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Alien Universe Androids

The Alien Universe Androids Category page lists articles related to the Alien Universe androids from the Alien movies and the Expanded Lore. Expect to see overviews of specific Alien androids, but also list-based articles about certain special android types, like artificial Xenomorphs.

Romulus Androids: Built By Weyland, Seegson, Or Hyperdyne?

An android from Alien Romulus

The Alien franchise is renowned for its inclusion of androids, and "Alien Romulus" is no exception. In this article, we will explore the potential new android characters in "Alien Romulus" and try to identify which company is responsible for building them.

Combat Androids: Synthetics Fighting Xenos And Yautja

A Combat Android

In addition to human-friendly synthetics with behavioral inhibitors, several series of combat androids have been produced in the Alien series by different mega-corporations. Here is a list of androids developed for the purpose of expanding the military power of the company.

Greedy Mega-Corporations: Competitors Of Weyland-Yutani

The Weyland-Yutani logo

The mega-corporations have a big influence over the surveyed worlds in the Alien vs. Predator universe. They are often in an open rivalry between themselves and other world governments. Here is a list of the biggest mega-corporations, including companies like Seegson, the Grant Corporation and Weyland-Yutani.

Android Xenomorphs: Attempts To Create Robotic Aliens

Jeri, An Android Xenomorph

One of the common tropes in the Alien Expanded Universe is android Xenomorphs. They have been either created by a lone mad scientist or mass produced by some company. Here is a list of notable android Xenomorphs, including the infamous Xenoborgs and the lovable Jeri.

Powered Mech Suits: Protection Against Xenomorph Acid

MOX Berserker Armor

The Predator Killer mech suit in The Predator was not the first instance of weaponized mech suits being used in the Alien vs. Predator universe. We take a look at several different mech suits and power armor from the movies, games and comics and rank them by their awesomeness.

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