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Alpha Predator (Kaail): The First Yautja

By | Published July 05, 2023

The Alpha Predator (also known as Kaail) was a legendary pale-skinned Predator who led a rebellion against the insectoid Amengi race thousands of years ago and became the first who can be considered to be Yautja. Here is the profile for the Alpha Predator, including his appearance in the Predator: Hunting Grounds video game and as a NECA figure.

Kaiil's Enslavement By The Amengi

The Alpha Predator under the rule of the Amengi race

The Alpha Predator wasn't a genetically modified hybrid, but a result of multiple generations of evolution that resulted in the perfect warrior. Thousands of years ago, an insectoid and a technologically advanced race named Amengi had exhausted their own homeworld resources and conquered several other planets. Among these worlds was Yautja Prime, where the Amengi had a tyrannical rule over the Predators, who were then called the Hish. The Amengi used the Hish as slaves and prize fighters for entertainment purposes. This occupation would last for centuries, and leave the Predator race in a devastated state.

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The Predator Rebellion

The Alpha Predator leads a rebellion against the Amengi race

However, the tyrannical rule of the Amengi was about to change. The toughest warrior among the Hish was an albino pale-skinned Predator named "Kaail", a respected warrior among his people. The Kaail led a rebellion against the Amengi, who had become physically and militarily weak due to the long-lasting luxury and decadence. The Amengi occupation fell quickly while their species were massacred and the few survivors would become slaves themselves, turning the tables on them. The Predators stole the Amengi technology, including their ships, and were ready to traverse the stars. The Hish took the name of "Yautja", while Kaail would be designated to be "the first Yautja", an honorary title.

The Appearance and Weapons Of The Alpha Predator

The Alpha Predator unmasked

The Alpha Predator took great pride in his victory and styled his appearance in line with the fallen Amengi, as an ultimate trophy. The head of an Amengi would become his helmet, and their bones would decorate his torso, arms, and legs. His white skin and dreadlocks would still be visible underneath, solidifying his distinct appearance. For weapons and gear, the Alpha Predator combined the traditional warrior weapons of the Hish with the technologically advanced Amengi equipment. The skull helmet provided him with the traditional Predator vision modes and he later acquired a shoulder cannon and a wrist-computer as well.

The Alpha Predator Figure

The NECA figure of the Alpha Predator

The Alpha Predator was initially released as a figure by NECA, with the intricate Predator lore backstory attached, which ties into the initial designs for the Jungle Hunter from the first Predator movie. This was the 100th Predator figure released by NECA, so they wanted this to be an exclusive figure, with initially limited availability. The Alpha Predator figure came with interchangeable hands (opened and closed variants) and several bone-based weapons, including the Predator spear, a bone shuriken, a sickle, and a short blade attached to his belt. Also included was a trophy head of a small unknown creature, and the arm or leg of a giant creature that worked as proto wrist blades. Although NECA Predators usually come with interchangeable heads with masked and unmasked variants, the slightly oversized Amengi-face bio-mask could be attached on top of the Predator's head.

Alpha Predator In Predator: Hunting Grounds

The Alpha Predator appears in Predator: Hunting Grounds

About the same time that the NECA figure was released, the Predator: Hunting Grounds video game released a DLC package with the Alpha Predator player class. The DLC's code was even added to the NECA figures, so anyone who bought the figure would receive the class in the game. While the NECA figure and the Alpha Predator's backstory hinted at more low-tech gear and weaponry, the game added some high-tech gadgetry, otherwise, the new class would not be balanced. For example, his helmet had a laser sight and the left arm employed a wrist gauntlet. The Alpha Predator's bio-mask and armor could also be customized and fitted to other Predators, including the movie ones.

Behind The Scenes With Jean-Claude Van Damme

Actor and performer Jan-Claude Van Damme in the initial Predator suit

As was mentioned before, the Alpha Predator's design was based on the first concepts for the Jungle Hunter in the first Predator movie. A full insectoid costume was made and it was worn and screen-tested by then lesser known performer Jean-Claude Van Damme. This costume had two problems. First, Van Damme was not happy to be in the film or the costume and walked away soon after. Secondly, according to the film's director John McTiernan, the costume was not intimidating and unique enough, resembling a creature from a cheap horror movie. A full redesign was done by Stan Winston with the help of James Cameron (who suggested the Predator mandibles), and the rest is history. The big yellow eyes, thick neck, and insectoid skin of the initial design finally made its way to the Predator lore, thanks to the Alpha Predator backstory of the Amengi race.


In conclusion, the Alpha Predator, also known as Kaail, stands as a legendary figure among the Yautja, having led a successful rebellion against the tyrannical Amengi race. The downfall of the Amengi occupation marked a turning point for the Predator race, as they took the name Yautja and embraced their newfound freedom. With an appearance inspired by the fallen Amengi, the Alpha Predator adorned himself with the skulls and bones of his defeated foes, merging traditional Hish weapons with advanced Amengi technology. This unique character has been immortalized through a NECA figure release and featured as a DLC player class in the Predator: Hunting Grounds video game. Although a few other Predators use bone armor (ie. the Feral Predator), no other albino Predator exists in the Predator lore and the Alpha Predator is truly unique in that regar

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