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Predator-Human Relations: From Worthy Prey To Diplomacy

By | Published October 09, 2023

The Predators, renowned for their advanced technology and unwavering dedication to the hunt, have consistently captivated our imaginations. Yet, what truly enriches the Predator lore is the intricate and multifaceted relationship between Yautja and humans, which has spanned for many millennia. In this article, we'll navigate through the complex Yautja-human interaction via various subtopics, shedding light on this captivating intergalactic dynamic.

Predators Worshipped As Human Gods

Humans worshipping Predators as gods on an ancient pyramid in South America

Throughout the annals of human history, there have been instances where Predators were revered as gods by ancient civilizations, after discovering Earth as a backwater planet. These enigmatic extraterrestrial beings, with their unmatched hunting prowess and awe-inspiring advanced technology, became the focal point of cults and belief systems that regarded them as divine entities. The Yautja's sporadic visits to Earth (every 100 years) would invoke a sense of awe and devotion, with certain societies firmly believing that these celestial beings were sent to test humanity's worthiness. Specifically in Southern America, the Predators thought humans to build pyramids which were then used as hunting grounds.

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Humans As Incubators For Xenomorphs

Humans used in a ritualistic sacrifice to breed Xenomorphs

Delving into the darker realms of Yautja-Human interaction, we uncover a chilling facet where humans are viewed as nothing more than incubators for Xenomorphs. In the merciless eyes of Predators, humans were regarded as valuable vessels for Xenomorph gestation. This chilling perspective leads to unsettling scenarios where humans are relentlessly pursued, not for the thrill of the hunt, but with the sinister intent of breeding these deadly bioengineered organisms. The Predator's true goal was to breed Xenomorphs and hunt them in the giant pyramids built by humans, fully exploiting the human race. When a Xenomorph infestation got out of hand, the Predators activated their self-destruct devices, wiping out everything in a giant explosion. The Predators would then leave the humans alone for a while.

Worthy Prey

Jungle Hunter vs. Dutch Schaefer

After their fiasco in ancient times, the Predators would return centuries later, and discover that humans had evolved to be worthy prey themselves. Predators, driven by their insatiable thirst for honor and glory, would frequently start selecting humans as prime targets for their hunts. Humans, with their innate resourcefulness, indomitable spirit, and uncanny ability to adapt to the direst circumstances, are often deemed by Predators as the pinnacle of challenging prey. Surviving these perilous encounters, although fraught with danger, earns humans a peculiar form of respect in the eyes of their extraterrestrial hunters.

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Selection For Game Preserves

A Predator kills a human on the Game Preserve Planet

Predators, renowned for their mastery of the hunt, extended their fascination with worthy prey to the establishment of elaborate game preserves on various planets, while expanding their Yautja Empire. Within these meticulously designed arenas, the Yautja engage in ritualistic hunts, selecting their prey with meticulous care. Starting from the third Predator movie, the Predators started to kidnap specific humans worthy of the game preserve hunts, although this at first was limited to the Super Predator clan. In these preserves, humans often find themselves thrust into the crucible of survival, where every moment is a battle for their very existence. These preserves, fraught with peril and uncertainty, serve as crucibles where Yautja prove their mettle against the galaxy's most formidable creatures.

Humans Joining Predator Clans

Machiko Noguchi hunts together with the Predators

Remarkably, in the annals of Yautja-human interaction, there have been instances where humans, through their extraordinary feats or unparalleled alliances, have managed to garner the respect and admiration of Predators. In these unique scenarios, humans are welcomed into the ranks of Yautja clans, transcending the boundaries of species and forging bonds that defy conventional notions of camaraderie and honor. The acceptance of humans into Predator clans speaks volumes about the complexities of the Yautja-human relationship, where honor and valor unite diverse species in a shared pursuit of greatness. Notable cases of humans joining the Yautja are Machiko Noguchi, blooded by the Broken Tusk Predator, and Ash Parnall, who joined up with Big Mama Predator.

Predators Joining Human Military

The Emissary Predator from Predator: Hunting Grounds

Conversely, some narratives within the Predator franchise have explored the intriguing concept of Predators collaborating with human military forces. In these scenarios, Yautja, with their unmatched combat prowess and advanced technology, form unique alliances with humans to combat common adversaries. The juxtaposition of these two formidable forces, each bringing their unique strengths to the table, challenges our understanding of interspecies cooperation and the boundaries that traditionally separate predator from prey. The Emissary Predators, from the original cut of The Predator, were such Yautja who joined with the human military, even wearing military fatigues and using human weaponry. Although removed from the movie, they showed up in the Predator: Hunting Grounds video game and were immortalized by NECA figures.

Humans Hunting Predators

A Predator hunting team from Predator: Hunters II

In a fascinating reversal of roles, certain narratives within the Predator universe explore the concept of humans hunting Predators. Armed with determination, advanced weaponry, and an unwavering drive for survival or vengeance, these humans willingly assume the role of hunters, relentlessly pursuing Yautja for various reasons. Both the OWLF and the Stargazer organizations tried to capture a Predator, which mostly ended up in failure. Another Predator Hunter Team was put together in the Predator: Hunters comic series, consisting of people who killed Predators, including Enoch Nakai (from Predator: Big Game), and Mandry Graves (from Predator: Bad Blood). Finally, one of the best Predator hunters turned out to be Theta from the ongoing Marvel Predator series, having killed more than 20 Predators, stretching the borders of believability. Given this track record, any Predator would be scared of such a Predator hunter human.

Predator-Human Diplomacy

Diplomacy is attempted between Colonial Marines and Predators

As the Predator franchise evolves and reaches a future timeline, it presents a tantalizing opportunity to delve deeper into the realm of diplomacy between Yautja and humans. Can there exist a peaceful coexistence or alliances forged for mutual benefit? This turned out to be the case in one of the two biggest conflicts in the Alien vs. Predator universe: The Three World War and the Rage War. In both cases, Colonial Marines brokered an alliance with the Yautja to battle a much bigger foe and succeeded in the end. Surprisingly, hostilities did not break out when the third party was defeated, and humans and Predators parted on friendly terms.

Predator-Human Hybrids

Hunter Borgia, a Predator-Human hybrid from Predator: Concrete Jungle

Recent developments within the franchise have introduced the thought-provoking concept of hybridization, where human and Yautja DNA intertwine. The unnatural hybridization has happened both ways - humans have experimented with Yautja Blood with mixed results, while Predators have hybridized themselves with other species's DNA. Hunter Borgia from Predator: Concrete Jungle became a human-Predator hybrid (giving enhanced powers and longer life), while both the Fugitive Predator and Assassin Predator from The Predator tried to enhance themselves with human DNA for unknown reasons (Assassin was interested in Asperger syndrome in particular). Dutch Schaefer also enhanced himself with Predator blood to overcome his old age and grievous injuries suffered from fighting Predators. The emergence of Predator-human hybrids adds an entirely new layer to the intricate Yautja-human relationship, redefining the boundaries of identity and belonging in a universe where species intertwine in unprecedented ways.

Predators Mating With Humans

Scar Predator with Lex from Alien vs. Predator 2004

While there have been no documented cases of Predators mating with humans, there have been sporadic instances of sexual tension between individuals of the two species. For instance, human Predator Machiko Noguchi once engaged in a bizarre encounter with a diminutive Predator named Shorty, both nearly naked, resembling an enigmatic mating dance. Similarly, the Scar Predator displayed an unusual affection for the human female Alexa Woods, although their connection was cut short by the Alien Queen. However, it's vital to emphasize that the significant anatomical disparities between Yautja and humans make any possibility of breeding offspring or pleasurable intercourse highly implausible, if not entirely impossible, due to inherent biological distinctions and reproductive incompatibilities.

Predators Eating Humans and Vice Versa

A Predator being eaten by a human from Predator: Strange Roux

In the shadowy corners of Predator lore, there exist instances where Predators consume humans as a last resort, and conversely, humans eat Yautja body parts for benefits. While the Predators enjoy eating raw meat in the field, they don't shy away from eating human limbs while really hungry, as happened in the Predator: Hunters and Hunted book. Some Predator comics suggest that consuming Yautja body parts might extend a human's lifespan. In "Aliens vs. Predator: Eternal," a techno-baron named Gideon Suhn Lee claimed to have lived for centuries by consuming the hearts of Predators. The harrowing nature of these encounters underscores the dark and unforgiving facets of the Yautja-human relationship, where the line between predator and prey blurs, and the laws of morality are tested to their limits.


The Yautja-human relationship, marked by ancient worship, mutual respect, alliance, and conflict, forms a captivating narrative in the rich world of Predators. As the franchise continues to evolve and explore new storylines, the complex interplay between these two species challenges our notions of honor, morality, and cooperation in the vast cosmos. It is through these intricate subtopics that we unravel the true depth and complexity of the Yautja-human interaction, where predator and prey dance on the precipice of a shared destiny in the ever-expanding tapestry of science fiction.

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