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Yautja Failure: What Happens When A Predator Fails?

By | Published November 28, 2023

The Yautja, colloquially known as Predators, have earned a formidable reputation across the galaxy due to their exceptional hunting skills and adherence to a stringent warrior code. However, even the mightiest warriors are not immune to defeat. In this exploration, we delve into the multifaceted consequences that Yautja face when they encounter failure in their perilous pursuit of prey.

Glorious Death

Wolf Predator vs. Predalien from Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

For the Yautja, an honorable death in combat is not merely an option but a revered pathway to validate their warrior status. Attaining a glorious death is considered the pinnacle of their existence, a testament to their prowess and commitment to the code. Yet, not every skirmish concludes in triumph, and when a Predator faces defeat, it might be perceived as a blemish on their honor. Nevertheless, the Yautja society acknowledges the inherent risks associated with their lifestyle, and even in defeat, a valiant struggle is respected among their brethren. Not many Predators from the movies can be considered to have a glorious death, but perhaps Wolf had one of the best ones, dying in the deadly embrace of a powerful enemy.

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A Predator uses the self-destruct device on top of a pyramid

In dire circumstances where capture or dishonor seems inevitable, a defeated Yautja may opt for a drastic measure—the activation of their self-destruct device. This final resort not only ensures that their advanced technology doesn't fall into undesirable hands but also serves as a means for the Predator to retain control over their destiny. The self-destruct mechanism becomes a poignant symbol of the Yautja's commitment to maintaining their dignity, even in the face of defeat. Besides the Jungle Hunter self-destruct from the first Predator movie, the trio of Predators blowing themselves up on top of a pyramid in the first Alien vs. Predator movie is very memorable.

Bad Blood Status

The Bad Blood Predator from Predator: Bad Blood

Internal strife is not alien to Yautja society, and defeat in the field can result in a stigmatizing label known as "Bad Blood" status. This designation marks a Predator as dishonorable, deviating from the revered code of conduct. Bad Bloods become pariahs, hunted by their own kin, and their defeat is seen as a cleansing of Yautja society from the stain of dishonor. Bad Blood Predators don't shy away from killing innocents, other Predators, or experimenting with the hybridization of exotic species DNA. Examples of Bad Bloods include the main predator from the legendary Predator: Bad Blood comic, and the Killer Predator clan from Predator: Prey To The Heavens.

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Reduction Of Rank

Ahab Predator meets a clan elder

Structured within a hierarchical framework, the Yautja operate with a strict system of ranks. Failure in the hunt may lead to a significant demotion, stripping the Predator of access to advanced weaponry, and technology, and, in severe cases, imposing restrictions on their hunting privileges. This reduction in rank serves as both punishment and motivation for the fallen warrior to redeem themselves through subsequent successful hunts. The Predator books mention cases where an Elite Predator has been reduced to just "Blooded" status, or a Hunt Captain has been taken away his privileges due to losing most of his Young Blood Predators on the first hunt.


Scarface Predator is exiled in Predator: Concrete Jungle

In instances of repeated failure or egregious violations of the Yautja honor code, the ultimate punishment awaits: exile. Exiled Predators find themselves cast out from the tight-knit Yautja society, forced to navigate the vastness of the galaxy alone. This harsh sentence not only tests the survival skills of the exiled individual but also highlights the Yautja's communal nature, emphasizing the strength derived from the collective. Scarface Predator from Predator: Concrete Jungle messed up on his first hunt on Earth, leading to thousands of innocent deaths. He was then exiled to a backwater planet with exotic creatures for 100 years until he was reclaimed by his clan and allowed to redeem himself.

Capture And Brainwashing

Stoneheart Predator is brainwashed

Occasionally, defeated Yautja may fall prey to other species, particularly humans, who may attempt to extract valuable information or, even more insidiously, engage in brainwashing. Such a scenario poses a substantial threat to Yautja society, as the captors could potentially exploit the advanced technology and knowledge of the Yautja species against them. A trio of Predators headed by Stone Heart from the Concrete: Jungle video game were brainwashed by the Borgia Corporation, and become mindless killing machines who did the human's bidding. However, Scarface Predator hunted them down and took their skulls as trophies, freeing his former brothers from an insulting existence.

Birthing A Predalien

Birth of the Predalien from Scar Predator in the end of Alien vs. Predator

Perhaps one of the most unsettling consequences of Yautja failure is the potential creation of a Predalien. If a Yautja succumbs to defeat at the hands of a Xenomorph, the parasitic extraterrestrial species from the "Alien" franchise, there exists a chilling possibility of a Predalien being born. This hybrid creature, melding the genetic material of both Yautja and Xenomorph, poses an imminent and terrifying threat to any species unfortunate enough to encounter it. The Predalien is often considered to be the ultimate insult to the Predators, and its now-dead host is reviled for letting the creature grow so far.


The cover of Predator: Concrete Jungle

However, the Yautja society does not dismiss the prospect of redemption for its fallen members. Predators, even after facing defeat, have the opportunity to reclaim their honor through subsequent successful hunts. A triumphant return to the battlefield, coupled with a demonstration of unwavering commitment to the Yautja code, can serve as a path to redemption. This process not only reinstates the Predator's standing within the society but also reaffirms the resilience and adaptability inherent in the warrior culture of the Yautja. Scarface Predator's return to the hunting scene after 100 years in exile is a testament to this Yautja way.


While the Yautja are celebrated for their exceptional hunting prowess, the specter of defeat looms ever-present in their perilous lifestyle. From the pursuit of an honorable death to the threat of exile and the creation of monstrous hybrids, the consequences of Yautja failure underscore the intricate and unforgiving nature of their society. The pursuit of honor and glory, it seems, comes at a considerable cost, and even the formidable Predators must contend with the ramifications of defeat in the vast expanses of the galaxy. However, there still remains the small hope of redemption.

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