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Other Species That Yautja Hunt: From Amengi To Druthaki

By | Published November 03, 2023

The Yautja are renowned for their relentless pursuit of challenging prey, seeking the ultimate thrill and honor in the hunt. While humans and Xenomorphs are the most famous targets of these intergalactic hunters, there exist other intelligent species that have found themselves in the crosshairs of the Yautja's infamous laser-sighted weapons. Let's delve into the fascinating world of the Yautja's alternate prey, which includes the Amengi, Engineers, Druthaki, River Ghosts, Tetrabrachial Humanoids, and even Kryptonians.


The insectoid Amengi race

One of the first intelligent creatures that the Predators encountered were the insectoid Amengi. Long ago, the Predators, originally known as the Hish, found themselves in servitude to the technologically advanced Amengi, who exploited them as both slaves and fighters in savage arenas. It was the rise of an albino Predator, later known as the Alpha, that led to a rebellion against their insectoid oppressors, resulting in a brutal war that ultimately turned the tide of power between the two races. The outcome saw the Amengi either subjugated or eliminated, with the Predators seizing Amengi technology and incorporating it into their own Yautja arsenal.

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Ahab Predator faces an Engineer

The Engineers, also known as the Space Jockeys, are colossal beings with a profound understanding of bioengineering and the creation of life. Their advanced knowledge and technology attract the attention of the Yautja, who seek to prove their mettle by hunting these formidable giants. Chasing an Engineer across the galaxy is a pursuit that requires not just strength and cunning, but also a deep knowledge of technology. The Engineers have had several encounters with the Yautja and perhaps the most famous Predator to successfully hunt them was Ahab from the Fire and Stone comic series. A Space Jockey helmet/skull even shows up in the trophy wall in the beginning of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.


The Druthaki race

While the Yautja boldly seek out formidable prey across the cosmos, there is one species that strikes fear into their hearts—the ancient Drukathi race. These technologically advanced beings, with their six legs and dog-like snouts, dwarf even the largest Yautja in size. Unlike the Yautja, the Drukathi were malevolent in their actions and bred Xenomorphs without any sense of honor. Once inhabitants of the Milky Way galaxy, the Drukathi have long departed, leaving behind only ancient relics and legends that still haunt the cosmic hunting grounds. The Druthaki are one of the few things that the Predators are truly scared of.

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River Ghosts

The River Ghosts attack in Marvels Predator 2023 comic

The "River Ghosts," a moniker for an unnamed sentient extraterrestrial species, are formidable prey for the Yautja. Possessing insect-like exoskeletons that enveloped their bodies and a mysterious symbiotic relationship with small organisms, these beings exhibited extraordinary agility, intelligence, and deadly capabilities, all of which made them a worthy challenge for the Yautja. The River Ghosts were dropped onto the Game Preserve Planet to serve as sport for the Super Predators, suggesting their exceptional attributes. The creature showed up in the third Predator movie, and the latest Marvel Predator comic series featured a whole group of them.

Tetrabrachial Humanoids

Tetrabrachial Humanoids from Predator: Fire And Stone

The Tetrabrachial Humanoids are a four-armed and red-skinned tribal species known for their incredible agility and combat prowess. Their adaptability in combat makes them intriguing prey for Yautja who seek battles of skill and strength. Hunting Tetrabrachial Humanoids is a test of a Yautja's close combat skills, and it often results in a fierce and exhilarating confrontation. Famously, one of these creatures managed to stab Ahab Predator in the eye through his bio-mask, leaving him partially blinded for a while. Nevertheless, this hunt was fondly remembered by Ahab who gladly told the story of the Tetrabrachial Humanoids to others.

Planet XI4432-8 Tribals

The purple-skinned tribal aliens from Marvel's Predator series

The native creatures of the planet XI4432-8 were occasionally harassed by Predators which made them vary of any outside visitors. These purple-skinned aliens had oval-shaped heads and wore limited clothing, having been adapted to the cold climate of this tundra planet. In the ongoing Marvel's' Predator comic series, the tribals encountered Theta Theta Berwick, a renowned Predator killer. However, she frightened them with her presence, and instead of joining up to fight the Predators, she had to flee. The tribals used an organic and powerful projectile weapon, which showed they were a force to be reckoned with, and probably the reason why they drew the attention of the Predators.


Predator fights Superman

Among the most powerful prey on the Yautja's list are the Kryptonians. These superhuman beings possess incredible strength, speed, and nearly invulnerable physiology due to Earth's yellow sun. The Yautja who take on the challenge of hunting Kryptonians face not only physical prowess but also the moral dilemma of whether to engage in combat with beings of such great power. The most famous Kryptonian that the Predator faced, was, of course, Superman, from the Superman vs. Predator crossover series. Although Superman was weakened at first, the fight still ended with the defeat of the Yautja, who activated his self-destruct mechanism and died.


The Yautja, often perceived as ruthless extraterrestrial hunters, have a complex culture built around the concept of the hunt. While humans and Xenomorphs remain their primary targets, the Yautja are always on the lookout for new challenges, leading them to hunt a diverse array of intelligent species. Each encounter with these species presents unique challenges, and the Yautja's pursuit of honor and thrill continues to drive them to new horizons in the cosmos. The Yautja's quest for the ultimate hunt knows no bounds, and their exploits in hunting the Amengi, Engineers, Druthaki, River Ghosts, Tetrabrachial Humanoids, and even Kryptonians stand as a testament to their unwavering dedication to the art of the hunt.

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