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Super Predators: Every Member Of The Berserker Yautja

By | Published November 15, 2021

The Super Predators are an offshoot of the Yautja (similar to Hish-qu-Ten) that have darker skin and tend to be bigger and more aggressive. The Super Predator clan was first introduced in the movie Predators (2010) where three members of the group appeared: Tracker, Falconer and Berserker Predator (Mr. Black). Other members later appeared in a video game and as a few NECA figures. Here is a overview of all members of this special breed of Yautja.

LV-412 Berserker Predator

The LV-412 Berserker Predator

AvP: Evolution the mobile game is one of the few video games so far to include Super Predators (the Berserker mask shows up in Predator: Hunting Grounds). The main Predator in the game was a Berserker, and presumably the leader of the clan. The clan was similar to the Killer Predators, in the sense that they captured an Alien Queen and managed to control Xenomorphs. Like in the Predators movie, the Berserker fought and killed a captive Jungle Hunter Predator. He then battled hordes of Xenomorphs and was wounded by the Drone, the main playable Alien character. Berserker's kill streak ended when a facehugger subdued him and a Predalien chestburster erupted from his chest.

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Captive Predator

The Captive Predator (presumably Super Predator) from Predator: Captive

Although the Super Predators were introduced into the Predator lore later, the Captive Predator can retroactively be considered a Super Predator. Appearing in the Predator: Captive comic from 1998, this Yautja had an elongated head, darker skin and a face resembling the Super Predators. His right hand had been amputated and his left one was larger than normal. The Captive Predator was captured and held by humans in a biodome in a remote desert while being researched. He took revenge on his captors - slaughtered them in melee combat, and blew up the base in a self-destruct explosion after recovering his wrist computer.

First Super Predator - Nightstorm Predator

Nightstorm Predator by NECA

NECA released the Nightstorm Predator figure part of their series 10 Predator line. Like several other NECA figures, he was inspired by Kenner toys released in the 90ties. NECA added a backstory that Nightstorm was an Yautja Elder who lived 4000 years ago and hunted in ancient Egypt. Supposedly, he was the first Predator who disapproved of the Yautja honor code and became the first Super Predator. Nightstorm Predator came with golden armor and a horned bio-mask, making him one of the most distinct and great-looking figures.

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Scavage Predator

Scavage Predator by NECA

The Scavage Predator was a Super Predator half breed that styled his weapons and armor after his distant ancestor - the Nightstorm Predator. Because of his hybrid roots, he was an outsider from a small village that preferred a nomadic lifestyle. However, he did not always hunt alone and sometimes joined forces with the Cracked Tusk Predator. Although his achievements are unknown, he did fight with honor, unlike some of the other Super Predators. Scavage was first released as a figure by Kenner 1993 and NECA redesigned him in the Series 13 Predator toy line.

Tracker Predator

Tracker Predator from Predators, a Super Predator

Unfortunately, the three Super Predators from Predators never shared any screen time together. Of the hunter brothers, the Tracker Predator had the shortest lifespan. Tracker handled the Predators dogs and unleashed them on the Game Preserve Outcasts, attempting to flush them out. However, none of his dogs did much damage, and Tracker himself managed to kill only Noland. When attempting to take out Nikolai, the Russian Spetsnaz detonated multiple Claymore mines attached to his chest, killing himself and Tracker Predator in a single explosion.

Falconer Predator

Falconer Predator from Predators, a Super Predator

Besides the cool-looking mask, the Falconer Predator did not have much going for him. He used a robotic spy-drone in the style of a falcon to find and study his prey, and was able to see the drone's view through his mask. Falconer had a memorable duel with Hanzo, a Yakuza assassin and one of the final survivors of the Game Preserve outcasts. This would be the final fight for both of them, as both combatants were mortally wounded. It is worth noting that Falconer had a much more bird-like appearance in the Predator movie-tie-in comic.

Berserker Predator (Mr. Black)

The Berserker Predator (aka Mr. Black) from Predators

The Berserker Predator (aka Mr. Black) was the leader of the Super Predators and the most successful one of the three hunters, but that is not saying much. In the Predators prequel comic, he killed a few humans who were previously brought to the Game Preserve Planet. During Predators, his most notable human victim was Walter Stans, whose spine he ripped out in spectacular fashion. His biggest feat was defeating the Crucified Predator in melee combat, however, it can be said that the Classic Yautja was in a weakened state after being bound for a long time. Berserker was finally killed by Royce, who sliced off his hand and head.

Four-Armed Predator

The Four-Armed Predator from the Predators: Preserve The Game sequel comic

The Four-Armed Predator was a mutant Yautja hybrid who was affiliated with the Super Predators and probably started out as a regular Super Predator. Somehow he had grown extra arms and gained even more strength than a regular Berserker Predator. He was dropped on the game Preserve Planet and targeted the same enemies that the Super Predator trio failed to kill. Possibly lacking a bit in intelligence which was compensated by brute force, he did not fare better than Tracker, Falconer, or Mr. Black. While Royce distracted him with melee combat, Isabella shot the Four-Armed Predator with a sniper rifle in the chest and neck, killing him. Although they possibly encountered even more Super Yautja on the planet, the two humans escaped, while Isabella returned to Earth, and Royce traveled to an unknown location.

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