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Hive Wars Predator: A Yautja Stranded On Xenomorph Prime

By | Published September 01, 2023

The Hive Wars Predator, a renowned Elite Yautja, found himself marooned on Yautja Prime following a catastrophic hunt that spelled doom for his fellow clan members. Initially released as a Kenner figure, this Predator received a re-imagining by NECA and even made an appearance in the epic Life and Death comic series by Dark Horse. Here is the full profile of this powerful Yautja, including overviews of his hunting history and weaponry.

Stranded On Yautja Prime

The Hive Wars Predator stranded on Xenomorph Prime

The Hive Wars Predator was stranded on the Xenomorph Homeworld for years after his fellow hunters were killed and their Predator ship broke down during a hunt gone wrong. The lone Predator had to rely on his skill and craft new weapons from the Predator ship's wreckage to survive. He encountered and killed dozens (if not hundreds) of Aliens in an ongoing fight for survival and slaughter. Eventually, he embraced his fate and found comfort in the dire situation fitting for a true warrior. In the end, he made it off the planet by unknown means, possibly with the help of another Predator ship that came to explore the planet.

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Tartarus Hunt

The Hive Predator starts his hunt on Tartarus

Sometime after his escape, the Hive Wars Predator joined up with another Yautja tribe where the Cracked Tusk Predator was already an established member. The clan hunted on the planet Tartarus (also known as LV-797), earning them their nickname, the Tartarus Clan. LV-797 housed a crashed Juggernaut ship, hidden in the jungle that the Predators chose to guard and explore for its secrets and technology. The Weyland-Yutani competitor Seegson was also interested in the ship and the Predators knew of the incoming human activity. When a platoon of Colonial Marines arrived on the planet on the USS Hasdrubal and started to explore the derelict ship, the Predators had no choice but to engage them.

Clash With Colonial Marines

The Hive Wars Predator stabs a Colonial Marine

The Hive Wars and Cracked Tusk Predator sprang into action by activating their cloaks and stalking the Colonial Marines from the trees. A quick shoulder cannon blast killed the first marine but alerted the others, and a big fight broke out. Hive Wars Predator mostly fought with his melee weapons and took down about a half dozen marines. He clamored over the kills together with Cracked Tusk, but they had no time to take trophies, as more marines quickly arrived on the scene. The Marines had been taken by surprise and would quickly regroup under the experienced leadership of Captain Paget.

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The Hive Wars Predator is killed by a smartgunner

The ordeal on Xenomorph Prime had made the Hive Wars Predator overconfident and perhaps too content with fighting enemies in close quarters. The Colonial Marines packed heavy firepower, including Smart Guns and Pulse Rifles, which the Yautja would have trouble with. A smartgunner named Rucker saw a glimmer in the trees (the cloak might have been malfunctioning as well) and opened up with his smart gun. Thanks to the tracking capabilities of the gun, he managed to fire several bursts into the Hive Wars Predator, incapacitating him. The Yautja made some final clicks with his mandibles and died. The relatively intact body of the Hive Wars Predator was then taken for research by Weyland-Yutani, who had arrived on the scene as well.

Weapons and Gear

The Weapons and Gear of the Hive Wars Predator

The Hive Wars Predator had a unique appearance, a blue-colored skin that is rarely seen in Predator lore. It is comparable to the Alpha Predator, who was an albino since birth. The Hive Wars Predator was also one of the lightest-armored Predators, choosing to leave large areas of his skin uncovered. He wore only minimal leather armor on his shoulders and groin area. For weaponry, he employed a giant scythe, dual-bladed wristblades on the right arm, and a shoulder cannon on the left shoulder. To ensure his survival on Xenomorph Prime, he grafted some new experimental weaponry, including the scythe.

Behind The Scenes

The Hive Wars Predator by NECA toys

Behind the scenes, the Hive Wars Predator was initially released in the 90ties as a Kenner action figure, part of their Hive Wars line. The Hive Wars was a conflict set in an Alien Hive world, with a new breed of Alien xenopods threatening the universe while both Predators and Colonial Marines clashed to take them down. In 2013, NECA redesigned the figure as part of their Predator line, giving the Hive Wars Predator a more detailed backstory, describing him being stranded on Yautja Prime. Finally, Dark Horse comics featured the redesigned Predator in their epic Life and Death comic series, involving some other Kenner and NECA figures, like Cracked Tusk and Hornhead Predator.


The Hive Wars Predator, a legendary Elite Yautja, was stranded on Xenomorph Prime after a disastrous hunt. Alone, he adapted and fought relentlessly, eventually joining the Tartarus Clan on LV-797. However, his overconfidence led to his downfall when he faced well-armed Colonial Marines. Despite his demise, the Hive Wars Predator's unique legacy lives on through action figures, NECA's redesign, and Dark Horse Comics' tales, showcasing his resilience and warrior spirit on the Elite Predators.

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