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Guardian Predator: Profile Of The "Gort" Yautja

By | Published January 25, 2024

The Guardian Predator was a big Yautja with a memorable bio-mask from the Lost Tribe appearing at the end of Predator 2. Being somewhat brutish in nature, he was later revealed to be an Elite heavy weapons specialist of the clan, with a past in the Yautja military. Here is the full profile of the Guardian, also known as Gort Predator.

Guardian Predator (Gort) In The Lost Tribe

Guardian Predator appearing at the end of Predator 2 with the Lost Tribe

The Guardian Predator appeared briefly on the Lost Tribe Predator ship, standing beside the Snake Predator. He was perhaps one of the biggest Predators in the group, and seemingly more aggressive than others. When Harrigan asked "Okay, Who's next?", Guardian seemed to take on the challenge, stepping forward with a combistick in his left hand. However, Greyback Predator signaled him to stand down. The Guardian Predator's alternate name was Gort, possibly referencing the big robot from the 1951 science fiction movie The Day The Earth Stood Still.

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Guardian Predator's Additional Backstory

The cover of the Guardian Predator package by NECA

When NECA Toys released the "Ultimate Guardian Predator" figure, it came with a rich additional biography for Guardian, explaining his past adventures and even the future. As the only one in the Lost Tribe who worked as a Temple Guard, Guardian was more like a soldier than a hunter. He spent some time guarding the Clan Leader, and then he started using what he knew for hunting trophies. Greyback picked him because he was good with big guns and bombs. Guardian was known as "The Big Gun" among other hunters, always using his guns to make paths or get rid of threats quickly.

Later Hunts

Guardian Predator with a heavy weapon by NECA

Guardian Predator didn't often go after the main targets because he needed to leave something behind to take as a trophy. Limitations set on his role among the Lost Tribe would eventually cause Guardian to leave for solo missions. During that time, he would learn to master his devastating arsenal, seeking the most dangerous Xenomorph hunts in the universe. As seen on the NECA ultimate figure cover, the Guardian even hunted flying Alien Queens, one of the rarest Xenomorph types. With his potential finally proven, Guardian's new path would earn him the covered Yautja status of "Elite Hunter".

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Guardian Predator's Armor And Gear

Guardian Predator without a bio-mask

The armor and gear of the Guardian Predator reflect his brutish nature. Guardian was left-handed and also wore his plasma cannon on the left shoulder, something that rarely happens with Predators. In the NECA package, Guardian was equipped with a heavy plasma cannon designed to integrate with his hand, allowing him to wear it like an oversized glove – a distinctive and unique Predator weapon. Otherwise, Guardian's armor was very similar to the City Hunter's, and possibly some of the same parts were used. Guardian's skin was covered with brown spots, which also appeared on his unmasked face.

Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes with the Gort Predator

Behind the scenes, Guardian, or Gort, was played by an unidentified member of the LA Lakers. Danny Glover was a fan of the Lakers and all of them being tall guys, got them to play the Lost Tribe, while Kevin Peter Hall played the Greyback. Guardian Predators bio-mask was based on the original helmet initially worn by the Jungle Hunter in the first movie. This helmet was deemed to be too complicated so switched to the more elegant version. The Celtic Predator from the first Alien vs. Predator movie wears a very similar helmet, and it often shows up in Predator games.


In summary, the Guardian Predator, also known as Gort from the Lost Tribe in "Predator 2," is a notable Yautja with his distinctive bio-mask and imposing size. His backstory, enriched by NECA Toys, reveals him as an Elite heavy weapons expert with a military background. Unique for using heavy artillery and a plasma cannon integrated with his hand, Guardian stands out in his pursuit of challenging Xenomorph prey. In the end, he left the Lost Tribe and pursued a solo hunting career, finally becoming an Elite Hunter.

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