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Yautja Feats Of Strength: How Strong Are Predators?

By | Published November 01, 2023

The Yautja, commonly known as Predators, are a fearsome and iconic extraterrestrial species in the world of science fiction. Recognized for their advanced technology, hunting skills, and distinctive appearance, one of the defining characteristics that sets them apart is their remarkable physical strength. In this article, we will delve into the awe-inspiring feats of strength exhibited by the Yautja and try to answer the question: How strong are the Yautja?

Lifting Heavy Objects

The Feral Predator lifts a bear in Prey

One of the most striking displays of the Yautja's strength is their ability to lift heavy objects with apparent ease. From massive tree trunks to enormous boulders, these alien hunters exhibit an extraordinary level of physical power. Their dense musculature enables them to accomplish these tasks, showcasing their formidable strength and dexterity. The sheer force they exert when lifting these objects is a testament to their inhuman physical capabilities, further cementing their reputation as formidable adversaries. The Feral Predator could overhead press a bear weighing at least 700 kg, and could bench press and deadlift probably close to a ton.

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Ripping Out Spines

The Berserker Predator rips out a spine in Predators

Perhaps one of the most iconic and gruesome displays of the Yautja's strength is their ability to rip out the spines of their defeated adversaries. This brutal act is a defining characteristic of the Yautja's hunting ritual, as they claim the skulls and spinal columns of their prey as trophies. This gruesome feat underscores their immense physical power, as they can cleanly separate the spine from the body with terrifying precision. It's an act that strikes fear into the hearts of both their prey and those who dare to face them in combat, underscoring their dominance. The spines are then displayed on extravagant trophy rooms or walls.

Punching Through Walls

A Predator punches through a wall in the first Aliens vs. Predator comic series

In moments of intense combat, Yautja have been known to punch through walls and barriers as if they were made of paper. They have been seen ripping through metal doors and even concrete walls. This remarkable display of strength not only allows them to access hidden or fortified locations but also serves as a testament to their superior physical abilities. It's a stark reminder that Yautja are not to be underestimated, especially in close-quarters confrontations. Their ability to breach solid barriers with their bare hands demonstrates an astonishing combination of power and precision.

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Leaping Great Heights

A Group of Predators in trees

Yautja's ability to leap great heights and distances sets them apart as hunters. This unique skill allows them to navigate challenging terrains and launch surprise attacks from above. This feat is accomplished by their extraordinarily strong leg muscles in combination with the mysterious Yautja anatomy. Whether it's pouncing on prey or quickly evading danger, their extraordinary leaping capabilities are a testament to their muscular power and agility. These impressive feats of athleticism make it clear that Yautja are not just physically strong but also incredibly agile, giving them a formidable advantage in any hunt.

Berserker Rage

A Predator in Berserker Rage

The Yautja are not just strong; some Predator subspecies are also known to enter a state of "Berserker Rage" when pushed to their limits. In this frenzied state often invoked when wounded, their strength and combat abilities are pushed to the extreme. Their already impressive physical attributes are magnified, making them even more formidable adversaries. During a Berserker Rage, Yautja become virtually unstoppable, leaving devastation in their wake. This state of heightened aggression and power has been depicted in various media, emphasizing the Yautja's incredible physical prowess and their ability to unleash their full potential when provoked.

Yautja vs. Human

Fugitive Predator tosses a human

When Yautja face off against humans, their exceptional strength becomes abundantly clear. They overpower and outmatch human opponents in physical contests, leaving their adversaries at a significant disadvantage. Their ability to lift heavy weapons and objects with ease, as well as their ruthless hand-to-hand combat skills, make them formidable adversaries. Throughout the "Predator" film series, we witness these strength disparities as Yautja take on elite military units, mercenaries, and individuals known for their physical prowess. The Yautja's combination of advanced technology and unparalleled strength gives them the upper hand in nearly every confrontation.

Yautja vs. Xenomorph

Wolf Predator vs. a Xenomorph

In the realm of science fiction, one of the most iconic intergalactic showdowns is the face-off between Yautja and the Xenomorphs. When these two extraterrestrial species clash, it becomes evident that the Yautja's strength is not limited to their encounters with humans alone. Xenomorphs, with their ferocious and adaptable nature, pose a unique challenge, and their strength is about equal to that of the Predators. However, the Xenomorphs are especially deadly at close range, using their claws, tail, inner-jaws, and bleeding acid. The Yautja's strength and combat abilities are put to the ultimate test as they engage in brutal battles with these acid-blooded monsters.


In conclusion, the Yautja, or Predators, are an alien species with superhuman strength that is nothing short of extraordinary. Their capacity to lift heavy objects, rip out spines, punch through walls, and leap great heights is a testament to their physical prowess. When pitted against humans, their superior strength and combat abilities are evident, making them some of the most formidable adversaries in the realm of science fiction. The question of how strong the Yautja are can be unequivocally answered: their strength is unparalleled, and they remain a symbol of power and dominance in popular culture. The addition of the Berserker Rage only further emphasizes their immense physical potential, solidifying their status as legendary hunters in the world of science fiction.

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