator Names Generator: Creating A Yautja Nickname

Yautja Name Generator

The Predators are not named in any of the movies. However, the Expanded Universe of books and comics feature several names both given in the Yautja language, and names translated into English. Here is an explanations for these names along with a Predator name generator.

Captive Predators: Enslaved and Captured Yautja

A Captive Predator

Besides getting killed, the Predators are known to get captured and their technology stolen in many cases throughout the franchise. Here is a list of the most notable cases of captive Predators, with many of them being experimented on and most of them managing to escape in spectacular fashion.

Bad Blood Predators: List Of Crazed Dishonored Yautja

A Bad Blood Predator

The bad blood Predators are Yautja who have fallen out with their clans. They have usually committed some kind of crime like killing a fellow Predator, breaking the rules of the hunt or murdering innocents. Here is a list of notable bad blood Predators from the Predator lore, ranked by the amount of carnage they inflicted.

Hish-Qu-Ten: Subspecies Of The Yautja

The Hish-Qu-Ten From Predator: Flesh and Blood

The Hish-Qu-Ten are a weird offshoot of the Yautja who first appeared in the Predator: Forever Midnight book in 2006. They are less honorable, dumber and their physiology differs from regular Yautja. The book was not well received and there have been only a few references to them in later stories.

Human Predators: List Of People Who Joined The Yautja

Machiko Noguchi - a Human Predator

The human Predators were resourceful people who donned Yautja armor and weapons. Some of them even received great respect from the Predators and become blooded. Here is a list of notable human Predators from comic books, games and movies of the franchise.

Predator Trophy Rooms: Every Yautja Trophy Wall Listed

A Predator Trophy Room

The trophy room is the pride of the Predators. There they display the trophies from their most powerful enemies as reminders of successful hunts. Here is a compilation of different Predator trophy rooms and walls from the movies, games and comic books.

Predator Dogs: Yautja Hunting With Hell Hounds

Predator Dogs

The Predators have been using different types of creatures to track and weaken their prey during the hunt. In the movies and comics, the Predators have used Yautja dogs, hell hounds and even a special breed of Xenomorphs to help them hunt. Here is an overview of these creatures.

Predator Vision Modes: Seeing With And Without Masks

Predator Vision Modes

The Predators are known for their various vision modes that serve different purposes and work in different environments. The vision modes are provided by their bio-masks. Here is an overview of all the different vision modes from the Predator and Alien vs. Predator movies.

Yautja Prime: Society of the Predator Homeworld

Yautja Prime

Yautja Prime is the mysterious Predator Homeworld which has been shown little in the movies and comic books. Here is a list of all notable references to the Yautja Prime, including it's appearance in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem and the the Predator: Homeworld comic.

Predator Spaceships: List Of Every Yautja Craft

Predator Spaceship

Here is a Predator spaceship overview from the Predator movies, games and comics. The Predators are known to use various types of ships with different design and capabilities. The Expanded Universe and it's crossover comics contain some rather ridiculous ship designs to enjoy.