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Stone Heart Predator: The Brainwashed Bad Blood Yautja

By | Published January 27, 2024

The Stone Heart Predator was an uncommonly large Yautja from the Dark Blade Clan, appearing in the Predator: Concrete Jungle video game. Being captured and brainwashed by the Borgia Corporation, he became a cyborg Predator together with his two brothers. Stone Heart was sent by the company to hunt down and kill his former clan mate, Scarface Predator. Here is the full overview of Stone Heart, including his gear and weapons.

Stone Heart: Leader Of The Dark Blade Clan

Stone Heart Predator from Predator: Conrete Jungle

Stone Heart, a formidable Yautja, was the Pack Leader and Enforcer of the Dark Blade Clan. Known for his towering height and greenish skin, Stone Heart was feared for his brutal nature and immense strength. Other clans accused Stone Heart of illegal augmentation, even calling him a Bad Blood, but the Yautja might have just been naturally big. Unlike many of his kind, he preferred close combat, using hand-mounted daggers instead of traditional wristblades. His reputation was built on his practice of gruesomely dismantling his enemies.

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Capture And Brainwashing By Borgia Industries

Stone Heart Predator being brainwashed by Borgia Industries

Stone Heart's life took a drastic turn when he was captured by Borgia Industries during a hunt. He and his clan brothers, Long Spear and Swift Knife, were subjected to severe torture and brainwashing. They were augmented with cybernetic parts, enhancing Stone Heart's strength even more and equipping him with multiple vision modes. Stone Heart's dreadlocks were cut off, possibly getting easier access to his brain. This process turned him into a fearsome cyborg, stripping him of his higher brain functions and making him a pawn of Borgia Industries.

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Defeat By Scarface Predator

Scarface Predator defeats Stone Heart Predator

In 2030, Stone Heart's story reached its climax when he encountered the Predator Scarface. Scarface, captured and taken to the same labs as Stone Heart, managed to escape and release other captives. One of the heads of the company, Lucretia Borgia released Stone Heart and his brothers to confront Scarface. In a fierce battle, Scarface killed Long Spear and Swift Knife, while Stone Heart retreated. They later dueled in a hologram of a New Way City church, where Scarface ultimately defeated Stone Heart, decapitating him and leaving him an honorable death. Stone Heart's big head was placed on Scarface's trophy wall.

Stone Heart Predator Figure

Stone Heart Predator figure by NECA Toys

Together with Scarface Predator, Stone Heart was popular with the Predator fanbase who were hoping for his return in other media. They got their wish in 2022 when NECA Toys released a Stone Heart Predator figure, which was bigger than any regular Predator figure. Stone Hearth's body was based on the Upgrade Predator figure, released by NECA years earlier, although Stone Heart's size in the game was somewhat smaller than Upgrade Predator's. The figure showcases his cybernetic enhancements and fearsome appearance, complete with his signature Yautja weapons and gear, making it a must-have for fans of the Predator series. The figure even comes with a LED light-up head, chest, and back, brightening the figure with the cybernetic blue light.

Stone Heart Predator's Weapons And Gear

The Gear and Weapons of Stone Heart Predator

Despite being lightly equipped, Stone Heart's cybernetic enhancements compensated for this. His bionic implants significantly boosted his strength and provided him with various optical scanning abilities, eliminating the need for a Bio-mask. His arsenal included wristblades, a wrist gauntlet, sub-dermal armor plating, hand-mounted daggers, and cybernetic vision. Stone Heart had additional three-bladed wristblades on his knuckles, a somewhat unique placement. Just like before becoming a cyborg, he preferred close-quarters combat, where he excelled.


In conclusion, Stone Heart Predator was one of the biggest Predators ever, appearing as a formidable boss fight for Scarface Predator in Predator: Concrete Jungle. However, he wasn't just a mindless and powerful enemy, Scarface and Stone Heart had a history together which made his defeat somewhat tragic. Still, Scarface restored the clan's honor, and although Stone Heart's head became part of a trophy wall, he was released from the control of the evil Borgia Corporation. Stone Heart's brothers, Long Spear and Swift Knife met the same fate.

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