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Predator Queen: Overview Of The Yautja Matriarch

By | Published September 17, 2023

Beyond the fearsome ranks of Yautja warriors, there exists an even more enigmatic figure: the Predator Queen. The Yautja Queen, often shrouded in mystery and seldom glimpsed in popular media, serves as the matriarch of their species. In this article, we will delve into the small glimpses of information about the Yautja Queen, exploring her role in Yautja culture, her physical attributes, and her significance in the broader context of Yautja lore.

A Matriarchal Society

Big Mama, a female Predator from the early AvP comics

In the very first Predator books to explore their society and homeworld, AvP: Prey and War, the Predators were described to be matriarchal, with the females being bigger and stronger. Furthermore, the Female Yautja were more aggressive, especially in the act of reproduction, and often more dominant compared to their male partners. A notable Female in the early stories was Big Mama, a massive and vicious Predator with no distinguishable female traits (to the human eye). This matriarchal society was an interesting and somewhat unique concept that was unfortunately partly disregarded in later lore. Spearheaded by the Predator: Hunting Grounds grounds video game, the females were retconned to have breasts and became smaller and leaner.

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The Predator Matriarch

The Predator Matriarch statue

As described in the expanded lore of the Prodos Games Alien vs. Predator: The Hunt Begins, the Predator Matriarch is the counterpart to the male Clan Leaders. The Yautja Matriarch would resolve on-world issues on Yautja Prime while the male Clan Leaders were away on off-world dealings or hunts. Hashori from Alien vs. Predator: Rage War was perhaps such an individual, a ruthless hunter but at the same time able to forge alliances with humans. However, she still followed Kalakta, the overall Predator race leader. A great visual representation of a Matriarch is the "Shiranui" Predator statue created by Japanese sculptor Akihito Ikeda.

The Predator King And Queen

The Predator King sitting on a throne

Compared to the Predator Queen, the Predator King is a more established figure in Predator lore, appearing in several pieces of media. The Predator King is the mysterious millennia-old Yautja that leads many Predator clans and is the supreme leader (or Grand Elder) of the Yautja. Kalakta from the Rage War is one such figure, while a royal Predator named Prince appeared in the Alien vs. Predator 2 video game. With the existence of a Prince, there must also be a mate for the King, who would be the Queen of the Predator race. It's not known if the Queen would be the same as the Matriarch, or another important female in the Yautja society, perhaps mainly destined to produce an heir to the King.

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Predator Queen Fan Art

Predator Queen Fan Art by Eftekhar Ahmed

In a stunning piece of fan art by Eftekhar Ahmed, the Predator Queen emerges from the shadows, bathed in an eerie, otherworldly light. Her formidable physique and distinct mandibles frame her imposing visage, exuding an air of regal authority. With her golden royal armor and menacing presence, she stands as the undisputed matriarch of the Yautja species, commanding both respect and fear. The Queen holds a human skull in her right hand, while several more are attached to her belt (including a Yautja skull). This hints at the possibility that Predator Queens would still be hunting, even while holding an important position.


In the ever-evolving Predator universe, the elusive Predator Queen remains a captivating enigma. Though shrouded in mystery, she represents the potential for a matriarchal society among the Yautja, adding complexity to their culture. A counterpoint to the Predator King, the Queen might not hold more power than him, but still command a lot of respect in their society. Fan art, such as that by Eftekhar Ahmed, offers a glimpse of her regal and fearsome presence. Holding a human skull, she embodies both power and mystery, leaving fans eager to explore her character further in the evolving Predator lore.

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