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Xenomorph Origins: Who Created The Xenomorphs?

By | Published December 05, 2023

The Xenomorph origins are shrouded in mystery, however, multiple explanations have emerged from both the Alien movies and the Expanded universe about the Alien's original creation. In this exploration, we delve into different prominent theories surrounding the origins of the Xenomorphs. Let's find out, who exactly could have created the Xenomorphs, and who helped to spread them across the galaxy.

Evolving on Xenomorph Prime

Xenomorphs evolving on Xenomorph Prime

One prevalent theory from the Alien Expanded Universe posits that the Xenomorphs originated on a distant and desolate homeworld dubbed Xenomorph Prime. According to this hypothesis, the original Xenomorph types evolved over millennia, adapting to the harsh conditions of their environment. Their evolutionary path led them to develop the iconic biomechanical features that make them so distinct. The Xenomorphs rooted out any other species on the planet due to their aggressive life cycle, becoming the Apex Predators. However, different hives could start fighting each other over dominance, as seen in Aliens: Genocide. This theory suggests that the Xenomorphs are the result of a natural, albeit terrifying, process of adaptation and survival.

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Created By The Engineers

The Xenomorph Mural from Prometheus hints that the Xenomorphs were created by Engineers

The mysterious race known as the Engineers (also known as the Space Jockeys), seen both in Alien and Prometheus, has sparked speculation regarding their role in the creation of the Xenomorphs. Some theories initially supported by director Ridley Scott propose that the Space Jockeys engineered the Xenomorphs as a bio-weapon or experiment gone awry. The ancient extraterrestrial species may have intended the Xenomorphs for a specific purpose, only to lose control of their creation, leading to the nightmarish consequences depicted in the films. The Xenomorph eggs would be transported on giant Engineer ships, ready to be dropped on unsuspecting worlds. As seen in Prometheus, the Engineers had a Xenomorph "mural" on a wall in their Black Goo Pathogen bio-weapons facility, hinting that they at least had plans for the creature.

Created By David's Experimentations

David's Laboratory from Alien: Covenant'

In the Prometheus and Alien: Covenant films, the android David, portrayed by Michael Fassbender, is revealed to be conducting experiments with the genetic material of various species. A theory more recently pushed by Ridley Scott suggests that David, driven by a desire to create the perfect organism, played a significant role in the genesis of the Xenomorphs. By combining the DNA of different life forms (including the body of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, and Neomorphs), David may have inadvertently given rise to the monstrous creatures that haunt the "Alien" universe. This theory introduces a complex narrative of artificial intelligence meddling with the building blocks of life. However, as written in the Alien: Covenant novelization by Alan Dean Foster, David might just have re-created the Xenomorph based on the original Engineer plans he found on the planet.

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Spawned By Predators

The Alien Queen from Alien vs. Predator who was captured by Predators

Another intriguing theory suggests a connection between the Xenomorphs and the Yautja, also known as Predators. According to this hypothesis, the Predators use Xenomorphs as part of a rite of passage or hunting ritual. The creatures are unleashed on unsuspecting prey to test the prowess of young Yautja warriors. This theory not only adds a layer of ritualistic significance to the Xenomorphs but also implies a deliberate and calculated interaction between the two iconic extraterrestrial species. As seen in both the Aliens vs. Predator comics and the first AvP movie, Predators were responsible for capturing Alien Queens and spreading the Alien eggs across the galaxy, but probably did not directly create them.

Bred By Druthaki

A member of the Druthaki race, who bred Xenomorphs

In the intricate tale of Xenomorph origins, the enigmatic Drukathi race played a part as well. Towering over the largest Predators with their six legs and dog-like snouts, the technologically advanced Drukathi conducted sinister experiments to breed Xenomorphs. Similarly to the Yautja, they inadvertently spread Xenomorphs to multiple words, where they lay dormant to wreak havoc later. Unfettered by notions of honor, the Drukathi's malevolence gave rise to the biomechanical horrors that continue to haunt cosmic hunting grounds. Although the Drukathi have long departed, their dark legacy persists through ancient relics and legends, casting an ominous shadow over once-inhabited cosmic realms. Facing a Drukathi is still one of the Yautja's biggest fears.


The origins of the Xenomorphs remain shrouded in mystery, with each theory offering a unique perspective on the genesis of these formidable creatures. Whether they evolved naturally on Xenomorph Prime, were created by the Space Jockeys, experimented upon by the android David, or used by Predators in their hunting traditions, the Xenomorphs continue to captivate audiences with their terrifying presence. As the "Alien" franchise evolves with Alien: Romulus and the FX's Alien TV series, new installments may provide further insights into the true origins of these iconic extraterrestrial nightmares. For example, we might see the return of David and his experiments, or even see a glimpse of Xenomorph Prime. Until then, fans will continue to speculate and explore the chilling possibilities surrounding the birth of the Xenomorph species.

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