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Predator Badlands: Upcoming Movie By Dan Trachtenberg

By | Published February 10, 2024

Dan Trachtenberg, the acclaimed director behind 2022's hit 'Prey,' is back in the director's chair for a brand-new installment in the Predator franchise, intriguingly titled 'Badlands.' Following the enormous success of 'Prey,' which revitalized 20th Century Studios' sci-fi franchise, Trachtenberg is set to take audiences on another thrilling hunt in the Predator universe.

A Sequel Set In The Future

A Group of Predators navigating a badlands in Marvel's Predator series

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 'Badlands' promises a fresh narrative, diverging from 'Prey's historical backdrop of 1719. This new story is set in a future time frame and, like 'Prey,' will feature a female lead. Dan Trachtenberg collaborates again with writer Patrick Aison, who co-developed the story. Aison, known for his scriptwriting prowess, is penning the screenplay for 'Badlands.' This project has been under wraps for some time but has progressed significantly, with production scheduled to commence in July. A Female hunter fighting Predators in the future has already been explored in the recent Predator comics by Marvel, featuring Theta Berwick.

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Multiple Predator Movies In The Works

The Feral Predator from Prey

'Badlands' is not the only endeavor in the expanding Predator universe. The unexpected success of 'Prey' not only garnered critical acclaim but also connected profoundly with audiences, breathing new life into the franchise. Now, 20th Century Studios is actively developing multiple Predator projects, positioning Trachtenberg at the forefront of this reinvigorated series. Trachtenberg, represented by CAA and Grandview, initially caught Hollywood's attention with '10 Cloverfield Lane' in 2016. His ability to create tension and captivate audiences has been a hallmark of his directorial style.

Prey 2 Still Moving Forward

Naru at the end of Prey

The Hollywood Reporter also notes that alongside 'Badlands,' there is buzz about a sequel to 'Prey,' tentatively referred to as 'Prey 2.' This project could potentially see the return of Amber Midthunder's character, Naru, who defeated the Feral Predator from the original film. While still in early development, this indicates a strategic move by 20th Century to not just continue the Predator story but to expand it into a broader universe. A kidnapping and "cryo-freezing" concept recently introduced in Predator comics would allow bringing human warriors from different time periods together, fighting in a Game Preserve as seen in the third Predator movie. Furthermore, Prey 2 is set to solve the mystery of the Raphael Adolini pistol ending in the hands of the Greyback Predator.


Fans of the Predator series are encouraged to stay tuned for more updates. The anticipation for 'Badlands' and the expanding Predator universe under Trachtenberg's guidance is palpable, promising thrilling new chapters in this enduring sci-fi saga. With Alien: Romulus coming out in August 2024, an Alien TV series released in 2025, and a rumored Alien vs. Predator 3 movie in the works as well, these are existing times.

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