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Scout Predator: Profile Of The Lost Hunter

By | Published January 29, 2024

Scout Predator was one of the many mysterious Predators appearing at the end of Predator 2 as part of the Lost Tribe. Also known as the Lost Hunter, Scout was later revealed to be a long-ranged weapons expert, becoming the sniper of the tribe. Here is the full background of the Scout Predator, including details about his early life on Yautja Prime.

Scout Predator (Lost Hunter) In The Lost Tribe

Scout Predator appearing at the end of Predator 2 with the Lost Tribe

Scout Predator stood next to Boar Predator during their big reveal in the Lost Tribe Predator ship, surrounding Harrigan. Scout held no weapons, but the wristblades were still attached to the wrist gauntlet. While some of his tribe brothers looked aggressive (like Guardian Predator), Scout had a more laid-back presence. As commanded by the Greyback Elder, Scout along with Boar took the task to carry the body of the City Hunter away to another chamber of the ship. Scout Predator was initially known as the Lost Hunter, possibly due to the fact that his suit was stolen straight after filming, along with many others.

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Scout Predator's Additional Backstory

The cover of the Scout Predator package by NECA, overlooking a Yutani building

Scout Predator received an Ultimate figure treatment by NECA, along with a great cover by artist Tristan Jones and a full biography of his life. It turned out that Scout Predator originated from a rugged and secluded island on Yautja Prime, a place known for its challenging environment. This island was the birthplace of a distinct sub-species of Yautja, recognized for producing exceptional hunters adept in stealth and long-range tactics, skills honed to survive amidst perilous wildlife. Scout was exceptionally skilled in utilizing specially crafted plasma rifles, demonstrating mastery in accuracy and precision. Additionally, this hunter excelled in reconnaissance and strategic surveillance, making them a formidable presence in any hunting scenario.

A Long-Ranged Weapons Expert

The face of Scout Predator

As a member of Greyback's Lost Tribe, he was primarily responsible for eliminating secondary targets from afar, enabling the rest of the group to concentrate on the primary target. At the same time, he continuously monitored for potential threats. In Yautja culture, long-range Predator weapons are usually viewed as dishonorable. However, Scout was permitted to join hunts in his unique role because he exclusively used plasma rifles that he designed and built himself, with the stipulation that he must not kill any primary targets. Serving both as a strategist and a protector, Scout was a hunter of exceptional skill, making a significant contribution to the Lost Tribe's legendary success in ways that were often underappreciated. Scout was shown to be hunting on Earth (near the Yutani building), possibly keeping an eye on the City Hunter.

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Guardian Predator's Armor And Gear

The Gear of Scout Predator

The Scout Predator had a somewhat unique and controversial face, which was not well received by fans who were perhaps expecting a face more akin to the Jungle Hunter. Having pale skin, long thick mandibles, and a big mouth, his appearance is explained by originating from an exotic area of Yautja Prime. The Scout Predator figure came with his scoped sniper rifle and two smart discs. This was not the first time Predators have used military-style weapons, hand-held cannons have shown up elsewhere in Predator comics. The sniper rifle had an adjustable bipod underneath, allowing a convenient position for sniping.

Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes with the Scout Predator

Scout wore a very similar bio-mask as the Jungle Hunter from the first movie (possibly even the same porp), but his armor contained parts of the City Hunter's armor. However, Scout was not played by Kevin Peter Hall, he only took the role of Greyback during this pivotal scene. An unnamed member of the LA Lakers, whom Danny Glover admired, portrayed Scout; Glover requested their assistance in filming the scene. Scout, or the Lost Hunter, has not appeared elsewhere apart from the Ultimate NECA figure, but a very similar Predator shows up in the Call Of Duty: Ghosts expansions, which includes a playable Predator character.


Scout Predator was one of the most visually uninteresting Predators in Predator 2 due to its similarity with the Jungle Hunter. However, his intriguing background provided by NECA toys revealed him to be much more distinct than the first Predator. Being born on a distant island on Yautja Prime, he inherited a unique-looking face and great skills in stealth, allowing him to take a specific role in the Lost Tribe. He became the "sniper" of the Predator clan, observing targets, gathering intelligence, and taking out secondary targets.

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