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The Alien Universe Ships Category page lists articles related to the Alien Universe Ships from the Alien movies and the Expanded Lore. Expect to see overviews of specific Alien spaceships, but also list-based articles about certain ship types.

Corbelan IV: Guide To The Alien Romulus Ship

The Corbelan IV approaching Renaissance Station from Alien Romulus

Unconventionally, the main ship from Alien Romulus is not called Romulus. The ship is named Corbelan IV, while Romulus is the biolab part of a space station designated as Renaissance. In this guide, find out everything we know about Corbelan IV and its role in the movie.

USCSS Patna: Details You Might Have Missed

The USCSS Patna approaching Fury 161

The USCSS Patna was the Weyland-Yutani Bio-Weapons Division ship that arrived on Fury 161 to acquire the Xenomorph specimen from Ellen Ripley. Here is the full overview of the company ship which is barely seen in Alien 3, including details from the Expanded Universe.

USS Sulaco: What Happened Before And After LV-426?

The USS Sulaco approaching LV-426

The USS Sulaco is the legendary warship from the Alien universe that was considered to be an unlucky ship already before the events of Aliens. In this article, find out everything about the Sulaco's past and explore the alternate final fates of the ship.

USCSS Nostromo: Origins And Specifications

The USCSS Nostromo landing on LV-426

The United States Cargo Star Ship (USCSS) Nostromo is the most well-known ship in the Alien franchise, appearing as the main location of the first Alien movie. Here is a deeper dive into the origins, specifications, and historical significance of the Nostromo.

Colonial Marine Ships: List Of Every Known USCM Vessel

The USS Sulaco

The Colonial Marines don't employ many personnel but use massive ships to travel them across the universe. The ships are fully automated and don't even need any crew to man them while the marines are on a mission. Most of these ships are similar to the USS Sulaco.

Space Jockey Ships: Every Engineer Derelict Craft Listed

A Derelict Ship once used by the Space Jockeys

The Space Jockeys fly around in gigantic ships, containing a deadly payload of bioweapons. These ships often crash, ready to be discovered by helpless explorers. While most of these ships look like a horse-shoe, some also come with more exotic designs.

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