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Albino Xenomorph: List Of All White Aliens

By | Published January 19, 2024

Throughout the Alien series, there have been several special types of white and albino Xenomorphs. The reasons for their existence include old age, inherited human traits due to DNA mixing, environmental factors, and even special pigmentations in their skin. Here is a list of notable white Xenomorphs, including the Newborn, Neomorph, Albino Drone, and several Hybrid Xenomorphs.

White Hybrids

White Hybrid from Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species

Within the pages of the Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species comic series, the white hybrids emerged as a novel species devised by the rogue AI, Toy. These creatures inherited traits from Xenomorphs, Yautja, and humans, primarily resembling Xenomorphs with distinctive white skin. Boasting acid blood and utilizing facehuggers for reproduction, the white hybrids surpassed regular Xenomorph intelligence, with some capable of speech. Engaging in a fierce conflict against Big Mama Predator and her allies, these hybrids proved formidable opponents.

White Hybrid King vs. Trophy Hatchling

White Hybrid King vs. Trophy Hatchling

Leading the white hybrids was the Hybrid King, a formidable creature reminiscent of a Predalien. Possessing the ability to speak, inherited from humans, the Hybrid King clashed with the Trophy Hatchling, born when Ash Parnall was infected by a unique facehugger. The Trophy Hatchling, aligning itself with Big Mama Predator, fought the Hybrid King to a stalemate. Unfortunately, the white hybrid race met its demise when the Montcalm-Delacroix et Cie's skyliner exploded in orbit, leaving only the Trophy Hatchling to join Big Mama's crew, aspiring to transcend the malevolence associated with Xenomorphs.

Albino Drone Xenomorph

The Albino Drone Xenomorph from NECA

In the initial script draft of Aliens by James Cameron, Ripley's journey to rescue Newt included encountering albino drones within the Xenomorph hive. These slightly smaller Xenomorphs featured white skin and a lengthy pink tongue used for hive construction and victim cocooning. These drones were less aggressive than the Xenomorph Warriors, and mostly tended to the wellbeing of the hive. While budget constraints and script revisions led to their exclusion, NECA later canonized the concept with the release of albino drone Xenomorph figures, maintaining the same size as regular drones.


The Newborn from Alien: Resurrection

In Alien: Resurrection, the Newborn inherited its light skin from Ripley 8's DNA, a clone of Ellen Ripley. Despite the Auriga Queen being its mother, Ripley 8's genetic influence endowed the Newborn with soft, non-armored skin, human-like eyes, a tongue, and a nose. Exceptionally powerful, the Newborn could dispatch an Alien Queen with a single swipe, earning it the distinction of being among the strongest Xenomorph types. The Newborn initially escaped the Auriga's destruction on the Betty but was sucked out from a hole in the viewport.


The Neomorph from Alien: Covenant

The Neomorph, a precursor to the traditional Xenomorph, shared similarities with the Deacon from Prometheus. Distinguished by their white skin, the Neomorphs originated after David released Black Goo biomatter into the atmosphere of the Engineer planet. Born as bloodbursters (similar to chestbursters), these agile and vicious creatures featured thicker skin than Xenomorphs and lacked the iconic inner jaw. The Neomorphs had an exceptionally efficient lifecycle, being able to infect victims from spores floating in the air, without the use of a facehugger. Only two Neomorphs were featured in Alien: Covenant, but very similar creatures showed up later in Aliens: Fireteam.

Pathogen Queen

The Pathogen Queen from Aliens: Fireteam Elite

In the year 2202 of the Alien timeline, the mutated Pathogen Queen was encountered by the Colonial Marines on LV-895. Altered by a lethal alien pathogen, she exhibited white coloration, a protective carapace, sharp quills, luminescent spots, and a club-like arm. Unlike typical Alien Queens, she couldn't reproduce but was more agile and aggressive, even being able to climbs walls. Her arsenal included melee attacks, firing quills, and acid dispersal. Her threat ended when a Colonial Marine fireteam from the UAS Endeavour defeated her. The Pathogen Queen features in the "Aliens: Fireteam Elite" Pathogen expansion, fighting alongside other white pathogen creatures.

White Matriarch Queen

The Old White Queen from Aliens vs. Predator 2010

Unlike Xenomorph types altered by DNA manipulation or albino pigmentation, the Matriarch Queen on BG-386 transitioned to a whitish-grey color due to old age. Over a thousand years old, she had been captured by Predators and made to lay eggs over the course of several centuries. She escaped but met her demise at the hands of a lone Colonial Marine during the events of Aliens vs. Predator 2010. Her aged skin exhibited cracks and ridges, reminiscent of the lighter tone observed in the centuries-old Antarctica Queen from the first Alien vs. Predator movie.

Irradiated Xenomorph

The Irradiated Xenomorph from Aliens: Aftermath

The Alien Expanded Universe has a recurring inclination to revisit the ruins of Hadley's Hope, despite its destruction in the Atmospheric Processor's explosion. In Aliens: Aftermath, approximately 35 years post the events of Aliens, Cutter Vasquez—a cousin to Jenette Vasquez—led a group of extremists to LV-426. Amidst the colony's remnants, they encountered an irradiated Xenomorph that had adapted and transformed in the radiation of the Atmosphere Processor. This formidable creature proved exceptionally lethal, causing anything it touched to melt. In a climactic confrontation, Cutter Vasquez and the Alien ultimately met their demise, each succumbing to the other's deadly force.

Number Seven Xenomorph

The Number Seven Xenomorph from Aliens: Infiltrator

The Number Seven Xenomorph from Aliens: Infiltrator underwent a white transformation through experimentations with the Black Goo on Pala station. Uniquely possessing a telepathic link with other Aliens, Number Seven could command them into battle, becoming the so-called Alpha Xenomorph (similar to the Grid Alien). Though not directly engaged in combat, Number Seven met its demise when survivors caused an explosion near the station's shuttle bay. The final survivor, Dr. Timothy Hoenikker, resurfaced later in the Aliens: Fireteam Elite game.

Gotham City White Xenomorph

A White Xenomorph from Gotham City in Batman/Aliens II

The White Xenomorph from Batman/Aliens II had been locked up in a secret laboratory under Gotham City for almost a century until construction workers accidentally released it. Due to the long time being locked up underground, its skin had turned white, similar to the skin of the Matriarch. The creature crossed paths with Dr. Fortune in Arkham Asylum, who uses the inmate's DNA to create a new species of hybrid Xenomorphs, including the Joker Xenomorph. These hybrids also had pale skin and could talk, wear clothes, and even hold human weapons. Later on, NECA Toys released a figure out of the Joker Xenomorph, but it was more similar to the initial white Xenomorph that escaped from the secret vault than the human-like Jokermorph.

Elden The Black Goo Infected Android

Elden the android from AvP: Fire and Stone

Elden started out as a human-like android who was injected with the highly mutagenic Black Goo Pathogen. Instead of turning black as the goo itself, Elden turned white. The chemical agent caused rapid mutations, even in factory-built android like him. Although Elden didn't really grow into a Xenomorph, his mutations started to take traits from the Alien species. He developed an elongated head, exoskeleton, and sharp claws, transforming into a type of android Xenomorph. Elden was also the only known android to be blooded by the Yautja. Elden's exploits were depicted in the Fire and Stone comic book series.

LV-695 Albino Xenomorph

A White Xenomorph on LV-695 in Alien: Thaw

In Alien: Thaw, a team of scientists stationed on the frigid LV-695 made an intriguing discovery: a white Facehugger. The news triggered a Weyland-Yutani response, with company representatives arriving to secure the specimen. However, the situation took a sinister turn when one of the representatives fell victim to a Facehugger attack, leading to impregnation. The emergence of the white Xenomorph followed, launching a merciless killing spree within the station. The White Xenomorph would prove to be more intelligent than the regular Xenomorph and would battle its black brethren in the epic climax of the story. The creature's backstory was revealed in Alie: Annual, originating from an indigenous white-skinned and four-legged spider-like creature on LV-965.


In summary, the Alien series has presented a diverse array of white and albino Xenomorphs, each with unique origins and characteristics. These pale-skinned Xenomorph hybrids seem to be a common occurrence in the Alien lore, which is often trying to introduce newer and "badder" creatures to top the original ones. However, the original Giger Xenomorph still has the best design, and the is no such need to introduce so many new creatures.

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