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New, Huge Predator 2 Maquette

By Dan | Published November 01, 2013

Holy smoke, take a look at this monster. The 28.5″ tall maquette was designed and sculpted by the very talented Amilcar Fong of the Viggiano Studio. The P2 has always been a controversial character as purists criticize the markings as “not Predator like” and “too colorful”. I was talking with a fan at Monster Mania who was adamant that the coloring of the P2 wouldn't work “for a hunter”. Guess he forgot about the ability to bend light and disappear. Anyway, coloring aside, this maquette looks amazing. It is approximately 1:4 scale as is about as movie accurate as possible. It comes with interchangeable masked and unmasked heads and a way cool looking combi-stick. I know some of you might be nervous about ordering this $1200 statue because of past troubles with Sideshow paint jobs. I have to say, in their defense, that the paint jobs appear to be tightening up and looking much better. So, I will pluck down my $1200 (no, I don’t get them for free) and wait for August!

Huge Predator 2 Maquette

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