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Predator Prey 2: News and Rumors for Predator 6

By | Published May 05, 2023

Although the movie was released only on the streaming service, Prey was both a critical and financial success, and it only makes sense for Disney to greenlight a sequel. The original cast is interested in the sequel, and there have already been some news and rumors about the follow-up. Furthermore, the legal troubles surrounding the ownership and license of the original movie script written by the Thomas brothers have been solved, paving the way for a smooth franchise continuation under Disney. Find out about the current status of Prey 2 (also known as Predator 6) movie in this article, including information about a possible return by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A Direct Sequel To Prey

The 3 Predator ships from the end of Prey

Prey left the door open for a sequel. Although it concluded its own storyline with Naru defeating and killing the Feral Predator, the animations shown during the credits heavily implied what would happen next. With the villagers and Naru looking at the skies, three Predator ships appeared from the clouds in a thunderstorm, just like when Feral Predator arrived. The Predator ships most likely arrived to either claim the body and gear of the Feral Predator and/or to avenge his death. Having a whole Predator clan fighting against a small Native American village might seem like overkill, but the Predators have an honor code and would possibly even the odds. They could use less advanced Yautja weapons or have fewer Predators in the fight (perhaps only three, as a nod to Predators and the first AvP movie). Naru would also step up her game, by training the villagers for the upcoming fight and becoming a respected and experienced leader of her tribe.

Start With Predator Comics

The Predator 2 Connection

The Flintlock Pistol from the end of Predator 2

Prey 2 is set to explain the final piece of the mystery of the origins of the 1715 Raphael Adolini flintlock pistol given to Lieutenant Harrigan at the end of Predator 2. Although this was already explained in the Predator: 1718 comic book from the 90ties, Prey retconned these events and depicted the pistol belonging to a French trapper, not a pirate captain. Naru obtained the pistol from the Frenchman and successfully (and painfully) shot the Feral Predator in the head with it, while the pistol remained with her. Prey 2 can then explain how the pistol ended up in Greyback Elder Predator's hands. It is possible that young Greyback is one of the Predators arriving in the three ships seen in the ending animation, although he seems to belong to a different Yautja clan, due to the big anatomical differences between Feral and Greyback. Perhaps three different clans arrive on the ships, setting up some kind of clan battle, where Naru is tossed in the middle and loses the pistol to Greyback. However, losing the pistol would not be a big loss to Naru, who is more interested in the survival of her tribe than prized Predator trophies.

Prey 2 Cast

Amber Midthunder as Naru and Dan DiLiegro as the Feral Predator from Prey

Both lead actress Amber Midthunder and director Dan Trachtenberg have expressed interest in returning for Prey 2. In an interview in January 2023, Amber Midthunder said that they are in talks with the director, both loved the experience and are ready for the sequel. Although the Feral Predator was killed, Dan DiLiegro could easily return to play another Predator. Naru's mother Aruka (played by Michelle Thrush) and the war chief Kehetu (played by Julian Black Antelope) also survived, and could easily come back for the sequel. Studio ADI (Amalgamated Dynamics), who developed the Predator suits and effects, has been involved with all of the recent Predator movies, and their return would be a no-brainer. Naru's dog Sarii was a highlight of Prey, and it would be a mistake not to include him.

A Possible Return Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Old Dutch Schaefer could possibly return in Predator 6

A Question on the mind of many fans is: Will Arnold Schwarzenegger return as Dutch Schaefer? Arnold did indeed return already in the Predator: Hunting Grounds video game back in 2021 as an old and battle-hardened Dutch. Arnold lent his likeness and even recorded a bunch of lore-heavy audio tapes for the game. Director Dan Trachtenberg recently said: "All I'll say is — there's still time for those guys. They're still around, and wouldn't that be awesome?", confirming his interest in having Arnold, or even Danny Glover, return in Predator 6. It would be even possible to have characters from different time periods converge together, using the Predator's ability to kidnap and cryo-freeze its victims, for an ultimate hunt on one of their Game Preserves.

Start With Predator Books

Predator vs. Vikings Concept

A concept for Predators vs. Vikings

An alternative to continuing with the Native American story from Prey would be to set Prey 2 in another historical time period. Predators vs. Vikings has been a fan-favorite concept that would depict Predator visiting Earth even earlier than the early 18th century. Some tales from the Predator lore set in this period already exist, including the short story "Skald's Keep" from the excellent anthology "Predator: If It Bleeds". Furthermore, a Viking Predator was featured in the Predator: Hunting Grounds video game, with the attached lore of him dressing up as a Viking god to hunt the best Viking warriors. Finally, a Predator fan-movie concept titled Predator: Valhalla was developed but ultimately canceled due to a lack of funds. A lone Predator hunting Vikings is a great concept worth exploring, even in a later movie.

Predators vs. Samurai Concept

A concept from Predators vs. Samurai

A setting even more fitting for a Predator Prey sequel would be Predators vs. Samurai, a concept often glamorized by fans. This setting shows up in the Predator mythology even more than Predators vs. Vikings, with multiple comics, figures, and stories pitting the Predators against the stealthy Samurai. A glimpse at the concept even showed up in the third Predator movie, where a Yakuza named Hanzo fought the Tracker Predator using a Samurai sword, one of the most memorable scenes from the movie. As with Vikings, a Samurai Predator showed up in Predator: Hunting Grounds, another Yautja cosplayer wishing to style themselves after a human warrior. If Prey 2 chooses to continue and conclude with the Native American story of Naru, the Vikings or Samurai concept could be kept for Predator 7.

Prey 2 Release Date

The poster for Prey, speculation about Prey 2 Release Date

Prey 2 has not been officially announced, so understandably there is no release date yet. However, if it were announced in the near future, it might be possible to assume a release date. Most likely, it would receive both a theatrical and streaming release, similar to what the next Alien movie, Alien Romulus, will get. Predator movies are usually released at the end of the summer, or at the start of autumn, so a 2025 August would be possibly the earliest time for it. But as there is still so little information about the movie, the 2026 summer release is more likely.


In conclusion, Prey 2 is the much-anticipated sequel to the financially and critically successful Prey. Although no official announcements have been made, more information is bound to be released soon. The cast members and crew are interested in returning, and most likely, a direct follow-up to the Native American storyline will happen, which will connect to the flintlock pistol seen at the end of Prey 2. Alternative sequel ideas involving Predators fighting the Vikings or Samurai are possible but could be kept for the next movie - Predator 7. Hopefully, Predator Prey 2 will be released theatrically, and not only on a streaming service of Hulu and Disney+. On a side note, while Alien: Romulus is progressing nicely, there are still no new updates on Aliens vs. Predator 3.

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