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Predator vs. Superman: Who Would Win?

By | Published November 14, 2023

In this epic clash, we delve into the hypothetical confrontation between the extraterrestrial hunter, the Predator, and the Man of Steel himself, Superman. While these two characters belong to entirely different universes, they have already squared off several times in the crossover comic books. The debate about who would emerge victorious in a battle of wits and strength continues to captivate fans across the globe. Considering the awesome might of Superman, does the Predator stand any chance at all?

Superman vs. Predator: Who Wins In The Comic?

Predator punches Superman in the Superman vs. Predator comic book

The Predator and Superman first squared off in the Superman vs. Predator comic series released back in 2000. Like several other Superman stories, Superman vs. Predator makes Superman weaker to be a better match for his adversary. In this three-issue comic, the Predator ship had a mysterious force field that drained Superman's powers. While the Predator battled groups of mercenaries, the Man of Steel spent most of the comic feeling ill. When the Yautja realized he was defeated after a punching match, he activated his self-destruct inside a cave, hoping to collapse it on the superhero. Being Superman, of course, he escaped, being the clear winner of this matchup.

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JLA vs. Predator

The Meta Predator attacks Superman in JLA vs. Predator

The explorations of the Superman vs. Predator theme continued within the pages of DC Comics' "JLA vs. Predator.", where the Justice League Of America was pitted against an entire clan of Yautja. The Meta-Predators were a group of Yautja who were transformed by rogue Dominion genetics into super-powered versions of themselves. This meant there was a Predator version Of Flash with super speed and a Yautja Superman who could fly. Although surprising the heroes at first, the Meta Predators were easily defeated, while Superman spearheaded the counter-attack, punching the Superman-Yautja to the ground. Uncommonly for the Predator series, all the Meta-Predators survived at the end and went home together with the Dominion scientists.

Superman and Batman versus Aliens and Predator

Superman and Predator communicate with a group of Predators

Superman faced the Predators a third time in the epic Superman and Batman versus Aliens and Predator, one of the best Predator crossovers and a story that handles the Yautja/Superman encounter most sensibly. After a Predator ship crashed on Earth 14,000 years ago, the survivors set up a Predator society in the Andes mountains, hidden away from humans and other Predator clans as well. When Batman and Superman stumbled upon this clan, they fought the Predators at first, but soon realized they were not the true enemy. Soon after, Xenomorphs invaded the Predator habitat and Superman joined forces with the Predators to defeat the Xenomorph menace and finally helped them return to space in their ship. The Man Of Steel also faced Xenomorphs in Superman vs. Aliens, where he was even facehugged but famously managed to digest the chestburster. Furthermore, Batman faced Predators even more than Superman in three epic series set in Gotham.

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How Could The Yautja Prevail Against The Man Of Steel?

The Predator uses a shoulder cannon against Superman

Analyzing the hypothetical battle, one can't help but consider how the Predator, with its advanced technology and cunning tactics, could potentially prevail against the seemingly invincible Superman. The Predator's ability to become nearly invisible and its arsenal of technologically superior weapons pose a unique challenge for the Man of Steel. Theoretically, an Elite Predator with enough preparation could defeat Superman. The Elite could lure Superman to a trap away from the sun that gives him power, and use kryptonite-tipped spears and wristblades to take him down. Furthermore, an entire clan of Elite Predators could easily wear Superman down with hit-and-run tactics, as it is known Superman cannot be everywhere at once.

Predator vs. Superman In Fortnite

Predator from Fortnite

The realm of digital entertainment has also witnessed the convergence of these two iconic characters. In the popular video game Fortnite, players had the opportunity to witness the Predator face off against none other than Superman himself. Predator was released in Chapter 2: Season 5 and was part of the Jungle Hunter Set. The Clark Kent/Superman character outfit was available two seasons later and it came with its unique Superman Quests and a Kryptonian Set. Although it wasn't in the same season, players who obtained the Predator outfit could still duke it out with Superman. This digital showdown brought the debate into a new dimension, allowing fans to control the destiny of these legendary characters in a virtual arena.

The Future Under Marvel

Predator vs. Captain America by Marvel

While the primary battleground for Predator vs. Superman has been within the Dark Horse and DC Comics universe, the future could hold unexpected crossovers. Dark Horse was famous for holding the Predator comic license for decades, developing dozens of Predator series, including crossovers with multiple DC universe characters like Superman and Batman. Marvel recently acquired the license with the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney, making an abrupt end to both Dark Horse and DC-s runs of Predator comics and crossovers. To celebrate this, crossover covers for most of the ongoing Marvel comic lines were created, including the Hulk and Captain America. A Wolverine vs. Predator series already started, making any chance of a future Predator story with Superman very unlikely.

The Outcome

In the end, determining the victor in a clash between Predator and Superman is subjective and depends on the context of the battle. Fans of each character can argue passionately for their favorite, citing specific storylines, abilities, and scenarios that would tip the scales in their favor. However, Superman is the clear winner in the comics, although an Elite Predator should theoretically have a chance if puts his full focus on the task and exploits all of Superman's weaknesses.

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