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Top 10 Badass Colonial Marines

By | Published March 12, 2018

Continuing with the series of top 10 badasses, here we have a list of top 10 badass Colonial Marines from the Alien vs. Predator series. Included are Colonial Marines from the movies, games and books. They are the grunts who showed courage, killed a lot of enemies and possibly even came out alive in the end.

10. Corporal Christopher Winter

Christopher Winter from Aliens: Colonial Marines

Corporal Christopher T. Winter was a marine serving on the USS Sephora in 2179. He was part of the team sent to investigate the USS Sulaco following its departure from LV-426. Although having no previous encounter with the Xenomorphs, he proved himself to be a formidable Xeno-killer. He visited the LV-426 colony and even the Derelict Ship. He also had to battle the special forces of Weyland-Yutani and managed to kill a Raven Alien with a power loader. In the end, Corporal Winter defeated an Alien Queen with the help of others and escaped LV-426 alive. Unlike some of the others on the list, Corporal Winter almost always had someone fighting at his side. Christopher Winter was a playable character in the Aliens: Colonial Marines video game released in 2013.

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9. Sergeant Reuben Green

Sergeant Reuben Green in Aliens: Rogue

Sergeant Reuben Green was a Colonial Marine stationed at Charon Base working under professor Ernst Kleist. He was the leader of a team of marines who provided security for the base and ran personal errands for the professor. Green always cared for his men and tried to save as many civilians as possible when shit hit the fan. He traveled through one of the biggest Aliens hives ever, walking through kilometers of corridors armed only with blank rounds and a knife. He killed several Aliens and was one of the few survivors who made it out on the ship Caliban. Green was the main protagonists in the Aliens: Rogue comic book and novel (one of the best Alien books ever), later released as part of the Aliens Omnibus: Volume 3.

8. Private First Class William L. Hudson

William Hudson from Aliens

Although he declared himself to be an Ultimate Badass, Private First Class William L. Hudson fell a bit short on that. He was part of the team of marines sent to investigate the downed transmitter on LV-426 on the Sulaco. Being a combat technician, he was proficient in several technical related activities. Although appearing cowardly in the first fight inside the atmosphere processor, he redeems himself in the fight in operations. He sets up Sentry Guns that killed dozens of Xenomorphs and manages to kill scores more with his M41A Pulse Rifle. He also decimates a facehugger. In the end, he is dragged under the floor by an Alien and is captured in the hive. He dies either when the atmosphere processor blows up, or when a chestburster bursts from him.

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7. Private Anderson

Private Anderson in Aliens vs. Predator Classic

Private Anderson was a Colonial Marine stationed on LV-426 ten years after the Hadley's Hope incident. A new colony and atmosphere processor was set up around the Derelict Ship. He visited the Derelict Ship, killed scores of Aliens and blew up the atmosphere processor that destroyed the colony and the ship. He also visited the low orbit platform Odobenus, where he killed more Xenomorphs and a Xenoborg. Finally, he wound up on the USS Tyrargo, which was heavily infested by Aliens. He defeated several Praetorians and finally blew an Alien Queen out of the airlock. Private Anderson was featured as a playable character in the Aliens vs. Predator video game, released in 1999.

6. Private First Class Jenette Vasquez

Jenette Vasquez in Aliens with a Smart Gun

Private First Class Jenette Vasquez was a smartgun operator who was part of the team sent to investigate contact loss with LV-426. She had a close relationship with the other smartgunner, Mark Drake. Together they killed many Aliens inside the hive before retreating. Later she killed more with her M41A Pulse Rifle bullets and grenades, before finally committing suicide together with Lieutenant Gorman instead of letting themselves be captured by the Aliens. Vasquez had a younger sister called Carmen Vasquez, also a Colonial Marine who perished fighting the Aliens.

5. Corporal Dwayne Hicks

Dwayne Hicks in Aliens

Corporal Hicks was one of the most well known Colonial Marines ever. Like Hudson and Vasquez, he participated in the mission to rescue survivors from LV-426. After Sargent Apone and Lieutenant Gorman were incapacitated, he took command of the survivors in an attempt to escape from the planet. Wounded by acid on LV-426, he was the only surviving marine from the mission, although his final fate is debatable. He was most likely killed on Fury 161 when the EEV crash-landed on the planet and he was impaled by a safety beam. Although there are several alternate scenarios where Hicks survived.

4. Private "Rookie"

Rookie in Aliens vs. Predator 2010

"Rookie" was an unnamed private sent to BG-386 on the USS Marlow to investigate a Xenomorph outbreak. Like PFC Hudson, Rookie was a combat technician. He managed to kill the Xenomorph Matriarch Queen inside a hive in the refinery. He killed many Xenomorphs and Weyland-Yutani combat androids. He also battled and killed a Young Blood Predator and finally took out the Karl Bishop Weyland android, who was in charge of the facility on BG-386. He was one of the few people to escape the planet alive. "Rookie" was a playable character in the Aliens vs. Predator 2010 video game.

3. Private Shitkicker

Private Shitkicker in Aliens: Tribes

Private Shitkicker was a member of the Colonial Marine Berserker cyborg unit, and his real name is unknown. He was kept heavily sedated most of the time and only activated only in special need. When activated, he was practically unstoppable but being in the mech suit left a heavy strain on his mind. His last mission was to the TodLab LXI facility, where he was activated to save his comrades in an Alien hive. He began waging a single-minded path of destruction through the station and headed for the Queen. The nigh-indestructible Berserker soon located and killed the Queen, then annihilated her spawn, while driven by the potent stimulants pumped continuously into his body. Shitkicker was killed along with several of his squadmembers when the facility exploded in the end. Shitkicker was a character in the Alien: Tribes graphic novel, released in 1992.

2. Corporal Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison in Aliens vs. Predator 2

Corporal Andrew Harrisson was a marine sent to investigate the Xenomorph outbreak on LV-1201. He arrived on the USS Verloc with a team of Colonial Marines, but got separated from the team. He kills scores of Xenomorphs, a Predalien and a Praetorian. Harrison helped to save several of his teammates and visited many Alien hives. In the end, he successfully minigunned an Alien Queen to death inside an Engineer structure and escaped the planet alive on a dropship with other surviving marines. Corporal Harrison was a playable character in the Aliens vs. Predator 2 video game, released in 2001 for the PC.

1. Corporal David Wilks

David Wilks in Aliens: Nightmare Asylum

Corporal David Wilks had a very similar past with Corporal Dwayne Hicks. They were both sole marine survivors on a mission to a colony infested by Xenomorphs. Years later when Earth was being overrun by Aliens, he escaped the planet with his friend Billie. They got into several crazy adventures, including being captured by General Spears and visiting the Xenomorph Homeworld, where they kidnapped the Queen Mother. Finally they returned to Earth and dropped the Queen Mother there. The Queen Mother draw all the Aliens on the planet to her, and nukes were detonated under them, clearing Earth of the Alien infestation. He was an excellent Xenomorph killer, the savior of Earth and one badass Colonial Marine. Corporal Wilks was a main character in the Aliens: Nightmare Asylum graphic novel, which is collected in the Alien Omnibus: Volume 1.

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