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Space Jockey Lore: Mythology Of The Engineers

Space Jockey lore explanations and theories, overview of different Engineers, their ships, and interactions with other races from the movies and the Expanded Universe.

Space Jockey Xenomorph: Alien Born From An Engineer

The Space Jockey Xenomorph from Aliens: Apocalypse

The Space Jockey Xenomorph is a giant and rare Alien type that is born from an Engineer, also known as a Space Jockey. This article covers all the individual Space Jockey Aliens featured in Alien lore, including the Deacon and the Titan Xenomorph.

Xenomorph vs. Engineer Fights: History Of Extinction

An Engineer fights a Xenomorph Queen

As is the common theme in the franchise, the Xenomorphs can not be controlled and have become a hated enemy of the Engineers. Here is an overview of the different clashes between Xenomorphs and Engineers, some happening even thousands of years ago.

Space Jockey Ships: Every Engineer Derelict Craft Listed

A Derelict Ship once used by the Space Jockeys

The Space Jockeys fly around in gigantic ships, containing a deadly payload of bioweapons. These ships often crash, ready to be discovered by helpless explorers. While most of these ships look like a horse-shoe, some also come with more exotic designs.

Predator vs. Engineer: Yautja Fighting Space Jockeys

Predator vs. Engineer fighting

Predators hunting and fighting a Space Jockey is a rare event in the Alien vs. Predator franchise. It is a great honor and privilege for the Predators to claim a trophy of an Engineer as they are an elusive species but also extremely tough in combat. This is a list of all known Predator and Space Jockey encounters.

Space Jockey: Every Member Of The Engineer Species

The Original Space Jockey

The Space Jockeys are the mysterious pilot species first seen in the first Alien movie. Throughout the series, there have been many iterations of them, including the Engineers from Prometheus and the Mala'kak pilots from the Alien books and comics. Here is a list of the different individual Space Jockeys, ranked by their accomplishments.

Xenomorphs On Earth: History of Alien Infestations

Alien vs. Predator Arcade Game

The Aliens have invaded Earth several times during its history in the Alien vs Predator franchise. Here are listed 5 Earth invasions. The list is sorted chronologically and some of these events have been deemed non-canon.