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Celtic Predator: Leader Of The Yautja Young Bloods

By | Published October 30, 2023

The Celtic Predator was the leader of the three Young Blood Predators sent to their initiation hunt in Antarctica in the first Alien vs. Predator movie. Being also the biggest of the three, he showed competent fighting skills, both against human mercenaries and a Xenomorph opponent. However, his over-confidence got the better of him, and after a long fight, Celtic was slain by the Grid Alien. Here is the full profile of the Celtic Predator, including overviews of his history, weapons, and armor, and appearances in other media.

The Leader Of The Young Blood Predators

The Celtic Predator leading the two Young Blood Predators

In the annals of the Isolated Yautja clan, Celtic emerged as a prominent figure among the Young Blood Predators. In 2004, he, along with his brothers Scar and Chopper, embarked on a significant journey to Earth. Their mission was clear: to partake in an initiation Hunt in an ancient Predator pyramid concealed beneath the ice on Bouvet Island, with the aspiration of ascending to the revered status of Blooded Yautja. Celtic's role as the leader was pivotal as they ventured into the enigmatic pyramid, and his leadership skills and tactical acumen were evident from the outset.

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Arrival On Earth

Celtic Predator's Bio-Mask on display in the Predator Mothership'

The narrative began with the dramatic arrival of Celtic and his fellow Predators in Earth's orbit, a planet that had, over the centuries, become a preferred hunting ground for their species. Their mission was no less than an ambitious quest, involving a relentless pursuit of Xenomorph prey. After the Predator mothership used an orbital laser to drill a hole to the pyramid underneath the ice, Celtic and his brother geared up and descended in three separate drop-pods. This marked the inception of a thrilling interstellar confrontation, setting the stage for the challenges and battles that would follow.

The Massacre At The Whaling Station

Celtic Predator about to kill a human mercenary in an abandoned whaling station

Celtic and his compatriots wasted no time in announcing their formidable presence on Earth. Their initial assault unfolded at a remote whaling station nestled near the frozen ocean, temporarily inhabited by the mercenaries hired by the Weyland Corporation. The ensuing massacre was a brutal spectacle, vividly illustrating their unwavering determination to confront and eradicate anyone who stood in their way. Although Scar and Chopper seemed to do most of the killing, Celtic looked from the rooftop and set down to kill the sole survivor. However, the helpless human fell into the drilled hole instead, unable to slow down his descent.

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Entering The Pyramid

The Three Young Blood Predators enter the pyramid under the Antarctica ice

As the Predators progressed under the ice, the ancient pyramid hidden beneath the frozen Antarctic landscape emerged as the central battleground for Celtic and his brethren. Celtic had a hologram of the pyramid on his wrist gauntlet, and he lead the way to Scar and Chopper. In the middle of the pyramid, they discovered that the Weyland expedition had stolen their shoulder cannons, and set out to reclaim them. The labyrinthine corridors and the shifting layout of the pyramid presented an array of challenges, and Celtic's role as the leader was crucial in guiding his team through this treacherous terrain.

Fight With Mercenaries

Celtic Predator shoots his netgun at a human mercenary

Celtic's journey through the pyramid led to a fateful encounter with a group of human mercenaries who had ventured into the same mysterious structure. Although the humans were technologically outmatched, Celtic's prowess and battle-hardened instincts made the confrontation an intensely gripping and memorable clash. This confrontation served as a testament to the Young Blood Predators' adaptability in handling unforeseen challenges and adversaries, regardless of their origins. During this fight, Celtic killed Maxwell Stafford, an experienced soldier, and the right-hand man to Charles Bishop Weyland, the expedition's leader. Ensnaring him with the netgun at first, Celtic stabbed Max with the spear to end his suffering.

Fight With Grid Alien

Celtic Predator fights with Grid Alien

A pivotal and defining moment in the film was Celtic's epic encounter with the Grid Alien. After this formidable Xenomorph killed Chopper Predator while he was preoccupied with the humans, Celtic engaged it in combat. The intense battle between Celtic and the Grid Alien was a thrilling spectacle, displaying the warrior's combat expertise and unwavering resolve in the face of a tenacious and merciless adversary. Their enthralling clash left an indelible mark on the audience, highlighting Celtic's tenacity and formidable combat skills. Celtic wounded the Alien with both his wristblades and his netgun, damaging the Alien's head in a grid-like pattern.

Death Of Celtic Predator

Celtic Predator is killed by the Grid Alien

Celtic, found myself somewhat overconfident during our grueling battle, believing several times that I would secure the kill and earn the right to become blooded. However, the resilient Grid Alien broke free from the net Celtic had ensnared it in and ascended upon him, poised to deliver a finishing blow. Much like its earlier encounter with Chopper Predator, the Grid Alien effortlessly punched through the vulnerable bio-mask with its inner jaws, causing a gruesome spectacle as it splattered the Predator's blood and brains in all directions. This was the end of Celtic Predator, perhaps killed too soon.

Celtic Predator's Weapons

Celtic Predator's Spear

Celtic's arsenal included a Plasmacaster, Combistick, Netgun, and Ceremonial Dagger, each a formidable tool for hunting and combat. Celtic also had a shuriken just like his brother Scar, but he never got to use it in battle. Although these weapons were meticulously designed to provide the Predators with an advantage in their relentless pursuit of Xenomorph prey and showcased the advanced technology they employed, the gear was not acid-proof, contributing to the Young Blood Predator's downfall when part of his weaponry melted away.

Armor And Gear

The Armor and bio-mask of Celtic Predator

Celtic Predator, like his brethren, was equipped with advanced Yautja gear and armor. He was bulkier than his brethren, which was perhaps part of his genetic makeup, or just because he had different eating habits from the other Predators. His bio-mask, body armor, cloak, wrist gauntlet, self-destruct device, and Medicomp were essential elements of his equipment. Celtic Predator's bio-mask was similar to that worn by the Guardian Predator in Predator 2, which was an unused concept for the original Jungle Hunter. However, the great-looking bio-mask did not protect him from the Grid Alien's headbite, which was seemingly able to punch through any metal.

Behind The Scenes

A Behind The Scenes photo of the Celtic Predator along with Chopper Predator

Celtic Predator was played by actor Ian White, who also donned the suit for Scar and Chopper. It is interesting to note that Ian White also played the main Engineer in Prometheus, a movie with a very similar plot to Alien vs. Predator. In the creation of Celtic's character, the basic body suits for all three Predators in "Alien vs. Predator" — Scar, Celtic, and Chopper — were cast from the same mold. Sixteen suits were produced, each painted in a uniform color scheme for interchangeability. While Celtic's role was distinctive, the flexibility in the suits allowed for customization to create individuality.

Celtic Predator Figures

Celtic Predator figure by NECA

Celtic's striking appearance and unique design made him a popular character among fans of the Predator franchise. This popularity extended to action figures and collectibles, providing enthusiasts the opportunity to own a tangible piece of this iconic character. McFarlane toys created a great-looking Celtic Predator figure back in 2004, along with a Celtic Predator statue where the Yautja tosses the Grid Alien. Later, NECA toys improved upon this with their own version. However, NECA is still yet to release an "Ultimate Celtic Predator" figure, which is long awaited by fans, together with the Ultimate Wolf Predator figure.

Celtic Predator In Video Games

Celtic Predator in Predator: Hunting Grounds

The Celtic Predator's legacy transcended the cinematic realm, making a few appearances in Predator-themed video games. In certain titles, he was even a playable character, allowing gamers to step into the shoes of this formidable warrior and experience his hunting skills firsthand in virtual environments. The Alien vs. Predator 2010 video game included a multiplayer skin titled "Hunter", that looked just like Celtic. Predator: Hunting Grounds featured a "Hunting Party DLC Bundle 3", which contained all three Young Blood Predators: Celtic, Scar, and Chopper. This was the game's first and very welcome link to the broader Alien vs. Predator universe.


In conclusion, Celtic Predator, the leader of the Young Blood Predators in the 2004 film "Alien vs. Predator," is remembered for his unwavering but aggressive determination, formidable leadership, and unique-looking bio-mask. His pivotal role in guiding the Young Blood Predators through a perilous journey on Earth, from their arrival to the tragic battle with the Grid Alien, showcases his adaptability and unwavering commitment to the Yautja way. Celtic's legacy lives on through action figures and video games, making him a fan-favorite Predator who perhaps died too soon.

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