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FX's Alien TV Series: News, Cast, And Plot Details

By | Published October 13, 2023

The Alien franchise embarks on a thrilling new chapter with the FX Alien TV series, marking its first-ever foray into live-action television. As eager fans await its arrival, we've meticulously compiled information from authoritative sources to craft a guide to the series. This article is your one-stop source for every detail you need, spanning the series' setting, cast, crew, plot, and more. It's time to prepare for the return of the Xenomorph to our screens, even if they are smaller screens at home.

Setting: Uncharted Territory – Earth

A Teaserimage for the FX Alien series, featuring an Alien egg and a city on Earth

One of the most astonishing revelations about the FX Alien TV series is its unprecedented setting – Earth. This dramatic shift from the franchise's traditional outer-space and enclosed environments to the terrestrial realm adds an exciting layer of unpredictability. According to FX chairman John Landgraf, the show will be located "right near the end of this century," effectively situating the storyline between the prequel films Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. This setting change aims to infuse a sense of immediacy and higher stakes, deviating from the well-trodden spaceship or prison locales. While the Alien vs. Predator movies have explored Earth before, the newer Alien timeline headed by Ridley Scott has ignored these events.

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Plot: A Fresh Frontier for the Franchise

A Promotional image for the FX Alien series, depicting cave with Gigerish design

While the plot remains shrouded in secrecy, the mere fact that the series explores Earth is a tantalizing prospect that long-time fans have been yearning to witness. The change in location raises intriguing questions about the narrative, piquing curiosity about how humanity confronts the Xenomorph threat. This significant departure from the franchise's signature space-based settings promises a rekindling of the gripping horror that characterized the original 1979 film. Fans can't help but speculate on the challenges Earth will present and the unique horrors that may unfold in familiar but uncharted territory.

The Xenomorph Legacy: A Familiar Absence

Ellen Ripley with a Pulse Rifle from Aliens

A pivotal revelation is the absence of Ellen Ripley, the franchise's iconic hero portrayed by Sigourney Weaver. Series creator Noah Hawley underlines that Ripley's story has been masterfully told, and he has no intention of tampering with her character. As a result, the TV series ushers in a fresh cast of characters who will face the Xenomorph's terrifying menace without Ripley's involvement. While this might raise concerns for die-hard fans, it also offers an opportunity for new characters to carve their places in the Alien universe, free from the shadows of Ripley's legendary status. The absence of Ripley doesn't diminish the threat of the Xenomorph but rather heightens the challenge for the new cast and keeps fans eager to witness this unique take on the franchise.

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Corporate Intrigue: New Players on the Board

A Weyland-Yutani logo

While the Weyland-Yutani Corporation has historically played a central role in the Alien universe, the TV series introduces a different corporate entity, possibly a competing mega corporation. This strategic shift creates opportunities to explore themes of competition, corporate greed, and the technological advancements that challenge humanity's very survival. In essence, it poses a profound science fiction question: Does humanity deserve to endure? The introduction of this new corporation opens up a fresh narrative landscape, allowing the series to delve into the complexities of corporate interests and the moral dilemmas they create. This move away from the familiar antagonist presents a chance to reimagine the power struggles in the Alien universe and inject new layers of intrigue into the storyline.

Casting Excellence: A Stellar Lineup

Alex Lawther from Andor

The series boasts a promising ensemble cast, featuring accomplished actors from the realms of horror and science fiction. Stars such as Essie Davis ("The Babadook"), Alex Lawther ("Andor"), Samuel Blenkin ("Black Mirror"), Sydney Chandler ("Don't Worry Darling"), and Adarsh Gourav ("The White Tiger") ensure a captivating lineup. While legacy character appearances are unconfirmed, fans remain hopeful of seeing familiar faces from the franchise's storied past, including David the android (played by Michael Fassbender). This diverse and talented cast sets the stage for riveting performances and memorable characters, maintaining the franchise's tradition of compelling ensemble casts.

Production and Challenges

Noah Hawley is the showrunner for the FX Alien show

With Noah Hawley at the helm as the creator and showrunner, the series benefits from a seasoned hand. Furthermore, Ridley Scott, the visionary director behind the original Alien film, is attached as an executive producer, emphasizing the series' commitment to preserving the franchise's legacy. The Earth-based setting presents unique production challenges, but it also opens the door to fresh storytelling possibilities. While Earth's environment may differ significantly from the dark, claustrophobic spaceships of previous films, it offers an opportunity to explore a wider range of settings and scenarios. This change in backdrop is likely to inspire creative and visually stunning storytelling, delivering an Alien experience that feels both familiar and refreshingly new.

Release Date: The Eagerly Anticipated Return

A teaser image for the Alien TV series to be released on FX on Hulu

Despite the absence of an official release date, the series was initially slated for 2023. However, the lack of official filming at this stage suggests a potential delay, possibly aligning with the release of Fede Alvarez's Alien film in 2024. Delays may be associated with ongoing strikes affecting the entertainment industry, including the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) and the Writers Guild of America (WGA). While the exact timing remains uncertain, the wait for the series only heightens the anticipation among fans, making the eventual release all the more thrilling.

Where to Watch: The FX and Hulu Connection

Given that FX produces the series, it is reasonable to expect that the upcoming Alien series will air on FX, alongside other popular shows like "What We Do in the Shadows" and "American Horror Story." If this is the case, new episodes will likely stream on Hulu one day after their initial broadcast. FX has also released some shows directly to streaming platforms. As Disney has acquired 20th Century Studios, the series might find a home on the newly merged service that combines Hulu and Disney+. The flexible streaming options ensure that fans worldwide will have access to the series, regardless of their viewing preferences.

Conclusion: The Countdown to FX's Alien TV Series Begins

The FX Alien TV series promises to breathe new life into the iconic franchise by venturing into uncharted narrative territory. While the exact release date remains unknown, the series assures a thrilling return of the Xenomorph to our screens. Stay tuned for further updates on AvP Central and prepare to confront the Xenomorph once more. Together with the upcoming Alien: Romulus and Predator Prey 2, the countdown to horror has truly begun.

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