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Shaman Predator: Profile Of The Yautja Spiritual Leader

By | Published December 21, 2023

Shaman Predator was a distinguished member of the Yautja community who notably stood out among the Lost Tribe at the end of Predator 2. Also known as the "Hippie Predator", this long-dreadlocked Yautja wore a fearsome skull mask and became the spiritual leader of the tribe. Here is the full profile of the Shaman Predator, including the scarce details from the end of Predator 2 and the rich backstory added by his NECA figure.

Shaman Predator (Hippie) In The Lost Tribe

Shaman Predator appearing at the end of Predator 2 with the Lost Tribe

Of the many Predators appearing at the end of Predator 2 as part of the Lost Tribe, Shaman was the one standing closest with the trophy case, wielding a strange staff. This unique Predator earned the nickname "Hippie" among fans due to his exceptionally long dreadlocks. However, the name "Shaman" stuck with him as the official one, as it was assumed that his presence in this group was not just as a hunter but as a figure who brought a deeper, almost mystical dimension to the tribe's ethos. It became clear that his integration into the Lost Tribe, a group of Yautja hunters that arrived on Earth, marked a significant chapter in the tribe's history.

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Shaman Predator's Additional Backstory

The cover of the Shaman Predator package by NECA

Shaman, as one of the oldest living Yautja, has a backstory rich with Earthly encounters and cosmic wisdom, provided by the "Ultimate Shaman Predator" figure by NECA. In the 1800s, he engaged in a chilling form of hunting, selecting the strongest warriors from indigenous tribes in North America. This practice earned him a fearsome reputation among humans, who dubbed him "wechuge," a term from Native American folklore meaning "man-eating demon." This name stemmed from his habit of devouring his prey to absorb their spirit and strength, an act that further fueled his formidable legend. Furthermore, Shaman wielded a strange and terrifying skull mask (not visible in the movie) that added to his reputation.

The Spiritual Leader

Shaman Predator with a bone mask by NECA

Shaman's role as a spiritual leader within the Lost Tribe signifies a profound evolution from his earlier years. His past, once characterized by darkness and a fascination with death, eventually evolved into a source of profound wisdom and spiritual guidance. Shaman's apparent clairvoyant abilities, a rarity among the Yautja, further cemented his status as a spiritual guide. He played a crucial role in mentoring younger hunters, imparting not only hunting skills but also spiritual understanding and philosophical insights into the Yautja way of life.

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Shaman Predator's Weapons

Shaman Predator with an axe by NECA

The weaponry of the Shaman Predator is as unique as his role in Yautja society. His arsenal, a blend of traditional and mystical elements, includes a cloak, bone dagger, and a bone mask, which are not just tools of war but symbols of his spiritual station. The Shaman staff, a significant item in his Yautja armory, signifies his status and is imbued with cultural and possibly mystical significance. The smart disc and skull axe in his possession are not mere weapons but extensions of his hunting philosophy, combining the Yautja's technological prowess with a deep respect for tradition.

Shaman Predator's Armor And Gear

Shaman Predator with a skull

The armor and gear of the Shaman Predator are indicative of his unique status within the tribe. His choice of sparse leather armor, as opposed to the more elaborate suits worn by other Yautja, reflects his spiritual path and detachment from material ostentation. The longer dreadlocks and fewer beads, as compared to his clan-mates, are not just aesthetic choices but are symbolic of his distinct path within Yautja culture. These elements of his attire serve as visual markers of his ancient status and his deep connection to the spiritual realm.

Shaman And Feral Predator's Possible Connection

Shaman Predator and Feral Predator together in a swamp by Lucas Powers

Perceptive fans have noticed many connections between Shaman and Feral Predator that are possibly not a coincidence. Both wielding similar bone masks, they hunted Native Americans in North America during the 18th and 19th centuries during the Predator timeline. With Shaman known to mentor younger hunters, it is possible he thought and trained Feral at one point. Furthermore, Shaman could have claimed the Raphael Adolini 1715 pistol that ended up in the hands of Greyback, paying respect to both his fallen student and the new tribe leader. Predator fan and action figure photographer Lucas Powers has immortalized this connection with a picture of Feral and Shaman training together in a swamp on an Alien planet.

The Predator Witch

The Gotham City Elder Sword given as a trophy to Batman

In the expansive universe of Predator lore, the concept of a Predator witch parallels the mystical Shaman Predator, as showcased in the Aliens versus Predator versus The Terminator comic series. This narrative, extending the saga of Ripley 8 from "Alien: Resurrection," introduces a female Predator witch who plays a pivotal role in a unique ceremony, differing from the traditional blooding rituals known in Yautja culture. During this key event, Ripley is inducted into the Yautja ranks through a special rite overseen by the witch, marked by her being doused in a red substance, likely human blood. The witch, characterized by long dreadlocks and a head crest, stands as a symbol of the deeper, possibly mystical, elements within the Yautja society. Her existence and role in this significant ceremony not only indicate a complex spiritual hierarchy within the Predator culture but also hint at a possible connection or parallel with the Shaman Predator, suggesting shared roles or functions in their society's spiritual practices.


In conclusion, the Shaman Predator represents a compelling and multifaceted figure within the Yautja lore. As a standout member of the Lost Tribe, his transition from a feared interstellar hunter to a venerated spiritual leader illustrates the complex nature of the Yautja. His intertwining with Earth's history and influence within his own species continue to captivate and inspire further exploration into the rich and diverse culture of the Yautja.

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