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Alien Romulus Lore: Explanations And Theories

The Alien Romulus lore section offers explanations, theories, and listings from the latest Alien sequel: Alien Romulus by director Fede Alvarez. In these articles below, find out how the movie fits into the bigger Alien lore and what new things Alien Romulus brings into the Alien mythology.

Alien Romulus Xenomorph: A New Breed Of Alien?

The Xenomorph from Alien Romulus

As per tradition in the Alien movie series, Alien Romulus introduces a new Xenomorph type aboard the Renaissance station. In this article, find out everything we know about this Xenomorph, including its possible alternate life cycle and visual differences from traditional Xenomorphs.

Romulus Androids: Built By Weyland, Seegson, Or Hyperdyne?

An android from Alien Romulus

The Alien franchise is renowned for its inclusion of androids, and Alien Romulus is no exception. In this article, we will explore the potential new android characters in Alien Romulus and try to identify which company is responsible for building them.

Romulus Proto Pulse Rifle: How It Fits With M41A Lore

The Pulse Rifle from Alien Romulus

Set halfway between Alien and Aliens, Alien Romulus introduces a prototype Pulse Rifle, the iconic weapon used by the Colonial Marines decades later. In this article, find out how this prototype fits with the history of the Colonial Marines and the M41A Pulse Rifle, as established by the Expanded Universe.

Renaissance Station: The Alien Romulus Space Station

The Renaissance Station from Alien Romulus, containing the Romulus lab

As confirmed by director Fede Alvarez, the Space Station from Alien Romulus is called Renaissance, not Romulus. The station is divided into two sections - a lab called Romulus, and an older part named Remus. In this article, find out everything we know about the Renaissance Station.

Corbelan IV: Guide To The Alien Romulus Ship

The Corbelan IV approaching Renaissance Station from Alien Romulus

Unconventionally, the main ship from Alien Romulus is not called Romulus. The ship is named Corbelan IV, while Romulus is the biolab part of a space station designated as Renaissance. In this guide, find out everything we know about Corbelan IV and its role in the movie.

Alien: Romulus - Upcoming Alien Movie News And Rumors

The Teaser image for Alien: Romulus featuring a Facehugger

Alien: Romulus is the working title for the upcoming Alien movie lined for release in 2024 which is directed by Fede Alvarez. Find out all the details about the movie here, including the exact release date, plot details, and all the known cast and crew members.