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Predators Who Lost Limbs: Wounded Yautja Who Fought On

By | Published January 11, 2021

The Predators take a lot of punishment during their hunts - they are able to endure severe wounds, even losing an arm or a leg. Since Predator 2, losing a limb has been an occurring theme in the Predator franchise. Some of these Yautja managed to survive and hunt another day, others fought on for a brief while and died soon after.


Shorty from Aliens vs. Predator: War

Shorty had a long-running feud with Machiko Noguchi, a woman who lived and hunted together with the Predators for a year. In Aliens vs. Predator: War, the conflict came to a head on the planet Bunda, where Machiko betrayed her Predator allies and rejoined the human race. The two had a short fight, where Machiko cut off Shorty's left arm and wristblades. Shorty was dazed and confused, and could not put up much of a fight after this, holding his stump with the right arm. Machiko then stabbed him in the chest, putting an end to their conflict.

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Assassin Predator

Assassin Predator with missing arm in The Predator

The Assassin Predator took a lot of punishment during the final fight against Stargazer and the Loonies at the end of The Predator. He was shot, stabbed, and burned with not much visible effect, thanks to his extra-tough skin gained by hybridization. The start of his downfall came when Rory McKenna activated a ship shield that cut off his right arm along with the wrist gauntlet. Quinn McKenna then shot a wristblade rocket from the gauntlet into the big Yautja's leg, making it explode and taking off all of his limbs. Finally, Quinn shot him in the face with a pistol, ending his misery.

Spring-Heeled Jack

Spring-Heeled Jack being killed in Predator: Nemesis

Spring-Heeled Jack was a Yautja who terrorized Victorian London in the year 1896, drawing parallels with Jack The Ripper. Captain Edward Soames was sent to hunt him down by Mycroft Holmes, the brother of Sherlock Holmes. Soames tracked the Predator down to the sewers of the city, shot him in the shoulder with his rifle, and wounded his chest with his pistols. In the final melee duel, Soames uses a machete to cut off the right arm of the Yautja, disarming his wristblades as well. Without the use of his hand, the Predator drowned in the river Thames, seemingly accepting his fate and not struggling.

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Berserker Predator

The Berserker Predator loses an arm and head in Predators

Berserker Predator (nicknamed Mr. Black) from Predators was another Yautja who lost an arm and was in such a bad state that he could not continue fighting. After Isabella shot Mr. Black with her sniper rifle, Royce immediately hit him in the head with a hatchet and chopped off his left arm. All that the angry Super Predator could do was spit blood from his mouth and growl. He then received a final hit that sliced through his neck, resulting in his whole head falling off. The head would have been an awesome trophy for a worthy hunter, only that Royce was not so interested in taking it with him.

Mega-City One Predator

Mega-City One Predator being stabbed by Judge Dredd

The Mega-City One Predator shot off his own right arm with Judge Dredd's Lawgiver pistol by accident at the end of the Predator vs. Judge Dredd comic. The crazed Yautja had caused a massacre of both criminals and judges in Mega-City One and Judge Dredd hunted him down to the ruins of New York in the undercity. Judge Dredd was briefly incapacitated in melee combat, and dropped his Lawgiver pistol. However, the pistol had a fail-safe that recognized the owner's heat signature, and it exploded in case of unauthorized usage. The Predator stared at his smoking stump and Dredd stabbed him in the chest, ending the killing spree.

Feral Predator

The Feral Predator loses an arm in Prey

The Feral Predator from Prey got increasingly reckless and took more and more damage from a wide array of adversaries. He seemed to shrug off bullet wounds from the French trappers, but the damage done by Naru was going to be permanent. In the final fight with the female Comanche hunter, Feral tried to stab Naru with his shield but sliced off his right hand instead. He contemplated what he had just done by looking at the arm stuck in a tree for a few seconds, but then fought on with even more ferocity. However, he got stuck in a mud pit and accidentally shot himself in the head with his own crossbow, ending his hunt. His right hand was still stuck in the tree together with the wrist gauntlet, a considerable Yautja trophy left behind for anyone to find.

Lasershot Predator

Lasershot Predator by NECA

The Lasershot Predator is the only known Yautja to remove their own limb. He was a Bad Blood sociopath with an obsession for technology, hi-tech weaponry and unnatural self improvement. He cut off his left hand and replaced it with a modular claw that could be switched with a robotic hand. The Lasershot Predator did not stop with his hand, he also replaced his right eye with a cybernetic one, with built-in vision modes. With all this upgrading nonsense, he was similar to the Upgrade Predator from the latest Predator movie. Lasershot was a figure released by Kenner in the 90ties, with NECA making an updated version later.

Nghasa Predator

Nghasa Predator from Predator: The Pride at Nghasa

The Yautja from Predator: Pride at Nghasa was nicknamed the Forest Devil - he hunted both tribal natives and English colonials in the African savanna. After another massacre of Englishmen, he chased down a lone survivor to a swamp. To his surprise, two crocodiles emerged from the waters and bit into both his arms, forcing the trio underwater. The Forest Devil managed to kill both of them with his shoulder cannon, but lost his left arm to a crocodile. Soon after, he was also attached by hyenas and a lion, who were out for the blood. Being fed up by his bad luck and tired of chasing the Englishman, he went back to his hidden ship and left Earth, alive but severely wounded.

Hook Predator

The Hook Predator from Alien vs. Predator: Thicker Than Blood

Hook Predator was a disgraced Elder Predator that invaded a luxury space liner with his two sons in the AvP: Thicker Than Blood comic. The hunt went downhill fast when Hook got his arm and leg stuck in an elevator while chasing two kids. The limbs were mangled up so bad that his son named Splitter had to amputate them with a plasma whip. Later on, a Xenomorph became loose on the ship and the kids helped Hook to a med center to heal the wounds and help him fight it. They attached a makeshift pirate-like leg to his stump and the Yautja was able to walk again. Hook was a capable fighter even without an arm and leg and managed to kill the Alien with the whip. Hook escaped within his ship but his two sons were not so lucky, both were killed fighting the Xenomorph.

Captive Predator

The Captive Predator from Predator: Captive

The Yautja from Predator: Captive had an unnatural body for a Predator, with big clawed arms and an elongated head. He lost his right arm along with the self-destruct device when he was captured by Stern Industries and held in a bio-dome in the Nevada desert. Even without the wristblades, his left arm was still a powerful melee weapon and he clawed his way through the security forces while trying to escape the complex. In the end, he reclaimed his wrist gauntlet from Tyler Stern and set off the self-destruct, wiping out the complex with no survivors left. The Captive Predator was perhaps a Super Predator or experimented with hybridization like some of the Predators who appeared later in the franchise.


Yaquita with Vacuum suit from Predator: Rage War

Yaquita is the only known Predator two lose both feet and survive. This Female Predator lost her companion and her lower limbs during a hunt against Xenomorphs. She was then taken into the Widow Clan, and given a robotic device similar to a wheelchair to move. Surprisingly, the Yautja did not have the technology to replace limbs in the 27th century. Years later during the Rage War she assisted the Colonial Marines and other Predators against the Rage offensive, dying protecting a ship bridge against the Xenomorph horde.

Bionic Predator

The Bionic Predator from Predator: Hunting Grounds

The Bionic Predator was a mysterious Yautja that received many many wounds during his hunts and lost his right eye, right arm, left leg, and part of his skull in combat. Instead of succumbing to his injuries or just retiring, he decided to continue his battles, seeking out cybernetic implants instead. He was similar to the Lasershot Predator but his upgrades were more natural and the wounds were not self-inflicted. Although he used regular Yautja weaponry including the Shoulder Cannon, his wristblade was attached directly to his bionic arm. The Bionic Predator was released as a DLC package for Predator: Hunting Grounds and is one of the best and unique looking Predators in the game.

City Hunter

The City Hunter from Predator 2

The City Hunter from Predator 2 famously lost his left arm on a rooftop in LA when detective Mike Harrigan sliced it off with the Predator disc. The Yautja was badly wounded and decided to activate his self-destruct device, a questionable decision in a highly populated city above his own clan mate's ship. Furthermore, he had lost his mask and had trouble breathing. Slicing off his arm deactivated the self-destruct, and the City Hunter escaped to a nearby building to heal himself with the medicomp device. He cauterized the wound and would have successfully escaped in his ship, if Mike Harrigan hadn't chased him down and stabbed him in the gut with the disc.


Light-Stepper Predator from Aliens vs. Predator: Duel

Light-Stepper was most likely the most successful one-armed Predator. After beheading a Xenomorph during a blooding ritual, the acid blood splashed on his right arm and chest, melting away the limb and incapacitating him. Another Young Blood Predator named Two-Stripes tried to claim the kill for his own, but the shameful act was discovered by other clan members. Light-Stepper was brought back to the ship to be healed, while Light-Stepper was tied to a tree naked to be killed by Xenomorphs. Light-Stepper later had more adventures in Aliens vs. Predator: Duel and proved to a great hunter of both Xenomorphs and Colonial Marines despite his handicap.


In conclusion, the Yautja are an alien race known for their exceptional hunting skills and their ability to withstand severe wounds. Losing a limb is a recurring theme in the Predator franchise, and while some of these Yautja managed to survive and continue hunting, others fought on for a brief while and died soon after. Despite their injuries, these wounded predators continued to fight on, showing their determination and resilience. The loss of a limb was never enough to defeat them, and they always put up a valiant fight until the very end. The Yautja are truly a formidable species, and their ability to endure and persevere makes them the most fearsome Predators .

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