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Predator Cosplay: Wearing a Predator Costume

By | Published April 18, 2023

Cosplay is a popular form of self-expression that involves dressing up as a character from a movie, TV show, video game, or comic book. Predator cosplay, in particular, has become a popular choice for fans of the iconic alien hunter. From the intricate armor and weaponry to the ferocious appearance, the Predator is a challenging yet rewarding cosplay to tackle. Here is a short overview and some tips about becoming a Predator cosplayer.

Choosing The Right Predator

A Predator cosplayer

Predator cosplay often requires extensive planning and attention to detail. The first step is to decide which version of the Predator to cosplay as, as there are several variations of the character in the Predator franchise. Some of the most popular include the Classic Predator from the original 1987 film, the City Hunter from Predator 2, and the more recent Berserker and Tracker Predators from Predators. Other fan-favorites include the Celtic Predator from Alien vs. Predator and Wolf Predator from Aliens. vs Predator: Requiem, especially for their awesome-looking bio-masks. The Feral Predator is the latest addition to the Predator lore and we expect to see him being used a cosplay costume.

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Crafting The Predator Costume

Wolf Predator costume by Wreav

Once the version has been chosen, the cosplayer must then begin the process of creating the costume. This can involve sculpting and molding the Predator's iconic mask, creating the intricate armor pieces, and crafting the weapons, such as the shoulder-mounted plasma cannon and retractable wrist blades. The cosplayer must also pay close attention to the details of the costume, such as the unique skin texture, dreadlock hair, and mandibles. Some cosplayers even go as far as to add special effects, such as glowing eyes or smoke effects, to further enhance the realism of the costume. One of the best Predator constume makers online is the Wreav Group, famous for creating highly detailed Predator costumes. If you have money to spare and are willing to wait, go with Wreav.

Mobility Of The Predator Costume

Jungle Hunter Predator costume by Wreav

One of the most challenging aspects of Predator cosplay is the mobility and comfort of the costume. The Predator's bulky armor can make movement difficult, and the heavy weapons can add extra weight. However, with proper planning and construction, the cosplayer can ensure that they are able to move and interact with others while in character. Predator cosplay is not just about the physical appearance of the character, but also about embodying their personality and behavior. The Predator is known for its stealth and hunting abilities, and cosplayers must portray these traits through their movements and interactions with others.

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Predator Cosplay Weapons

Predator weapons in real life, worn by a Predator cosplayer

One of the most distinctive features of Predator cosplay is the character's weaponry. From the iconic shoulder-mounted plasma cannon to the retractable wrist blades, the Predator's arsenal is a crucial element of the costume. Cosplayers must pay close attention to the details of these weapons, from the size and shape of the blades to the intricate design of the plasma cannon. Some cosplayers even create functional versions of the weapons, using lights and sound effects to bring them to life. While the weapons are often heavy and difficult to maneuver, they add an extra level of realism to the costume and help cosplayers to fully embody the fierce and powerful character of the Predator. One group to successfully create working Predator weapons is the people behind the Man At Arms Youtube series, who went to Baltimore Knife and Sword and had experienced smiths forge the Predator blades.

Female Predator Cosplay

A Female Predator cosplay

In addition to male Predator cosplay, female Predator cosplay has also become increasingly popular. The female Predators, known as Yautja, are just as fierce and skilled as their male counterparts, and cosplayers have embraced the opportunity to portray these powerful characters. Female Predator cosplay often involves adapting the costume to fit a female form, while still maintaining the iconic elements of the Predator. The cosplayer must also consider the personality of the character, as female Predators are often portrayed as more strategic and cunning than their male counterparts.

Child Predator Cosplay

A Child Predator cosplayer

Similarly, child Predator cosplay has also become a niche within the Predator cosplay community, with young fans excited to embody the character's intimidating presence in a fun and safe way. Child Predator cosplay often involves simplifying the costume and weapons to make them more manageable for younger cosplayers. Parents and guardians may also create child-friendly versions of the costume, such as a Predator hoodie or onesie, to allow younger fans to show their love for the franchise. Rory McKenna, a character from The Predator, became a child Predator cosplayer by wearing the helmet of the Fugitive Predator. The mask was a bit too big for him, but it did stand out great amongst the other cosplayers on Halloween.

Predators Cosplaying as Humans

The Samurai Predator, a Predator who does Cosplay

While it's common for humans to dress up as Predators, both in-universe and in real life, Predators occasionally dress up as humans as well, especially in the historical warrior style. In that sense, we have been introduced to the Viking Predator, Samurai Predator, Cleopatra Predator, and even a Pirate Predator. All these Predator types have styled their armor and weapons in line with a historical era from Earth. As Predators can be centuries old, it is possible that these specific Predators even lived during these times and have since then worn this type of armor. Most of these historical cosplay Predators were introduced in Predator: Hunting Grounds.

Predator Cosplayer Community

Predator cosplay allows fans to step into the world of the Predator and embody their favorite character. With attention to detail and dedication to the character's traits, cosplayers can bring the fierce hunter to life and join a passionate community of fans. Whether it's for a convention or just for fun, Predator cosplay is a challenging and rewarding experience that allows fans to showcase their creativity and love for the franchise. The community of Predator cosplayers continues to grow, with fans of all ages and backgrounds coming together to celebrate this iconic character.


In conclusion, Predator cosplay is a challenging and rewarding way for fans to embody their favorite character and showcase their creativity. From the planning and construction of the costume to the embodiment of the character's traits, Predator cosplay requires dedication and attention to detail. The community of Predator cosplayers is a passionate and welcoming group, where fans of all ages and backgrounds can come together to celebrate this iconic character. Whether it's male, female, or child Predator cosplay, the fierce hunter continues to captivate and inspire fans across the world.

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