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Strongest Predators: Most Powerful Yautja Ranked

By | Published February 25, 2023

In this article, we'll be ranking the most strongest and powerful Yautja, or Predators, based on their impressive track records of successful hunts. These exceptional hunters have distinguished themselves through their numerous kills, victories over formidable foes, and impressive trophy collections. Some of them even survived their hunts. From the realms of movies, games, and comic books, we've compiled the ultimate lineup of the strongest Yautja in existence.

10. The Jungle Hunter

The Jungle Hunter from Predator

The original Predator wiped out two US special forces teams and probably had a long hunting history (the skulls on his body hint at that). He also had the upper hand on major Dutch Schaefer but choose to toy with his prey, which gave Dutch the opportunity to use one of his traps on him. In contrast to the Predator in the second movie, the Jungle Hunter left no evidence of his equipment behind and didn't use any fancy Yautja weapons. In the end, he chose to blow himself up hoping to take out Dutch with him.

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9. Big Mama

Big Mama from Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species

The only female Predator on the list, Big Mama was an elite hunter who hunted Caryn Delacroix and later befriended her. Big Mama trained Caryn (also known as Ash Parnall) and a group of mercenaries to be elite Alien hunters and together they battle and killed several Aliens, white hybrids, robot Aliens and human soldiers. Although wounded several times, she is one of the few Predators to successfully survive the hunt. Big Mama was featured in the Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species comic book, which is part of Aliens vs. Predator Omnibus: Volume 2.

8. Wolf

Wolf from Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Wolf held the Yautja rank of an Elite and was sent to Earth to clean up the mess that Paul Anderson's Alien vs. Predator movie caused. Namely, a Predator ship crashed in the forest near the American town called Gunnison in Colorado and a Xenomorph infestation spread from the ship. He blew up the ship along with surviving facehuggers, killed and cleaned up a lot of Xenomorphs, killed some humans and finally fought a Predalien. The fight was a stalemate, and both Wolf and the Predalien died when a nuke was dropped on the town. Wolf was inspired by the character with the same name in Pulp Fiction. He appeared in the Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem movie and a video game on the PlayStation Portable.

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7. Dachande

Dachande aka. Broken Tusk

Dachande, also known as Broken Tusk, was a leader of a clan of Predators who hunted on the planet Ryushi. The hunt itself started with a disaster, with their ship being destroyed and other clan members being killed. Dachande fought Xenomorphs with the help of Machiko Noguchi and killed dozens of them. Finally, he fought an Alien Queen and died of his wounds. He was very intelligent, understanding humans and some of their language. Dachande was a character in the first Aliens vs. Predator comics, released in 1990. The comics are a part of Aliens vs. Predator Omnibus: Volume 1.

6. Greyback

Greyback from Predator 2

Not much is known about Greyback, although he is at least 300 years old. One of his first hunts was in 1718 on Earth when he fought and killed a mutinous crew of a pirate ship with the help of captain Raphael Adolini. There he recovered the flintlock pistol that he gave Harrigan in the end of Predator 2. Among his trophies is a ceremonial sword, dog tags and a patch from the United States 2nd Infantry Division. This only hints at his long and successful hunt history. He is an honorable Predator, choosing not to hurt Harrigan. This badass Predator is featured in the movie Predator 2 and the comic Predator: 1718, which is part of Predator Omnibus: Volume 2.

5. Bad Blood Predator

The Bad Blood Predator

The Bad Blood Predator was a batshit insane Predator who escaped to Earth after murdering several of his brethren. On Earth, he went on a rampage in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and killed dozens of humans, including CIA agents and paintball fanatics. He also took down two CIA helicopters. The other Predators were so angry that they sent an Enforcer Predator to take him down, but he was overpowered and killed also. The Bad Blood Predator was finally taken down by a group of ex-CIA agents, whom most were killed also. While not the most honorable Predator, he was very tough to kill and very vicious. He was also one of the few who hunted other Predators. The Bad Blood Predator was the antagonist in the Predator: Bad Blood comic book, which is part of the Predator Omnibus: Volume 3.

4. Dark

Dark from the Aliens vs. Predator 2010 video game

Dark was an Elite Yautja who hunted on BG-386 during a Xenomorph outbreak. He was sent in to answer a distress call sent by Young Blood Predators. He killed several Colonial Marines, Xenomorphs, and a Praetorian. Although he never fought a Queen Alien, he successfully killed a Predalien. Dark was one of the few Predators to escape the planet alive. Finally, he recovered the location of the Xenomorph homeworld a set his ship's course to the planet. Dark was a playable character in the Aliens vs. Predator 2010 video game.

3. Ahab

Ahab from Prometheus: Fire And Stone, an old and strong Yautja

Ahab was a Yautja Elder and the strongest Yautja from the Predator comics. Like his namesake Captain Ahab from Moby Dick, he was obsessed with a big white creature, namely the Engineer. Unlike Captain Ahab, the Predator called Ahab managed to fight and kill the Engineer, and live in the end. Like many other Predators, he killed several humans and Aliens. However, he is the only Predator to kill an Engineer, which makes him one badass Predator. Ahab was a character in the long-running Fire & Stone and Life & Death comic series.

2. Scarface

Scarface from Predator: Concrete Jungle, one of the most powerful Yautja

Scarface was a Yautja from the Dark Blade Clan. He first came to Earth in 1930 to hunt in New Way City. Despite being an experienced warrior, the hunt was a failure that led to his Yautja technology falling into the hands of humans, a disgrace for which he was banished by his clan to a remote planet (where he encountered Xenomorphs). A century later he returned to New Way City, now called Neonopolis, to redeem himself and regain his honor. He slaughtered the criminal gangs of Neonopolis and wiped out the Borgia crime family. He get's his name from a horrible facial scar and having only one eye. Scarface was a true badass Predator in the console video game Predator: Concrete Jungle (not to be confused with the comic with the same name).

1. Prince

Prince Predator, the strongest of the Yautja

Prince is the strongest and most powerful Predator in the Predator franchise. He was an Elite hunter with a long-running rivalry with Colonial Marine Vassili Rykov who he had fought before 19 years prior. Prince was briefly captured and his mask was taken away, but managed to escape and take down a dropship in the process. During his hunt, he killed dozens of Aliens and Colonial Marines, combat synthetics, two Predaliens, three Praetorians, an Alien Queen and finally defeated Rykov who was using a mech suit. He recovered his mask and ripped off Rykov's spine as a trophy. In the end, he escaped from LV-1201 alive, being one of the most successful and skilled Predators ever. Prince was a playable character in the Aliens vs. Predator 2 video game, released in 2001.


In conclusion, the world of the Yautja is filled with deadly hunters, but only a select few have proven themselves to be the strongest and most powerful. From their formidable weaponry to their unparalleled skill and tactics, these top-ranking Predators have left a lasting impression on fans of the franchise. Whether it's the imposing Jungle Hunter, the cunning Wolf, or the unstoppable Bad Blood, these Yautja have carved their place in the lore of the Predator universe.

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