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Top 10 Bad Blood Predators

The bad blood Predators are Yautja who have fallen out with their clans. They have usually committed some kind of crime like killing a fellow Predator, breaking the rules of the hunt or murdering innocents. The crime is punished by death, and the bad blood Predators are hunted down by specially appointed Yautja. The bad bloods are often mentally unstable and unhinged in their attacks. Here is a list of notable bad blood Predators from the Predator lore, ranked by the amount of carnage they inflicted.

10. Two Stripes

Two Stripes Predator from Aliens vs. Predator: Blood Time

Two-Stripes is the only known Predator to cheat on a hunt. His clan descended on a jungle planet with the purpose of hunting Xenomorphs and becoming blooded. When his clanmate Light-Stepper killed a Xenomorph and was gravely injured, Two-Stripes claimed the trophy for his own. However, Light-Stepper survived and told the others about the deception of Two-Stripes. Instead of being blooded, Two-Stripes became a bad blood and was left alone on the planet to face off a wave of Xenomorphs on his own without any weapons or armor. Two-Stripes appeared in the Aliens vs. Predator: Blood Time comic and Light-Stepper later turned up in Aliens vs. Predator: Duel.

9. Long Spear

Long Spear Predator from Predator: Concrete Jungle

Long Spear was one of the trio of Dark Blade clan Predators captured by Borgia Industries. Like the others, he was brainwashed to becoming a tool of the humans and was disowned by his clan. Long Spear received the most of the cybernetic enhancements given to the captured Predators. His eye and part of the face was replaced by robotic components. Like his two brothers, he was hunted down and killed by Scarface in Neonopolis, the fictional city from Predator: Concrete Jungle.

8. Tichinde

Tichinde from Aliens vs. Predator

Tichinde was part of the clan of Yautja lead by Dachande who hunted on the planet Ryushi. The start of the hunt was disastrous when their ship was destroyed. Tichinde broke off from Dachande and decided to start killing innocent civilians of the human colony. This was he became a bad blood and a target for Dachande. They fought and Dachande stabbed him through the head, ending Tichinde's treachery. The entire group of Yautja was killed on Ryushi partly because of his actions.

7. Mad Predator

The Mad Predator NECA figure

The Mad Predator was a blue colored mid-game boss in the Alien vs. Predator Arcade Game. He fought against the protagonists of the game, which included the Predator Warrior and Predator Hunter. After being defeated, it turned out that the Mad Predator was actually infected with a chestburster, which could have contributed to his madness. The Mad Predator was a bad blood in the sense that he was disowned by his clan and contributed to the Xenomorph outbreak on Earth.

6. Mortal Kombat Predator

Mortal Kombat Predator

There is not much backstory to the Predator from the Mortal Kombat XL video game. He fought against several adversaries, some of which also included other Predators and the Hish-Qu-Ten. He also extracted trophies from these Predators and stored them in his Yautja ship like a bad blood would. In the end, he defeated Shinnok, stole his magic sorcery powers and wreacked havoc on the universe, becoming an Apex Predator. He is one of the few bad blood Predators to survive.

5. Fugitive Predator

The Fugitive Predator from The Predator

It is difficult to say which one of the two Predators was the bad blood in The Predator movie. There was a Predator civil war going on with two factions at war. However, the fugitive was the one who was hunted down for stealing technology from his fellows, so he can be considered the bad blood. Although his objective was to bring humans a weapon against the Upgrade Predators, his bloodlust got the best of him and he killed a lot of humans himself. The Upgrade Predator hunted him down and ripped off his head, bringing an end to the bad blood.

4. Stone Heart

Stone Heart Predator from Predator: Concrete Jungle

Stone Heart was one of the biggest Predators ever and a member of the Dark Blade clan. He was captured by the Borgia Industries alongside his clanmates Long Spear and Swift Knife. They were all brainwashed by the corporation and became bad blood Predators. Even though Stone Heart received several cybernetic enhancements to increase his strength, he was still hunted down and killed by Scarface and became part of his Predator trophy wall. Stone Heart and Scarface were both featured in the Predator: Concrete Jungle video game.

3. Gotham City Predator

The Gotham City Predator from Batman vs. Predator

The Gotham City Predator was the second Predator that Batman faced in Gotham City in the Batman vs. Predator comic series. A few years after the first Yautja was defeated and killed, the second Predator arrived in Gotham City to test his skills on the legendary Batman. However, he was a bad blood and 2 other Predators were sent to hunt him down. The Gotham City Predator was able to kill these hunters and faced Batman several times. Batman was able to defend himself with the help of Huntress.

2. Killer Predator

The Killer Predators from Predator: Prey to the Heavens

While there is a Predator Killer suit from The Predator, there is also a Killer Predator clan of bad blood Predators. There is no single Predator worth mentioning, but the whole clan is full of crazy blood lusted killers. The Killer Predators use Xenomorphs as their Predator dogs to weaken their prey. While other bad bloods are usually hunted down and killed in short order, the Killer Predator clan managed to survive for centuries. They turned up first in the Predator: Prey to the Heavens comic book and later in the Aliens vs. Predator: War comic during the 22nd century.

1. The Bad Blood Predator

The Bad Blood Predator

The Bad Blood Predator was the first known bad blood in the Predator lore and also the greatest one. He was a pure nutcase on a killing streak starting in space and ending in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Starting off, he killed a ship full of Predators and escaped to Earth. The Enforcer Predator sent to hunt him down failed and was killed in a duel. The Bad Blood Predator even destroyed several military choppers with relative ease. Finally, a group of CIA agents fought against him and only Mandy Graves was able to kill the bad blood, after being badly injured herself.

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