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Underwater Yautja: Predators That Swim

By | Published September 15, 2023

While the majority of Yautja hunts take place on land, their adaptability is evident when faced with aquatic environments. These formidable extraterrestrial beings have mastered the art of underwater warfare, equipped with the tools and skills necessary to dominate beneath the waves. Being great swimmers, they have hunted both unsuspecting human divers and exotic underwater creatures in different parts of the world.

Predators As Good Swimmers

A Predator diving in the ocean

The Predators don't just love hot weather, they enjoy warm water as well, especially if there are exotic creatures involved. In Predator: Hell & Hot Water, a lone Yautja landed in the ocean near the coast of Chile where a volcanic eruption had caused unusually hot water. Turned out the Predators are great divers as well and don't need much special equipment for the endeavor. The Predator's bio-mask provided him with an appropriate breathing mixture and no air tanks were needed. Attached to his legs were fin-like appendances, although the Predator's feet were large by themselves. Finally, he was armed with a harpoon-like weapon, while regular wristblades were attached for close-quarters hunting.

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Predator vs. Scuba Divers

A Predator attacks scuba divers

Although the "Hell & Hot Water" Predator did not plan on hunting humans, he would not turn away from that chance. An unnamed organization (possibly OWLF) sent a team of mercenary scuba divers to the area where a fishing ship reported the Predator's vessel to have gone down. Although they did find the underwater Predator ship, they were soon engaged by the Predator. Two members of the team were killed by the Predator's wristblades and harpoon, while the other half briefly returned to the ship. The mercenaries regrouped and returned to an underwater cave, where at least one more team member perished.

Predator vs. Giant Squid

The Predator fights a giant squid while underwater

The main goal of this Yautja underwater hunter was to seek out and hunt exotic creatures from the ocean. First, he encountered a giant octopus, but the creature was more occupied with chasing the human mercenary team. In the underwater cave, an unidentified pink tentacle monster attacked both the humans and the Predator. In a fierce fight, several appendages of the monster were cut off, but it did not stop it. The Predator succumbed to wounds received from human guns and the damage from the tentacle monster. Miraculously, four of the mercenaries survived the ordeal and returned to the surface.

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Predator vs. Cave Divers

A Predator kills a cave diver

In the pages of Predator: Hunters III, two Yautja warriors embarked on a hunt deep within the jungles of Belize, concealing their hard-earned trophies in an underwater cavern nestled near an ancient temple. This hidden trove remained untouched until fate intervened in the form of an unsuspecting trio of cave divers, whose curiosity led them to the wrong place at the wrong time. Tragedy unfolded swiftly within the dark confines of the cave, where two of the divers met a grim fate, while the third sought refuge in the watery depths. Pursuing her, a Yautja adorned with a distinctive silver helmet showcased the fearsome underwater capabilities of these extraterrestrial hunters. The female was choked in a gruesome way, resulting in the Predators arguing about the nature of the kills because the humans were unarmed at first and two of them had been women.

Predators Diving In Swamps

A Predator hides under the waters of the swamp

In addition to enjoying hunting in the hot Jungles, and occasionally underwater, the Predators seem to be pleased by the swamp environment. Being a reptilian species, this might feel natural and at home with them, and perhaps similar to Yautja Prime. Occasionally when hunting in the swamps, the Predators hide themselves under the murky swamp waters, waiting to bounce at their prey. In Predator: Strange Roux a Predator was hunting muskrats in the Cajun country when he was stumbled upon by human hunters. Using underwater concealment, he managed to kill all but one of the hunters. However, the Predator got stuck in the mud and being severely wounded, drowned in the mud of the swamp. As a final insult, the remaining hunter took his body from the swamp and cooked it for dinner.

Predator vs. Crocodiles

A Predator fights crocodiles

As the Predators ventured into aquatic environments, they found themselves in unexpected encounters with Earth's native predators, such as crocodiles, although these have been more accidental in nature. One notable incident involved the Nghasa Predator during the 1930s in Africa, as he pursued an English colonist through a murky swamp. In an unexpected turn of events, the Yautja fell prey to two lurking crocodiles, dragged beneath the water's surface. Employing his shoulder cannon as a desperate escape, the Predator narrowly survived but lost his left arm in the brutal encounter. Another formidable adversary came in the form of a relentless crocodile, aptly nicknamed Pol Pot, who engaged the Yautja in the events chronicled in Predator: South China Sea. While the ultimate fate of Pol Pot remained shrouded in uncertainty, the Predator emerged from their harrowing clashes severely wounded, ultimately retreating to his ship, where he met his demise in a fiery explosion.

Predators Hiding Ships Underwater

Wolf Predator emerges from the water after hiding his ship

Predators occasionally hide their ships or drop pods under the water, offering a good alternative to just cloaking them. Cloaking takes considerable power and the ship might still be discovered by a random wandered just bumping into it. Hiding it underwater for a few days of a hunt offers excellent concealment. When Wolf Predator arrived on Earth, he left his ship in orbit but came down in a Drop Pod that crashed into a lake. Wolf then emerged from the water and went on his mission to clean up the Xenomorph infestation near Gunnison. As Wolf died later, it is possible that the drop pod is still under water, if it wasn't wiped out by the nuclear explosion in the town.

Predators And Xenomorphs Fighting Underwater

Xenomorphs swimming underwater in Alien: Resurrection

Xenomorphs, the main enemy of the Yautja, have been shown to be great swimmers as well, as primarily seen in Alien: Resurrection. Imagining a showdown between the Yautja and the Xenomorphs in an underwater battleground is a chilling prospect. Both apex extraterrestrial predators are highly adaptable, and in such an environment, their confrontations would be uniquely intense. The Yautja, equipped with their underwater technology and combat prowess, would rely on their versatile weaponry and keen hunting instincts to maintain the upper hand. Conversely, the Xenomorphs, known for their agility and viciousness, would use their aquatic adaptation to navigate the underwater realm swiftly. While the Yautja might attempt to employ ranged weaponry, the Xenomorphs' ability to ambush and strike from unexpected angles would make this underwater confrontation an eerie and suspenseful battle of survival.


In the vast universe of the Yautja, their adaptability knows no bounds. These alien hunters effortlessly transition from jungles to ocean depths, displaying remarkable swimming skills as seen in "Predator: Hell & Hot Water." They thrive in swampy terrain and sometimes face unexpected underwater encounters with Earth's predators. Hiding their ships underwater offers a clever alternative to traditional cloaking methods. A potential underwater clash with Xenomorphs adds a chilling layer to their aquatic versatility.

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