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Predator Sword: List of Machetes, Katanas, Elder Swords

By | Published March 07, 2023

The Predator sword is a powerful Yautja melee weapon that is rarely seen in the movies and is more extensively used in the Expanded Universe of the Predator franchise. Used as an alternative to the Yautja wristblades, the Predator sword is more of a ceremonial weapon, often carried by Elder Predators and sometimes given or held as a trophy. Used in battle, the sword is razor sharp and gives the user a bigger reach than the wristblades, and allows more force to be used with both arms on the blade. Here is a complete list of the Predator sword variants and usages, including the Predator Elder Sword and the Samurai Predator Katana.

Elder Sword

Greyback Predator with the Elder Sword from Predator 2

The first appearance of the Predator Sword was at the end of Predator 2, in the Lost Tribe Predator ship. The Elder Predator called Greyback appeared to Detective Harrigan with the sword in his left hand, held in a backhand grip. The sword was not used in an aggressive manner, more likely it was held as a status symbol for the leader of the tribe. Instead of giving Harrigan the sword as a trophy, he handed over the 1715 flintlock pistol instead. In his final moment in the movie, Greyback sheathed the sword on his belt (in front) and cloaked himself while the ship prepared to take off. The Elder Sword also makes an appearance in the Predator: Hunting Grounds video game.

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Golden Angel Sword

Golden Angel Predator with a Sword from Predator: 1718 comic

Predator 2 received a prequel comic titled Predator: 1718 that was later partly retconned by the events of Prey. Regardless, 1718 showed the exploits of Greyback Predator (then nicknamed Golden Angel) in his younger years, using another Predator sword. This time, the sword was retractable from the hilt and had no curvatures for the blade. The Golden Angel used the sword to chop down and decapitate several mutinous pirates who had ganged up on Raphael Adolini, their captain. Just before dying, Raphael gave the Predator the flintlock pistol, while Greyback left his sword on the pirate captain's grave, as a sign of final respect.

Bad Blood Predator Sword

The Bad Blood Predator sword

The Yautja sword was the preferred weapon of the mad Bad Blood Predator from the excellent Predator: Bad Blood comic book. Although he used wristblades and the combistick occasionally, he mostly hacked through waves of enemies with his sword. In addition to humans, he killed several Predators, earning his Bad Blood status. The sword itself was straight with two ridges on the top. A bone was used a hilt, with a tape-like material used to merge it together with the razor-sharp blade. The sword was dripping with blood throughout the gory comic.

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Top Knot Predator Sword

The Top Knot Predator Sword from AvP: War comic

Top Knot Predator, a clan leader from the great Aliens vs. Predator: War comic book series, had a golden sword that he used for a special and important purpose. The sword was used to cut through and separate the egg sack from an Alien Queen, to prepare her for travel. The Queen would then be moved to the Predator ship and be taken prisoner, and forced to lay more eggs for breeding Xenomorphs that the Predators could then hunt. Although the egg sack was successfully sliced with the sword, things did not go fully as planned, and Top Knot had to resort to more powerful weaponry to fight off hordes of Xenomorphs coming to protect their Queen.

Armored Lost Predator Sword

Armored Lost Predator Sword by Neca

Armored Lost Predator (also known as Borg) was one of the very few Predators who did not have wristblades attached to his arm. Instead, he chose to use a long sword, which was possibly cybernetically enhanced, much like himself and his armor. Borg showed up very briefly at the end of Predator 2 together with the other Lost Tribe Predators but did not carry a weapon then. As a NECA figure, more backstory was added to him, along with his sword and unique-looking bio-mask. Borg was part of the Rogue Space Tribe, a trio of Bad Bloods who experimented with illegal weapons and were banished from Yautja Prime.

Ghost Predator Machete

Ghost Predator Machete by Neca

Ghost Predator used a machete-like sword to exact vengeance on Super Predator clan for slaughtering his village long ago. The machete is similar to the weapon that Billy used in the first Predator movie when cutting his chest and choosing the fight the Jungle Hunter one-on-one. The Ghost Predator has earned his nickname for being utterly silent and observing the Super Predators as a "Boogie Man". He was known to stalk his victims for weeks before finally getting close to make his killing blow with the machete.

Gotham City Elder Sword

The Gotham City Elder Sword given as a trophy to Batman

The Elder Sword from the first Batman vs. Predator comic was used both for killing and as a prized trophy. When the Predator nicknamed "See-through Slasher" fought Batman and was gravely wounded, his clan arrived together with an Elder Predator. The Elder gave the Slasher a ceremonial sword, which he then used to stab himself through the abdomen, choosing death because of the failure of the Hunt. The Elder pulled it out, cleaned it, and handed it over to Batman, the winner of the duel. Batman later placed it in the Batcave together with other trophies. This elegant-looking white sword is one of the biggest swords seen in Yautja lore, and is similar to the scimitar of the Young Blood Predators.

Samurai Predator Katana

The Samurai Predator Katana

The Katana used by the Samurai Predator is perhaps the longest sword seen in the Predator lore. It is of course styled after the Japanese Katana, used by both the Yakuza and the Samurai. The Samurai Predator and his sword were introduced as a DLC in the Predator: Hunting Grounds game, part of several historical cosplayer Predators who showed interest in a specific time period in Earth's history. The Katana itself is one of the better melee weapons in the game. Swinging of the sword is lightning fast and makes a light blue effect, hinting that it has an internal power source that makes the cuts even stronger. The Katana expands out of the hilt, making it similar to the wristblades and the original sword used by the Golden Angel Predator.


In conclusion, the Predator sword is a rare but powerful melee weapon used by the Yautja, often carried by Elder Predators and used in battle. It is prized item and big sign of honor when claimed as a trophy. While it is more of a ceremonial weapon than a practical one, it offers a greater reach and allows more force to be used with both arms on the blade. There are several variants of the Predator sword, including the Elder Sword, Predator Machete and even a Predator Katana. Each sword has its own unique backstory and usage in the Predator franchise, making them a fascinating addition to the lore.

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