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Predator Civil War: List Of Yautja Blood Feuds

By | Published September 13, 2023

The Predator Civil Wars were a series of conflicts where one Predator clan fought with another over major disagreements over the Predator Honor Code and the correct ways of the hunt. The Civil Wars mostly involved the traditional Jungle Hunter clan and even spanned over several centuries. Here is an overview of all the major Predator Civil Wars, leaving out minor Predator vs. Predator skirmishes.

First Civil War: Jungle Hunters vs. Killer Predators

A Jungle Hunter Predator decapitating a Killer Predator

In addition to battling other species, the hot-headed Yautja have fought in at least three civil wars amongst themselves. The first known civil war occurred between the classic Jungle Hunter clan and a group of Predators known as the Killers. The Killers were Bad Blood Yautja who strayed away from the regular hunting codes of Yautja Prime and just enjoyed killing for the fun of it. This civil war spilled over to Earth, where a conflict in East Africa attracted both sides of the feud. The Hunters and Killers employed weaponry and tactics not seen before in Yautja lore, using rifles (called burners), fighting in large numbers, wearing battle armor, and employing commanders to instruct other Yautja. Although the Killers lost, they were not fully defeated and would show up more than a century during the Three World War.

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Second Civil War: Super Predators vs. Jungle Hunters

The Berserker Predator fights the Crucified Predator in Predators

The second Civil War embroiled the Jungle Hunter clan once more, this time pitting them against the formidable Super Predators, who seemed to provoke the hostilities. The precise catalyst for this feud remains shrouded in mystery, though the Super Predators' status as a distinct Yautja subspecies may account for both their physical disparities and ideological differences. This clash could have arisen from disputes over coveted territory, such as the game preserve planet, or conflicting hunting methods that involved the abduction and transportation of prey to distant locales. Despite a seemingly shared loss in the third Predator film, the Super Predators resurfaced centuries later on LV-412, as evidenced in the AvP: Evolution game.

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Third Civil War: Upgrade Predators vs. Fugitive Predators

The Upgrade Predator about to kill the Fugitive Predator

The third Civil War erupted on Yautja Prime, pitting the heavily hybridized Upgrade Predators, often referred to as Assassins, against the clan to which the Fugitive Predators belonged. While the strife ostensibly revolved around the contentious issue of DNA hybridization, the presence of human DNA within the Fugitive Predators raised perplexing questions. The Upgrade Predators plotted an Earth invasion due to climate changes rendering the planet more hospitable for them. Intriguingly, the Fugitives opposed this plan and sought to assist humanity in countering the larger Predators, ultimately providing humanity with the formidable Predator Killer suit. This unconventional storyline, however, bore a heavy toll, as numerous humans perished in the process, leaving the narrative fraught with complexity and ambiguity.

Culmination: Three World War

The Jungle Hunter Predators fight the Killer Predators in AvP: Three World War

The initial Civil War between the Jungle Hunters and the Killer Predators would find its continuation in a subsequent conflict known as the Three World War. Chronicled in a comic of the same name, the Killer Predators sowed chaos by deploying captured Xenomorphs as weapons of war, endangering both the Colonial Marines and their fellow Predators. In a pivotal turn of events, Machiko Noguchi played a crucial role in forging an alliance, uniting the two opposing sides in a mission to capture a Xenomorph Queen, employing her against the relentless Killer Predators. The culmination of their efforts led to a climactic convergence on Ryushi, followed by a decisive beachhead assault on Caparis VII, featuring a vast fleet of Predator ships and Conestoga class cruisers. Utilizing the captured Queen, they wrested control over the Xenomorphs, sealing the fate of the Predator Killers, who vanished from the annals of history.

Predators In American Civil War

A Predator gets stabbed by the American flag in the American Civil War

Remarkably, the influence of Predators extended even to the American Civil War, with two instances of their involvement recorded alongside encounters with historical figures. One such confrontation involved Jesse James in the "Predator: Hell Come a Walkin'" comic. Before achieving notoriety as an outlaw, Jesse served as a soldier within a Confederate unit, forging a tenuous alliance with Union forces to combat a Predator that indiscriminately slaughtered soldiers from both sides. Another Predator engagement during the Civil War unfolded in the "Predator: If It Bleeds" anthology novel, specifically in the short story "Stonewall's Last Stand." In this tale, Confederate General "Stonewall" Jackson found himself embroiled in a perilous encounter with a Union soldier who forewarned of a nearby Predator. The ensuing struggle resulted in the Yautja's slaughter of Jackson's group, culminating in the Predator's demise at the hands of Union cannon fire, an eerie parallel to the real-life fate of the Confederate general.


The Predator Civil Wars, characterized by internal conflicts over the Predator Honor Code and hunting principles, primarily involved the Jungle Hunter clan spanning centuries. From the ruthless Killer Predators who delighted in slaughter to enigmatic battles with the Super Predators and the hybridized Upgrade Predators facing off against the Fugitive Predators on Yautja Prime, these wars were rife with questions of honor and survival. The Three World War brought an unlikely alliance as Hunters and humans joined forces against a Killer Predators who wielded Xenomorphs as weapons. Notably, Predators left their enigmatic mark on the American Civil War, interacting with historical figures like Jesse James and Stonewall Jackson, adding layers to their mystique.

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