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Chopper Predator: The Short-Lived Young Blood

By | Published January 23, 2024

The Chopper Predator was the third and most insignificant Young Blood Predator from the first Alien vs. Predator movie. He was killed in his first encounter with a Xenomorph and did not become blooded, while his death was not even fully avenged by other Predators. Here is the full profile of the Chopper Predator, also known as Gill due to his distinctive mask.

The Third Young Blood Predator

The Chopper Predator from Alien vs. Predator 2004

Chopper Predator got its main nickname from his huge arm blades, also called scimitars, which he did not get to use in the movie. Choppers' alternate name was Gill Predator, from the fish gill-like pattern on his bio-mask. While Scar Predator was the youngest, and Celtic the oldest, Chopper was most likely the "middle" brother of the three Young Bloods. Two more Young Bloods (totaling five) appeared in the movie novelization but were even more insignificant than Chopper Predator, being quickly killed off. Chopper followed the lead of Celtic Predator, who was the aggressive leader. When Scar rose to the occasion later, Chopper was already dead.

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Arrival On Earth

Chopper Predator's Bio-Mask on display in the Predator Mothership'

Chopper, Celtic, and Scar Predator geared up and armed themselves upon arrival in Earth's orbit. Earth was a favorite hunting place for their clan (called the Isolated Clan), and a hunt in Antarctica commenced every 100 years. Their mission was to hunt Xenomorphs as a blooding ritual and to receive the official blooding mark. The Predator mothership used a laser to make a hole in a pyramid under the ice. Celtic, Chopper and their brother then landed in three separate drop-pods. This began their hunt and set the stage for their upcoming battles.

The Massacre At The Whaling Station

Chopper Predator standing beside Celtic Predator in an abandoned whaling station

The Predators' first action was at a whaling station near the frozen ocean. This station was occupied by mercenaries from the Weyland Corporation. Chopper, Celtic, and their group attacked fiercely, killing several humans. While Scar and Chopper did most of the killing, Celtic watched from above. He tried to kill the last mercenary, but the man fell into the hole created earlier.

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Entering The Pyramid

The Young Blood Predators enter the pyramid under the Antarctica ice

Under the ice, the Predators found an ancient pyramid, which would become their main battleground. Celtic used a hologram map on his wrist computer to lead Chopper and the others to a central room. Inside, they found their shoulder cannons stolen by the Weyland team and decided to get their weapons back. The pyramid was complex and changing, but Chopper felt overconfident, just like the other Predators.

Fight With Mercenaries

Chopper Predator about to cloak beside Celtic Predator

In the pyramid, the Predators met and engaged Weyland's mercenaries, using stealth and ranged weapons at first. The fight was intense, even though the humans were less advanced. Both Scar and Celtic showed great skill and strength in this battle, while Chopper mostly stayed in the background. It is not known if Chopper killed any humans at this point, but that seems unlikely. Chopper cloaked himself and approached Alexa Woods, however, he was interrupted by a Xenomorph.

Death Of Chopper Predator By Grid Alien

Chopper Predator is killed by the Grid Alien

As Chopper Predator was about to stab Alexa Woods with his scimitar, a somewhat cowardly act, especially when cloaked, he was stabbed through the abdomen by a Xenomorph. This Xenomorph would later be nicknamed the "Grid Alien", due to the wounds it would receive from a netgun while fighting the Celtic Predator. However, the Chopper Predator gave no resistance at all, being lifted by the Xenomorp's enormously long tail to face the creature. The Grid Alien then head bit the Yautja through the bio-mask with its powerful inner mouth, splashing his brains over Alexa Woods. The Celtic Predator immediately engaged the Xenomorph seeking revenge, but was soon killed just like his brother Chopper.

Chopper Predator's Weapons

The scimitar of Chopper Predator

Chopper Predator was the only one of the Young Bloods to use the scimitar arm blades, although the other Predators had extra-long wristblades as well. Other pieces of Chopper Predator's arsenal included a Plasmacaster, wristblades, and a Ceremonial Dagger, each a formidable tool for hunting and combat. Chopper also had a shuriken on his belt just like his brother Scar, but he never got to use it in battle. Most likely, Chopper's arsenal was not acid-proof and had the same issue as Celtic's - it would have melted away in combat.

Armor And Gear

The Armor and bio-mask of Chopper Predator

Chopper Predator, like his brethren, was equipped with advanced Yautja gear and armor. He was somewhat bulkier than regular Yautja but slightly smaller than his brother Celtic. Chopper wore two human skull trophies on spikes attached to his back, indicating his previous hunt of humans. His fish-gilled bio-mask, body armor, cloak, wrist gauntlet, self-destruct device, and Medicomp were essential elements of his equipment. However, his body armor did not protect him from being stabbed by the Grid Alien's tail, and the great-looking bio-mask did not stop the Xenomorph's head bite either.

Behind The Scenes

A Behind The Scenes photo of the Chopper Predator along with Celtic Predator

Actor Ian White portrayed Chopper Predator in "Alien vs. Predator" and also wore the suits for Scar and Celtic. Additionally, Ian White took on the role of the main Engineer in the film "Prometheus," which shares a similar storyline with "Alien vs. Predator." The creation of Chopper Predator involved using the same basic body suit design for all three Predators in the film. A total of sixteen suits were made, all initially painted in a standard color for easy swapping. Although Chopper had a small role, these suits were designed to be easily customized to give each Predator their own distinct appearance.

Chopper Predator Figures

Chopper Predator figure by NECA

Chopper Predator was never a fan-favorite Yautja, but several figures based on his appearance have been produced by different companies. In 2004, McFarlane Toys released an impressive Chopper Predator action figure and a statue depicting the Grid Alien stabbing Chopper through the chest. This statue showcases the ridiculously long tail the Grid Alien had to be able to kill Chopper Predator that way. Subsequently, NECA Toys crafted its own action figure, enhancing the details. Fans are still anticipating the release of an "Ultimate Chopper Predator" figure by NECA, along with the much-awaited Ultimate Wolf and Celtic figure.

Chopper Predator In Video Games

Celtic Predator in Predator: Hunting Grounds

Unlike his brothers Celtic and Scar, Chopper has appeared only in one Predator-themed video game, although fan-made mods place him in others as well. "Predator: Hunting Grounds" released a "Hunting Party DLC Bundle 3," featuring all three Young Blood Predators: Celtic, Scar, and Chopper. This addition marked the game's first significant connection to the expansive Alien vs. Predator universe, although no Xenomorphs were featured in the game. Chopper wore a somewhat oversized mask in the game, but the character could be fully customized further.


Chopper Predator, the third Young Blood Predator from the first "Alien vs. Predator" movie, had a brief yet memorable presence. Despite his potential, Chopper met an early demise in his first encounter with a Xenomorph, failing to achieve the status of a blooded warrior. His brother Celtic failed to avenge him, falling in battle to the same Xenomorp nicknamed "Grid". Although Scar would irradicate the Xenomorph menace, he brought further shame to the clan by birthing a Predalien. Often listed as an incompetent Predator, Chopper is not a fan favorite like his brothers.

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