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Xenomorph Types

Here is an overview of all Xenomorph types from the Alien movies, including the facehugger, chestburster, warrior, and queen Xenomorph variants. The Xenomorph appearances and behavior vary based on the type of the host but also in the placement of the creatures in the Alien lifecycle. As a bonus, some better-known Xenomorph types from the games and comic books are included.


Alien Egg form the first Alien movie, a Xenomorph type

The egg is where the Xenomorph life begins. Featured in all Alien movies (except Prometheus) this leathery orb will cause big trouble if you get too close. Supposedly, it detects movement, vibrations in the ground and even your scent to activate the facehugger inside. Eggs can survive for thousands of years and probably bleed acid if hurt. They come in different sizes and the Aliens can use them as traps in chokepoints.


Facehugger from Alien, a Xenomorph type

The next stage in the Xenomorph lifecycle, this crab-like creature will latch on to the nearest host. It doesn't matter if it's a human, an animal, a Predator or even an Engineer. It will wrap its fingers around the victim's face and tail around the neck. They are almost impossible to remove and will kill the victim in the process. It will come off and die after successfully implanting the embryo.

Royal Facehugger

Royal Facehugger from Alien 3, a rare Xenomorph type

This special facehugger is bigger than the regular one and contains a queen embryo. The queen embryo takes a longer time to hatch than a regular one. In addition, the royal facehugger can contain a Xenomorph warrior embryo designated to protect the Queen. It also has a flipper-like legs and darker skin giving it an aquatic presence.


Chestburster from Alien, a common Xenomorph variant

The chestburster is an infant Xenomorph who is freshly born from a host by biting through the ribcage. It has a small size, no limbs (or very short limbs) and light skin. In a few hours, it will shed its skin and grow rapidly. It is still very aggressive and can attack if provoked. Otherwise, it will try to hide until fully grown.


Warrior Alien, one of the most common Xenomorph types

This is probably the most common Xenomorph type and it is "produced" in large numbers. The warriors can have slightly different appearances, like a domed or ridged head. Lone warriors usually resort to using stealth, but they will attack en masse when there are sufficient numbers available. They use their inner mouths, claws and tail to attack. Often they choose to capture instead of killing their victims.


Alien Queen, one of the biggest Xenomorph variants

The queen is one of the biggest Xenomorph types and the leader of the hive. She has higher intelligence than other members of the hive, although her main purpose is to produce eggs. She does that through her ovipositor. When in need, she will detach from the egg sack and fight for the survival of the hive. Being a female Xenomorph, she has a strong maternal instinct and will do anything to protect her eggs and chestbursters.


Runner Alien, the fastest Xenomorph type

The runner is a special type of Xenomorph warrior that is born from a quadruple animal, like a dog or an ox. Through the DNA reflex, it inherits some traits from the host, like its speed and aggressiveness. It does not have the dorsal tubes on the back like regular warriors and its body is slimmer. The runners are also more proficient at walking on walls on ceilings.


The Newborn, the ugliest Xenomorph type

The Newborn was a genetic mutation and an offspring of Ripley 8 and the cloned queen born on the Auriga. It killed the queen and considered Ripley 8 to be its mother. It had a very large size from birth and human-like features like light skin and eyes. It almost reached Earth but was eventually killed by Ripley 8. It is undoubtedly one of the ugliest Xenomorph types.


Predalien, a Xenomorph type related to Predators

The Predalien is a special type of Xenomorph who is born from a Predator. It is bigger than a regular Xenomorph warrior and is usually more aggressive. It will inherit mandibles and even the dreadlocks from a Predator. Its skin is usually lighter than a regular Xenomorph. The Predalien seen in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem was also able to impregnate hosts with embryos through its mouth.


Deacon, a Xenomorph type born from Engineers

The Deacon was not a Xenomorph per se, but more like a close relative of the Xenomorph. It was born from an Engineer who was facehugged with a special type of facehugger on the planet LV-223. It had an inner mouth, an elongated head but no tail. It is unknown if it had acid for blood.


The Neomorph type from Alien: Covenant

The Neomorph was not a Xenomorph, but a close relative to the creature and similar to the Deacon in the way that it was a byproduct of the events of Prometheus. Due to David releasing the black goo on Planet 4, small plants emitted a substance that entered the nose and ears of two Covenant crew members, infecting them with Neomorphs. The resulting creature erupted from either the back or the mouth of the person and grew rapidly. In its adult form, the Neomorph was white, very agile and aggressive. Compared to the Xenomorph, it lacked an inner mouth and dorsal spines. It probably did have acid for blood, but perhaps less effective than the Xenomorph's.


The Protomorph type from Alien: Covenant

The Protomorph was a direct creation of David on Planet 4, but probably based on the Engineer's original designs seen on the wall mural in Prometheus. The Protomorph eggs were a bit different, with a more elongated and two-petal design. The facehuggers needed only a few seconds to infect a person and the resulting chestburster was quite different as well, having a darker skin tone and fully developed limbs. In its adult form, the Protomorph looked and behaved similarly as a regular type of Xenomorph would, being perhaps a bit more agile and aggressive.

Expanded Universe Xenomorph Type: Praetorian

Praetorian, a Xenomorph type found in games

The Praetorian is a royal guard for the queen and her eggs. Although not featured in the movies, it has been present in many Alien vs Predator games as a boss type of enemy. It is much larger and tougher than a regular warrior but slightly smaller than a queen. It would be great to see the Praetorian in a future Alien movie.

Expanded Universe Xenomorph Type: King Alien

The Rogue, a Xenomorph type found in Aliens: Rogue

The king Alien also known as the Rogue was a genetic experiment created by Professor Ernst Kleist at Charon Base. It was a creature bigger than all the other Alien types, including the queen. It fought the queen Alien and lost the fight because the queen was able to outsmart it. The Rogue was featured in the Aliens: Rogue comic book and novel, later released as part of the Aliens Omnibus: Volume 3.

Expanded Universe Xenomorph Type: Queen Mother

The Queen Mother from Aliens: Female War

The Queen Mother is another large and rare Xenomorph type that only appeared in Aliens: Female War. She resided on Xenomorph Prime and controlled all the other Queens, not only on the same planet but elsewhere in the galaxy. The Queen Mother had a telepathic link to other Xenomorphs and could even impact the dreams of humans. In Female War, the Queen was captured from the Xenomorph Homeworld, taken to Earth, and nuked at the moment when most of the Xenomorphs flocked to meet her.

Expanded Universe Xenomorph Type: Spitter Alien

The Spitter Alien from Alien: Colonial Marines

Although the Xenomorphs are known to spit acid from time to time, a specialized Spitter type was introduced only in the video games. The Spitter Alien first showed up in Aliens: Colonial Marines where its sides of the head had acid bulges and it could spit acid at long distances. This class was also playable in multiplayer and its appearance was customizable. The Spitter Alien will again show up in Aliens: Fireteam, where it resembles more of a Deacon or a Neomorph, with a shorter sharp-tipped head and lighter skin.

Expanded Universe Xenomorph Type: Red Xenomorph

The Red Xenomorphs attacking a regular Xenomorph in Aliens: Genocide

The red Xenomorphs were a subspecies of Aliens that evolved on Xenomorph Prime after the Queen Mother was taken away from the planet. In Aliens: Genocide, the lesser Queens started to fight for supremacy which led to an all-out war between the red Xenomorph breed (commanded by the Red Queen) and the regular black Xenomorphs. The war was at a stalemate until another group of humans led by Daniel Grant landed on the planet intending to extract huge amounts of Royal Jelly, a valuable mind-altering substance. The human soldiers nuked the red Xenomorph hive, giving the regular Xenomorphs an advantage and wiping out the rest of the red Xenomorphs, while the humans successfully extracted and left with the Jelly.

Expanded Universe Xenomorph Type: White Hybrid Xenomorph

The White Hybrid Xenomorphs from Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species

The White Hybrids were one of the more outlandish Xenomorph types from the comic books, appearing in the epic and weird Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species series. Creation of a rogue AI named Toy, they were a mixture of Xenomorph, human, and Predator DNA, leading to white skin, a Predalien like-appearance, and higher intelligence. The White Hybrids were led by the Hybrid King, a big creature that could speak the human tongue. The hybrids were wiped out by a misfit group of human soldiers led by Ash Parnall and the famed Big Mama Predator.

Expanded Universe Xenomorph Type: Necromorph

The Necromorph from Alien: Prototype

The Xenomorphs are highly adaptable to their host, being able to take over certain traits from the organism they are born from. In Alien: Prototype, a Xenomorph bred in a lab by Dr. Gagnon took over a highly infectious necrovirus and adapted it to its body. It was then able to rapidly infect other humans, emitting the virus from blisters all over its body. The so-called Necromorph did not even have to touch anyone, a black cloud of disease spread around him, even entering the air vents. All this made the Alien especially hard to kill, but veteran Colonial Marine Zula Hendriks was able to take it down with the help of young recruits.

Expanded Universe Xenomorph Type: Alpha

The Alpha from the Marvel Alien series

The new Marvel Alien series introduced a unique-looking Alien type - the Alpha. This horned Xenomorph was similar to a Praetorian in size and took some traits from the Bull Alien, introduced in the Aliens: Space Marines comic. The Alpha was born on Epsilon Station from Gabriel Cruz, a rare case of chestburster removal where the host survives. The big Xenomorph followed Cruz around and the two fought to the death in zero gravity outside the station. Alpha Warriors have existed in the series before, they are slightly bigger and more intelligent, often being able to command other Warriors in battle while the Queen is not near. The Sevastopol Alien, Grid Alien, and Specimen 6 are such examples of Alphas.

Expanded Universe Xenomorph Type: Irradiated Xenomorph

The Irradiated Xenomorph types from Aliens: Aftermath

According to the Aliens: Aftermath comic, not all Xenomorphs were destroyed in the LV-426 atmosphere processor explosion. At least one of them survived and became mutated by the high radiation levels at the site. This irradiated Xenomorph had a white glow and its body acted like liquid nitrogen, freezing anything it touched. A group of investigative journalists visited the LV-426 site 35 years after the events of Aliens and came into contact with this special type of Alien. After it killed at least three members of the team, Cutter Vasquez (a cousin to Jenette Vasquez) fought the creature to a standstill and most likely they both perished.

Of course, there are many more often ridiculous Xenomorph types depicted in the books, games, and especially toys, but they are not featured in the list. Want to know more about Aliens? Check out the list of the most Badass Aliens.

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