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Prometheus 3: Status Of The Alien: Covenant Sequel

By | Published January 13, 2024

With several Alien and Predator projects in the making, the future of the franchise seems somewhat promising under Disney. But what became of Prometheus 3 (sometimes called Alien: Awakening), Ridley Scott's sequel to Alien: Covenant, and the third part in the planned prequel trilogy? In this article, find out the disappointing status of the movie, how the story of David and the Engineers could continue, and how other Alien projects could still connect to the prequel characters and motifs.

The Unlikely Prospect of "Prometheus 3"

An Engineer inside a suit in Prometheus

Prometheus 3 (or Alien: Awakening) is not in active development anymore, and in the worst case, cancelled. Given the lukewarm reception and box office struggles of "Prometheus" and its sequel, "Alien: Covenant," the likelihood of "Prometheus 3" materializing has diminished considerably. Ridley Scott's ambitious narrative, which sought to explore the origins of the iconic Xenomorphs and their creators, the Engineers, may remain an unfinished symphony. This shift marks a crucial juncture in the franchise's history, as Disney, the new custodian of the "Alien" legacy, appears to be charting a course that departs from Scott's prequel series. Ridley Scott has moved on to direct other projects while his age still allows it, mostly focusing on historical epics, like Napoleon and Gladiator 2.

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Continuing David's Story In "Prometheus 3"

David walks on the ship at the end of Alien: Covenant

"Prometheus 3," had it come to fruition, would have continued the story of David, the enigmatic android with an unhealthy god complex. At the end of the last movie, David had full control over the 2000 colonists and 1140 embryos onboard the USCSS Covenant, in addition to the two proto-eggs he carried with him. The ship was headed to Origae-6, and David had no reason to change its course. Presumably, David would continue his sick experiments on the planet, waking up colonists one by one, and making full use of the two facehuggers available, possibly producing an Alien Queen. Both Daniels and Tennessee were also alive but in stasis, and David would have no motivation for making a quick awakening for them.

The Engineer Connection In "Alien: Awakening"

An Engineer about to sacrifice himself at the start of Prometheus

Additionally, Ridley Scott hinted at a storyline involving the return of the Engineers. In this envisioned sequel, the Engineers would have found their planet decimated by the Black Goo Pathogen, leading to an investigation by new characters, including the Engineers themselves. The narrative could have taken us to different planets - either the Engineers' home planet as seen in "Alien: Covenant," Origae-6, or perhaps even LV-426 from the original "Alien." This sequel would likely have bridged the gap between the "Prometheus" series and the original "Alien" film, potentially revealing the origins of the derelict spacecraft and the doomed Engineer found by the crew of the Nostromo. Perhaps the LV-426 derelict ship would have just crashed landed a few years before the events of Alien, and contained a familiar Engineer, or even David or Daniels in the Engineer suit.

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The Abandoned Vision of "Alien 5"

Ellen Ripley with Dwayne Hicks in Alien 5 concept art

Among the Alien projects being recently developed, another intriguing chapter was the subsequent cancellation of "Alien 5" by Neill Blomkamp. This project, which had generated significant interest among fans, was envisioned as a direct sequel to James Cameron's "Aliens," potentially bypassing the events of "Alien 3" and "Alien: Resurrection." Blomkamp's vision for "Alien 5" promised a return to the action-packed roots of "Aliens," complete with the return of iconic characters, including Hicks and Newt. However, this sequel was ultimately shelved in favor of Ridley Scott's "Alien: Covenant," a decision that redirected the franchise's trajectory and left fans wondering about the untapped potential of Blomkamp's concept. But now both continuations are canceled, with Alien: Awakening not moving forward, nor is Alien 5.

A Franchise in Need of Rejuvenation

The cover of the Alien 6 movie collection

The "Alien" franchise, post-"Aliens," has been a rollercoaster of creative highs and lows. The series began to stray from its original blend of science fiction and horror, losing the unique balance that made the 1979 film a genre-defining masterpiece. With each new installment, including the somewhat badly received Alien vs. Predator movies, the franchise seemed to drift further from its roots. The later movies have often introduced bigger and "badder" Alien hybrids, while not focusing enough on the script and characters. Often times, the Alien games would be frontrunners of quality in the series, with highlights being Alien: Isolation and Aliens: Dark Descent.

The New Direction Under Disney And Fede Álvarez

A teaser image for Fede Alverz Alien: Romulus

Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox, including the "Alien" franchise, has ushered in a new era. Fede Álvarez, known for his work in horror, has been tasked with directing the next "Alien" film, titled Alien: Romulus. The movie would take place between Alien and Aliens, and not be a part of the Prometheus saga. This move signals a potential return to the franchise's horror-centric origins, a direction that many fans have longed for. Unlike the ambitious, universe-spanning themes of Scott's prequels, Álvarez's vision is expected to focus more on the elements of horror and suspense that initially defined "Alien."

A New Frontier: The FX Alien TV Show

A Teaser poster for FX Alien TV series

Adding to the rejuvenation of the franchise, an exciting development is the upcoming "Alien" TV series, set to air on FX on Hulu. This series represents a significant expansion of the "Alien" universe into the realm of television. The show, which is expected to explore the origins of Weyland-Yutani and other corporate powers, offers a promising new platform for storytelling beyond the constraints of film. It's an opportunity to delve deeper into the rich lore of the "Alien" universe, potentially exploring new characters, settings, and themes.


With the current status of Alien movies under Disney, Prometheus 3 (or Alien: Awakening) is not likely to happen, similarly to the rumored Alien vs. Predator 3. However, the characters from Alien: Covenant, including the Engineers, could still show up in Alien: Romulus and the FX TV series, although perhaps in a smaller role, or even a cameo. As the "Alien" franchise moves forward without Ridley Scott at the helm, there is both a sense of nostalgia for what might have been with "Prometheus 3" and anticipation for what lies ahead.

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