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Yautja Empire: List Of Planets Ruled By Predators

By | Published September 18, 2023

After evolving on their homeworld and escaping from enslavement, the Yautja have traveled the cosmos, establishing their dominion on various planets across the galaxy. As their main purpose is to hunt, these planets were carefully chosen for either their exotic species or other resources. In this article, we will explore some of the notable planets within the Yautja Empire, shedding light on their diverse and intriguing history.

Yautja Prime: The Home World

Yautja Prime, the Predator Homeworld

At the heart of the Yautja Empire lies Yautja Prime, their home world. Located in a distant region of the galaxy, it serves as the central hub of their civilization. Yautja Prime is a harsh and unforgiving planet, marked by dense jungles, towering mountains, flowing lava, and dangerous wildlife. This environment has shaped the Yautja into the formidable warriors they are today, as they constantly hone their skills through ritualistic hunting and combat. The planet itself is considered sacred, and only the most skilled Yautja are allowed to return to their ancestral home. Seasoned Predators sometimes conduct a pilgrimage back to Yautja Prime, an event of great pride and honor.

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Game Preserve Planet: A Deadly Playground

The Game Preserve Planet from Predators

The Yautja are notorious for their hunting prowess, and they often seek out other species as prey. To this end, they have transformed certain planets into game preserves. These planets are meticulously selected and transformed into hunting grounds where Yautja can pit their skills against a variety of formidable creatures, including humans. One such planet, featured in the movie "Predators," is an excellent example of a Yautja game preserve, filled with deadly creatures from different corners of the universe. As seen in the movie, the Predators have also conducted drilling and mining operations on the planet, stripping it of resources before the hunting began. The Game Preserve planet was surrounded by a cluster of other planets, possibly Game Preserves as well.

Earth 2000 BC: A Historical Battlefield

Earth 2000 BC as seen in Alien vs. Predator

Earth has had its share of encounters with the Yautja throughout the long Predator timeline. Historical records, myths, and legends suggest that the Predators visited Earth as far back as 2000 BC. It is believed that they influenced human civilizations, either directly or indirectly, through their advanced technology and hunting rituals. They taught the humans how to build pyramids, while the humans worshipped them as gods. Although a Xenomorph infestation prompted the Predators to leave Earth, they would arrive later in smaller numbers for hunting. The fourth Predator movie described a plan of the Assassin Predators to conquer Earth again, but it never came to fruition.

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LV-1201: A Colonial Outpost Within Engineer Ruins

LV-1201 from Aliens vs. Predator 2

In the expanded universe of the Predator franchise seen in the Aliens vs. Predator 2 video game, LV-1201 is a planet that served as a colonial outpost for the Yautja. This desolate and hostile world is a testament to the Yautja's desire for expansion and conquest. They established a presence on LV-1201 around ancient Engineer ruins, constructing bases and using it as a base of operations for their interstellar activities. The planet was teeming with dangers, from hostile alien species (including Xenomorphs) to harsh environmental conditions, making it a perfect testing ground for young Predators to prove their worth. On top of this, humans arrived on the planet and colonized parts of it, setting up a bigger conflict between the three races as the basis of the game.

BG-386: A Planet of Worship

The Planet BG-386 from Aliens vs. Predator 2010

Among the myriad planets that fall under the dominion of the Yautja Empire, BG-386 stands out as a planet of particular significance. Tucked away in the far reaches of the galaxy, BG-386 is revered by the Yautja for reasons beyond the thrill of the hunt. At its heart lies an ancient temple, a hallowed ground of mysterious significance. This temple, etched with intricate hieroglyphs and adorned with relics of a bygone era, serves as a focal point for the Yautja's spiritual and ritualistic practices. Inside the temple laid the tomb of Lord Predator, the first Yautja to hunt Xenomorphs and a renowned prophet of the Yautja race. As with LV-1201, the humans along with Colonial Marines arrived and made the Predator's presence difficult, prompting them to blow up the ancient temple.

Predator Motherships and Habitats

A Predator Mothership

The Yautja are a nomadic species, constantly traveling through space in search of new hunting grounds and challenges. To support their interstellar lifestyle, the Predators have developed enormous motherships and space habitats. These vessels are equipped with advanced technology, including cloaking devices and formidable weaponry. These mobile bases allow the Yautja to traverse the galaxy, establish outposts, and maintain their dominion over conquered planets. Their technology is far beyond what humanity has achieved, and it continues to be a source of fascination and dread for those who encounter it.


The Yautja Empire is a complex and multifaceted civilization that spans across various planets and regions of the galaxy. From their brutal home world of Yautja Prime to the deadly game preserves and colonial outposts they've established, the Predators have left an indelible mark on the cosmos. Their nomadic lifestyle and advanced technology continue to captivate the imagination of science fiction enthusiasts, ensuring that the legacy of the Yautja will endure for generations to come.

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